Sunday, February 5th, 2023
Sunday, February 5th, 2023

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Gun bills concern state’s sportsmen

Springfield – Organizers of the 2009 Illinois Gun Owners Lobby
Day suddenly have plenty of “talking points” for the March 11 rally
in the state capital.

Hunters and shooters already up in arms over delays in FOID card
processing took another hit in late February, when an idea was
floated that would require them to carry $1 million in insurance.
That proposal, included in House Bill 687, was introduced by state
Rep. Kenneth Dunkin, D-Chicago. If made law, it would require the
state’s gun owners to carry mandatory $1 million in insurance and
make gun owners liable for missing guns until the gun is reported
stolen to police.

As this issue of Illinois Outdoor News went to press, HB 687 was
in the Rules Committee, which means it is not likely to progress
anytime soon.

But that didn’t make gun owners rest any easier.

“If Rep. Dunkin wants to make life easier for the criminals in
his home county of Cook, let him focus there,” Roy Schodtler, of
Findlay, sounded off in an e-mail to Outdoor News. “We in the rest
of the state should not have to have our rights made more costly.
As it is, the state is making it more difficult and prolonged to
get and renew our FOID cards.”

The state’s gun lobby remained confident the FOID insurance bill
would die.

“This is not going anywhere,” Richard Pearson, executive
director of the Illinois State Rifle Association, said on Feb. 26.
“No such insurance is available. What this does do is show the
length the anti-gunners will go to.”

Pearson is more concerned with HB 48, which regulates the sale
of firearms between private parties.

“This bill is far more dangerous because it could pass,” Pearson
said. “If passed, it would lead to the registration of all

Opponents of HB 48 say the proposal would make felons out of
people who trade firearms. The National Rifle Association says the
proposal would require all handgun transfers – even those between a
relatives – to be processed through a licensed firearm dealer.

Meanwhile, a conceal-carry law appears to be one step closer in
the state. Every state in the U.S., except Illinois and Wisconsin,
has laws that allow civilians to carry concealed weapons. The
Illinois Sheriffs Association is in favor of it, and the Illinois
Association of Chiefs of Police is against it. Two bills have been
floating around the Statehouse, one which would allow residents to
carry concealed weapons in the state, while the other would allow
the state police to issue permits for conceal-carry.

Both bills were progressing.

FOID card delays

An ongoing issue of delayed FOID cards continues to disturb
Illinois residents.

“About eight weeks ago I put my application in to renew my FOID
card, a card I have had since the program began in the 1970s,”
Illinoisan Jim Kurczodyna said. “Like thousands of other lawful gun
owners, I, too, am waiting much too long for the new card.”

The Illinois State Police admitted weeks ago that it was
“running behind” processing the cards.

The IGOLD rally kicks of at 11 a.m. on March 11 and includes a
legislative briefing, then a march to the Capitol to speak with
state representatives. For information and a schedule of statewide
bus service, visit

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