Four Northeast Iowa men charged with illegally pursuing coyotes with snowmobiles

Edegwood, Iowa – Four Edgewood men were charged on Feb. 4 with
illegally pursuing coyotes with the use of snowmobiles.

Curt Bockensted, 44, Doug Wegmann, 40, Dennis Wegmann, 36, and
Joe Rhines, 44, all of Edgewood, were charged using snowmobiles to
run over coyotes in Clayton and Delaware counties.  Rhines and Doug
Wegmann have already paid their fines.  Bockensted and Dennis
Wegmann will have a court date set in March.

The men are alleged to have spread out and driven their
snowmobiles through sloughs and fields to flush coyotes, then they
would run them over.  The coyotes would be left behind either
injured or dead. 

“They did it just for the thrill of it,” said Jerry Farmer,
conservation officer for the Iowa Department of Natural Resources
(DNR) in Clayton County.

The original complaint came from concerned outdoor enthusiasts
regarding the legality and ethics of this activity.  “We probably
would not have made this case if not for concerned sportsmen and
sportswomen who reported this activity,” said Aron Arthur,
conservation officer for the DNR in Bremer and Black Hawk

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