DNR Extends Deadline to Remove Permanent Ice Fishing Shelters

Clear Lake – The Iowa Department of Natural Resources has
extended the deadline to remove permanent ice fishing shelters from
public waters of the state from Feb. 20 to Feb. 23.  The extension
gives owners an extra weekend to remove their shelters from the

Most of the permanent shelters are found in northern Iowa on the
Iowa Great Lakes and on Clear Lake.  From an estimated high of 150
shelters, about half were removed last weekend from Big Spirit Lake
and West Okoboji Lake last weekend.  Similarly, of the 90 shelters
on Clear Lake, about half remained as of Tuesday morning.

Ice conditions have deteriorated across much of southern and
central Iowa and any permanent shelters remaining on the ice should
be removed with caution. 

“What we don’t want is for anglers to wait until the last minute
to get their shelters off the ice.  We had a lot of rain yesterday
and lost a lot of our snow.  Once the temperature falls, those
shelters will be frozen to the lake and it will take some work to
get them free. There is still 24 inches of ice on these northern
lakes and after the warm spell the extended forecast calls for
seasonable temperatures which should allow for shelter removal,”
said Jim Wahl, fisheries supervisor for the DNR covering northwest

If a shelter falls through the ice, the owner is responsible for
getting it out of the lake.

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