Monday, January 30th, 2023
Monday, January 30th, 2023

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Dean Bortz

Wisconsin Editor

IF ASSEMBLY MAJORITY SPEAKER Rep. Mike Huebsch, R-West Salem, is
wondering whether sportsmen and women really do want the DNR
secretary to be hired by the Natural Resources Board ’Äì and not
appointed by the governor ’Äì it shouldn’Äôt take too long for him
to get that message loud and clear. In a front page story in this
issue, Wisconsin Wildlife Federation executive director George
Meyer relates how he talked to Huebsch and learned that Huebsch did
not expect the bill, AB 504, to make it to the full Assembly floor
for a vote this session. Well, apparently Meyer went to work,
because now the Conservation Congress, WWF, Trout Unlimited, the
Wisconsin Federation of Great Lakes Sports Fishing Clubs, the La
Crosse County Conservation Alliance, the Wisconsin Outdoor
Alliance, and the Wisconsin Waterfowl Association have joined
forces and are insisting that Huebsch call for a vote on the

Those groups have contacted Huebsch to remind him that they’Äôre
weighing in on behalf of 180 hunting, fishing, and trapping groups
and the majority of those hunters, anglers, and trappers
’Äúrequested the Wisconsin Assembly to vote on Assembly Bill 504
which will restore the appointment authority of the DNR Secretary
to the Natural Resources Board.’Äù Huebsch also will be reminded of
two things ’Äì that the state Senate supported sister bill SB 15 by
a vote of 21-12, and that the Assembly Natural Resources Committee
approved the bill by 13-1 following an Oct. 10, 2007, hearing where
140 testified or registered (132 in favor and eight against).

Anyone who wants to lend their support to the effort mentioned
above may contact their local representatives or senators, or may
contact Huebsch by calling (608) 266-2401, or toll free at (888)
534-0094. He also may be reached by e-mailing

by Assembly Natural Resources Committee chairman Rep. Scott
Gunderson, R-Waterford. Gunderson held a hearing last week on AB
753, which would increase fines and penalties for the ’Äúillegal
feeding of deer for the purpose of hunting or viewing’Äù to a
maximum of $2,500. The bill also includes up to a three-year
revocation of hunting or guiding licenses. The bill is co-sponsored
in the Senate by Sen. Kathleen Vinehout, D-Alma. According to a
press release from the Hunters Rights Coalition, which is made up
of the Wisconsin Chapters of National Wild Turkey Federation, the
Wisconsin Bear Hunters Association, and the Wisconsin Chapters of
Safari Club International, the HRC supported the measure at the

IN THE LAST ISSUE we talked about a bill that could limit
felons’Äô ability to buy hunting licenses, including archery and
trapping licenses. That bill is AB 722, and it can be viewed at According to the
language there, if the bill is passed, a felon who is caught
hunting with a firearm would lose all DNR hunting, fishing, and
trapping privileges for what appears to be a mandatory five-year
period. AB 722 also talks about fine amounts. Another bill relating
to increased fines for felons caught hunting with firearms is AB
716, which can be viewed at Anyone with questions
about these bills may call (800) 362-9472.

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