Monday, January 30th, 2023
Monday, January 30th, 2023

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Upper Peninsula

Drummond Island Area

Ice is forming on the bays around Drummond Island, but 14 inches
of new snow has put a damper on any new ice forming. No one is ice
fishing yet. Deer hunting has been good.

Johnson’s Sport Shop, (906) 493-6300.

Sault Ste. Marie Area

Safe ice is still forming around Sault Ste. Marie, where angling
has come to a stop. Up to 18 inches of snow is making deer hunting
difficult. Action has been slow.

Hank’s Sport Shop, (906) 632-8741.

Curtis Area

Ice is running between 3 and 6 inches on Manistique lakes.
Walleyes fishing has been good on South Manistique. The fish are
scattered and are hitting in anywhere from 4 to 17 feet of water.
There is about 18 inches of snow on the ground. Muzzleloading deer
season has been fantastic. Deer are migrating and bucks are losing
their antlers.

J.R. Sport Shop, (906) 586-6040.

Marquette Area

Safe ice has formed on many of the smaller, shallower lakes
around Marquette, and anglers are starting to get out. Perch are
hitting on Independence Lake, where shore ice is allowing access.
There is up to 18 inches of snow on the ground. Muzzleloading deer
season has been very good. Deer are migrating.

Gander Mountain, (906) 226-8300.

Escanaba Area

There is up to 5 inches of snow on Lake Michigan’s Little Bay de
Noc. Perch and walleyes are hitting, but the fish are scattered and
anglers are having to move around a lot. There is up to 12 inches
of snow on the ground, but the bay is free of snow.

Bay View Bait & Tackle, (906) 786-1488.

BayShore Resort Bait & Tackle, (906) 428-2950.

Menominee Area

There is up to 4 inches of ice on the Menominee River. Anglers
fishing near Cottonbach Island are catching fair numbers of panfish
in shallow water. There is up to 5 inches of snow. Muzzleloading
season has been fair.

MBK Sports Shop, (715) 735-5393.

Martin Creek Sport and Feed, (906) 863-4868.

Bergland Area

There is up to 9 inches of ice in some areas of Lake Gogebic;
other areas remain unsafe. A fair number of walleyes, perch, and
pike have been caught at the north end of Bergland Bay and at the
south end of the lake. Fishing pressure has been light. There is up
to 2 feet of snow on the ground. Muzzleloading season has been
fair, and deer are migrating.

Gus’ Guide Service, (906) 364-4459.

Maple Ridge Bait & Tackle, (906) 575-3545.

Bear’s Nine Pines Resort, (906) 842-3361.

Keweenaw Peninsula

Ice is running up to 6 inches on Lac La Belle, but fishing
pressure has been light and anglers are limited to foot travel.
There is at least 20 inches of snow on the ground. Muzzleloading
deer season has been slow.

Fish-On II Guide and Charter Service, (906) 289-4481.

Iron River Area

Ice is running up to 3 inches on most of the big lakes, with
more on the smaller lakes. Walleyes and pike are hitting on
Chicagon, Fortune, and Hagerman lakes. There is a foot of snow on
the ground. Muzzleloader hunting for deer has been fair, and
hunting pressure has been light.

Luckey’s Sport Shop, (906) 265-5339.

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