Wausau Area

With deer hunting taking center-stage, there are not a lot of
anglers out on the water. Big mistake! The fishing continues to be
excellent. Savvy outdoor enthusiasts are finding time to do both.
The walleye bite continues to get better. With the water
temperatures dropping into the upper 30s, the fish are in their
wintering holes. Target the walleyes by simply setting up above or
across from deep pools and work a jig and minnow through them all
day long. The panfish bite is very good, and the best method is to
drift the flats with small jigs tipped with either a chunk or
crawler or a small minnow. Work areas with little or no current,
preferably the backwater areas in 8 to 12 feet of water. The white
bass explosion on the Wisconsin River system has made for an
interesting situation. These feisty fish will strike out at almost
anything you throw into the water. For best results, work the main
channel by drifting jig and minnow combinations or a simple spinner
rig tipped with a small fathead. The muskie season is winding down.
Some very big fish are being seen, but the bite has slowed. Run
suckers, or throw big jerkbaits and soft plastics. Work water in 12
to 25 feet deep all day long, preferably with rocks or bottom

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