Monday, February 6th, 2023
Monday, February 6th, 2023

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Madison, Wis. The Wisconsin DNR has found 16 more deer with chronic wasting disease, and all were killed in the area where the state wants to try to eradicate the disease from the herd, the agency said last week.

That’s the largest weekly increase in the number of deer found
with the disease that the DNR has reported as it has been trying to
pinpoint how widespread the disease is in the herd. The results
bring the number of deer found with CWD to 80, and they continue to
show that about 2 percent of the deer in the Mount Horeb area
(south-central Wisconsin) are inflicted with the incurable

The DNR said 74 of the deer with the disease were found in the
411-square-mile area near Mount Horeb where the agency wants all
deer about 30,000 killed to try to eradicate the disease from the
herd. The other six were found in the so-called management zone

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