Splithand Lake is producing walleyes and crappies in 15 to 18
feet of water. Lake Pokegama continues to provide consistent
bluegill and crappie action in 10 to 15 feet, and Big Cutfoot Sioux
Lake is offering consistent bluegill action as well. Look to Spider
Lake for a few nice crappies off the 10- to 12-foot weed edges.

Ben’s Bait and Tackle (218) 326-8281


Walleye action has been slow. The evening hours are your best in
17 to 21 feet of water on Birch Lake and Woman Lake. Pleasant Lake
is kicking out a few panfish in 15 to 18 feet of water, but nothing
real consistent yet.

Swanson’s Bait and Tackle (218) 675-6176


Sunfish and crappies are hitting in 12 to 14 feet of water on
Lake Marion and Stahl Lake. Get there early or late in the day for
better action. Walleye reports have been limited to an evening bite
on the humps of Lake Washington in 12 to 20 feet of water. Shiner
minnows are producing the majority of fish right now.

The Outpost (320) 587-8177


Duck Bay, Tom Cod Bay, and Irwin Bay are producing northern pike
in shallow water. Many of these fish continue to be very good-sized
pike and most eager to hit large minnows. The best walleye and
perch reports are coming off the main lake reefs in 30 feet of
water or more. Small, flashy jigging spoons are turning these fish
most consistently.

Gateway Store (218) 875-2121


With the exception of an occasional walleye and a few crappies
off the north end of the lake, the bite continues to be slow. Your
best bet is in 20 to 25 feet of water early and late in the day.
Sunfish action has been almost nonexistent. The fish that are
caught have been on the small side, and no real numbers of those
either. Northern pike are your best bet on Osakis, at least for
consistent action, in 10 to 15 feet of water.

Osakis Bait (877) 450-4647


Work the deep holes on the main lake for crappies. Walleyes
continue to be caught in 17 to 24 feet of water early and late in
the day. Shiner minnows or small sucker minnows under a bobber are
your best bet. The 9- to 16-foot weed edges are producing quite a
few good-sized northern pike again this week. Large sucker minnows
are producing bigger fish.

Everett Bay Lodge (800) 249-3178

Lake Vermilion Trading Company

(218) 666-6052


The occasional walleye and a few crappies and sunfish are being
caught from Lura Lake in seven to nine feet of water. Lake
Washington continues to be the best bet for numbers of sunfish and
crappies in six to nine feet of water. Lake Francis is worth
checking out for walleyes in 7 to 18 feet of water, and look to
Lake Washington for a few bigger northern pike in less than nine
feet of water.

The Bobber Shop (507) 625-8228


Lower Twin Lake, Toad Lake, Lower Bottle Lake, and Fish Hook
Lake are producing a few walleyes in 17 to 20 feet of water.
Panfish reports vary, but with some work you’ll find enough sunfish
and crappies on Straight Lake, Fourth Crow Wing Lake, and Sixth
Crow Wing Lake to stay interested. Big Mantrap Lake is a safe bet
for numbers of pike again this week.

Delaney’s (218) 732-4281


Small minnows are producing a few evening walleyes on Otter Tail
Lake, Lake Marion, and Big Pine Lake in 12 to 18 feet of water.
Dead Lake and Star Lake are still the best bets for numbers of
sunfish and crappies in 10 to 12 feet of water. The deeper weed
edges of most area lakes are safe bets for northern pike.

Northside Bait & Convenience (218) 346-3153


The crappie bite continues to be very tough. Most anglers in
search of crappies are finding nothing more than a handful of fish
each time out. The northern pike have bit very consistently.

Rogers Campground (218) 647-8262


Pearl Lake is kicking out crappies and sunfish in 12 to 16 feet
of water. Look to Grand Lake for a few crappies in the 30-foot
holes. Rice Lake continues to be the best bet for walleyes in 17 to
19 feet of water. The shallows of Schnieder Lake and Cedar Island
Lake are providing good pike action.

Mark’s Gas & Bait (320) 251-1567


Walleye anglers are still finding concentrations of walleyes on
Lake Minnewaska in 17 to 25 feet of water. The midday bite has been
tough, but the early morning and evening hours are producing quite
a few fish. The sunfish bite is slow. There are a few fish coming
off the Glenwood end of Minnewaska in eight to 10 feet of water,
but the bite is not real consistent. Numbers of crappies also are
tough to locate in deeper water.

Minnewaska Bait and Tackle (320) 239-2239

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