St. Paul The Minnesota DNR is asking Canada Goose hunters who participate in the final week (Sept. 16-22) of the September season to help with collection of goose “parts” as part of an evaluation of the September hunt.

Steve Maxson, DNR goose specialist in Bemidji, said hunters who
harvest geese during the last week of the September season are
asked to contact their local DNR area wildlife manager for details
on how to collect and preserve body parts of individual geese. The
parts needed are the head and the tail area including the vent,
although measurements can also be taken from full-bodied geese.

“It is important that parts from each goose are kept separate
from those of other geese,” Maxson said. Measurements will be used
to determine age, sex and subspecies of each goose. This
information will be part of a four-year evaluation of the
experimental extension of the Canada goose season.

Hunters may contact a local DNR area wildlife office for
information about how to collect and deliver goose parts. For
location of the nearest DNR wildlife office, call a DNR regional
office: Bemidji, (218) 755-3958; Grand Rapids, (218) 327-4413; New
Ulm, (507) 359-6030; or Forest Lake, (651) 296-3450.

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