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The St. Croix River continues to produce walleyes on
crayfish-colored crankbaits in shallow water. Look to Clear Lake
for a few walleyes as well. Northern pike and muskies are hitting
on White Bear Lake, Bald Eagle, and Forest Lake right along the
remaining weed edges. Deer registrations have increased this week,
but local waterfowl reports have been limited.

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The Crow River continues to produce a few walleyes on jigs and
minnows. The few anglers fishing Lake Pulaski are hitting walleyes
in 20 to 30 feet of water. Pheasant hunters have done well in this
area, and there have been some ducks arriving recently.

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The Minnesota River is kicking out walleyes in its deeper holes
and on any sand area. The north side of Parley Lake is producing
crappies and a few walleyes. The south side of Lake Auburn is a
safe bet for sunfish in 9 feet of water. Look to North Reef, Red’s
Reef and Pilsbury Reef on Lake Waconia for consistent walleye
activity early and late in the day.

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