Ruffed grouse

Collaborative ruffed grouse restoration efforts underway in northern Wisconsin

Effort to translocate up to 300 grouse to Missouri over three-year period. Missouri Department of Conservation will provide Wisconsin DNR with a donation that will be used to create early-successional forest habitat in the areas where grouse trapping will occur. This work will benefit grouse and other wildlife species that depend on early-successional forest habitat.

Grouse hunters can volunteer to help collect samples for West Nile virus study

Ruffed grouse (Bonasa umbellus) standing on his drumming logRuffed grouse hunters in northern Minnesota can voluntarily submit samples for a West Nile virus research project being conducted by the Minnesota DNR. Minnesota is collaborating on this project with researchers in Wisconsin and Michigan, and will be sharing protocols and results. West Nile virus is known to exist in the upper…

Auditors taking closer look at Pennsylvania Game Commission

HARRISBURG, Pa. — The agency that oversees hunting in Pennsylvania is getting a closer look from the state auditor general’s office. Democratic Auditor General Eugene DePasquale on Tuesday announced his office will be conducting the Game Commission’s first performance audit in nearly a decade. The review includes revenue sources, how the commission is spending money and whether it’s following applicable…