Mountain lions

After successfully navigating L.A. freeway two months ago, mountain lion killed on same section of road

Scientists tracking the mountain lions have found that roadways are largely trapping animals in the Santa Monica Mountains, which run along the Malibu coast and across the middle of Los Angeles to Griffith Park.LOS ANGELES – A male mountain lion that successfully crossed a 10-lane freeway in Los Angeles two months ago was struck and killed Saturday on the same…

Study: Carnivores’ return helps Yellowstone streams

Widespread extermination of wolves, cougars early last century meant elk herds able to grow in size, eating away willow plants and other vegetation along park’s streams, causing erosion damage. But in recent years, resurgent populations of wolves and cougars have restored the park’s natural balance by knocking back elk numbers and changing the herds’ behaviors.

Mountain lion roams backyards outside Los Angeles

The mountain lion like this one was spotted in the eastern Los Angeles County community of Azusa, near the San Gabriel Mountains wilderness.AZUSA, Calif. — A mountain lion roamed through backyards in a neighborhood outside Los Angeles before wildlife officers tranquilized it. The lion was spotted Monday morning in the eastern Los Angeles County community of Azusa, near the San…