When you have an appetite for more than eater-sized walleyes [video]

There’s nothing wrong with cashing in on some eater-sized walleye, but if you want to consistently target larger walters, you need to change up your overall strategy. Check out this video from the folks at Angling Buzz for ways to upsize your presentation and catch bigger walleyes as a result. Categories: Fishing, Fishing, How To’s, Walleye, Walleye Videos Tags: Angling Buzz,…

Out-of-state anglers convicted of walleye poaching on Erie

During their sentencing in Ashtabula Municipal Court, each angler was ordered to pay a fine and restitution for 99 walleye, totaling a combined $9,360 in court costs and restitution. The judge also revoked their Ohio fishing licenses for three years. All six anglers were added to the Interstate Wildlife Violator’s Compact, which could cause them to lose their fishing rights in 46 other states.

Mastering the art of rip-jigging for walleyes – from the master [video]

Al Lindner is arguably one of the best anglers alive at ripping jigs and plastics for walleyes. In this video from the folks at Angling Buzz, he explains what you need to know master the art of rip-jigging. Check it out below. Categories: Fishing, Fishing, Fishing Tips, How To’s, Illinois Videos, Michigan Videos, Minnesota Videos, New York Videos, Ohio Videos,…

Erie’s Ohio ‘eyes bountiful, too, and the fishing is on fire

While local populations off New York’s shoreline have been increasing, the real kicker to our walleye population numbers is the migrating schools of fish that show up every year from the Western Basin of the lake. As many as 10 percent of the lake’s Western Basin walleye will take a trip from Ohio to the western reaches of the lake – as far as Buffalo.