Tim Bunton

Ongoing Illinois bobcat study reveals average home ranges

Macomb, Ill. — Bobcats in western Illinois are either explorers or homebodies, depending on their sex. Researchers from Western Illinois University report the home range for male bobcats in their ongoing study is 46 miles, while the range for females is only eight miles. “Overall, both sexes have a range from 3 to 80 miles,” noted the research team of…

In Illinois, rare white deer killed near Kankakee River State Park

Bourbonnais, Ill. — Not one but two white deer have captured plenty of attention this fall at both ends of the state. But sad news came in mid-November when it was reported that the white deer in the northern part of the state had been hit by a car. That deer was killed near Kankakee River State Park, the Kankakee…

Turkey hunters in numbers game

Several factors are at play, including the fact that the state’s turkey population appears steady and healthy. On a practical level, as long as rain and snow stay away, hunters will have plenty of opportunity for a rich harvest.