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Rural Oregonians defend trapper program, oppose cuts

Budget cut championed by environmental and conservation groups as a long-awaited rebuke of a program they contend needlessly kills thousands of animals each year. But rural Oregonians and ranchers see it as the tone-deaf response of political leaders far removed from the daily realities of a rural existence.

Rescued bald eagle oldest ever documented in Maine

Wildlife officials found a band on the bird’s leg and ran it through a database to learn that it had been banded shortly after hatching on June 21, 1983, making it nearly 34 years old — far beyond the average bald eagle lifespan of about 20 years in the wild.

GPS-collar failures hinder wolf-tracking in Oregon

The minimum known wolf population in 2016 was 112, a 2 percent increase from 2015, the report said. That’s much smaller than the previous three years in which the population increased by 27, or 36 percent. The weak increase could be caused by wolves being present but not counted, decreased births, human-caused deaths, diseases affecting pups, and wolves leaving the state, the report said.