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Murky waters for Pennsylvania’s mallard numbers

Ian Gregg, game management division chief for the Game Commission, said there isn’t one single cause that is responsible for the declining mallard population. Contributing factors include habitat changes impacting food reserves, competition from Canada geese on food sources and genetic issues resulting from hybridization with domestic mallards.

DATCP chief non-committal on taking over deer farm fencing

MADISON, Wis. — The state Department of Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection isn’t saying whether he thinks his agency should take over regulating deer farm fencing from wildlife officials. Deer farm fencing has become a hot outdoors topic as the state grapples with chronic wasting disease. According to DATCP, 26 farms have had an infected deer since 2001. DATCP currently…

U.S. plans to lift protections for gray wolves

The government first proposed revoking the wolf’s protected status across the Lower 48 states in 2013, but backed off after federal courts struck down its plan for “delisting” the species in the western Great Lakes region states of Michigan, Minnesota and Wisconsin.

Great Lakes see ‘Superior’ ice coverage

Lake Superior was 94 percent ice covered as of Friday, marking first time the largest of the Great Lakes had more than 90 percent coverage in four years. But warmer temperatures in the coming days will start to bring on a great melt.

Study: Minnesota among leading states in bee, butterfly protection

(Minnesota DNR)ST. PAUL, Minn. — Minnesota ranks among the top states in the country for its work to protect declining bee and butterfly populations, according to a new study. Damon Hall, an assistant professor at Missouri State University, examined every pollinator-related law that was passed by a state legislature between 2000 and 2017, Minnesota Public Radio News reported. Hall said…

Evers appoints former legislator to DNR board

MADISON, Wis. — Gov. Tony Evers has quietly appointed a former legislator to the state Department of Natural Resources board. The board’s chairman, Fred Prehn, introduced Fred Clark as a board member at the board’s meeting Tuesday morning. He replaces Preston Cole, whom Evers appointed as DNR secretary in December. The DNR’s board liaison, Laurie Ross, said Evers appointed Clark…

Ambitious new plan to save Atlantic salmon has big price tag

The plan would take decades to fully implement, and it focuses on strategies such as removals of dams, installations of fish passages and increasing the number of salmon that survive in the ocean. It states that the estimated cost is about $24 million per year, not including money federal departments already spend on salmon recovery work.