Thursday, February 2nd, 2023
Thursday, February 2nd, 2023

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Believes moved apple pile didn’t constitute baiting

No compassion for understanding, only citation-driven, is the main intent of the DNR. Recently I received a citation for baiting. The incident at issue was to afford wildlife the benefit of a bumper crop of apples. The yard location of some of the apple trees was of minimal value for consumption by wildlife to enjoy. Rather than destroying the apples when mowing the lawn, it was thought a better value of the apples would be to relocate them for the wildlife to use. Also, it is not of good value for the trees to leave fallen apples that may be insect infected to rot.

There is nothing in the hunting regulations brochure other than baiting and feeding deer that defines what would apply to landowner use of excessive crop disposal. I asked the warden what acceptable disposal would be. The response initially was to throw them in a ditch, of which I replied pointing at a roadside ditch, and he quickly withdrew his suggestion.

Wasting a crop that has such food value would be senseless when the benefit to wildlife is so obvious. Relocated apples would pose no greater threat of spreading CWD than the apples fallen from a tree. The original intent of the baiting regulation was to help eliminate the spread of CWD, not to enrich the DNR’s coffers.

The area where the apples were moved has a pond close by with adjacent food plots that wildlife already use. There had been no hunting anywhere on the property. If the DNR is so strong on CWD control, why aren’t they concerned about all the road-killed deer that are left to spread prions. See the Montana Outdoors November-December issue of informing the public with articles “Who’s Killing These Deer” and “The Carrion Crews.” The Wisconsin DNR is not an agency that’s trying to work with the public, but rather to use the public as an income source. In years past the DNR was an agency that had a motto of trying to help by being positive with the public in understanding and working with, not against.

Clint Wilbur Nelson

Thanks for the full story on the stolen 22-point buck

Thanks to Wisconsin Outdoor News for the excellent frontpage article on the stolen buck in Columbia County that started as unethical hunter behavior, and with the fine efforts of many individuals, concluded with a happy ending for a 15-year-old hunter.

Your deep dive into the facts really helped to understand what actually happened in this case. I serve on the Portage Police and Fire Commission and on the awards committee at the Columbia County Sheriff’s Department and realize it is so important for us to appreciate and respect our law enforcement officers and to thank them for the difficult work they do day-in and day-out. Thanks to Cory Miller, Paul Nadolski, and Pete McCormick for a job well done.

Chuck Miller Portage

You can fool some of the people …

Mr. Randy Johnson of the DNR, please don’t try to spoon feed our sportspeople with your so-called wolf plan. It took you this long to meet with the tribes and animal rights groups to come up with this approval from them?

Obviously, you didn’t talk to people who live in these wolf zones. It’s quite obvious which groups you’re supporting. Unfortunately, it’s not the sportspeople of Wisconsin.

Did you ever think about including Laurie Groskopf’s ideas? Of course not. Why throw common sense into your plan? Obviously you didn’t talk to people living in the wolf zones.

I believe your salary is paid for by the sportspeople of Wisconsin, not by the tribes or animal rights groups. You are way out of bounds.

Mr. Johnson, your job is to manage wildlife not activists.

Chad Geissler Drummond

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