Thursday, February 2nd, 2023
Thursday, February 2nd, 2023

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Hybrid vacuum bags are handy and efficient

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Hybrid zip-closure vacuum-seal bags can turn a single-use bag into a multiple use storage option. Photo by Mike Schoonveld

Have you ever opened a vacuum-sealed package of something (like venison jerky, smoked fish, shredded cheese, or buck-sticks), then removed a portion of what was inside and wanted to store the rest for later?

Resealing conventional vacuum sealer bags once they are unsealed is difficult and time consuming. I’ve resealed “used” bags with the vacuum sealer machine on occasion. More often, I tried using clips, tape, or rubber bands to hold the opened bag shut with various results – mostly poor results. 

The fact is, reused vacuum seal bags make poor storage bags – until now. I recently learned of and acquired some vacuum seal pouches that are hybrids. 

Conventional vacuum pouches are heat sealed along every seam. Zip-close pouches are heat welded along three sides but the top is opened (or closed) using a zip closure strip. A hybrid vacuum pouch does both.  

The brand I use comes in both pint-size and quart-size pouches. A quick look online shows there are several brands of hybrid vacuum pouches available. I use the ones available from the manufacturer of my vacuum sealing machine. 

Recently, I made some venison ring bologna from a deer I harvested this fall and cut the resulting long tube of bologna into pieces that fit into a quart size vacuum seal “zipper” pouch. 

I placed a couple of lengths to nicely fill the pouch, then I stuck the unsealed end of the pouch into my vacuum sealer, sucked most of the air out and heat sealed it closed. It will store like this in the freezer for several months or more.

Once opened, it’s unlikely my wife and I will eat the whole package at once; and with the hybrid bag, that’s not a problem. Instead of opening the heat sealed end, we open the sealed pouch using the zip-seal end, take out a length of bologna and reseal the rest in the original package by just zipping it shut.

Formerly, we’d either try to somehow reseal the original vacuum seal bag or transfer the whatever is left over into a different zip-close storage baggy. (Either way the bologna will store just fine in the refrigerator for a week or more.)

Now, with the hybrid bags, I can use the same bag for both duties – in the freezer and in the fridge. Not only is it handy, it cuts down on the amount of plastic bags I either have to dispose of or recycle.

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