Thursday, February 2nd, 2023
Thursday, February 2nd, 2023

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New York Fishing Report – December 1-9, 2022

Central New York

Salmon River

The flow is 500 cubic feet per second (CFS) as of November 23 at the dam, with inflow from the tributaries it increases as you move downstream. Steelhead are being caught throughout the river on egg sacs, beads and egg imitating flies.

Oswego River

The flow is up from last weeks report and is 5,670 cubic feet per second (CFS) as of November 23. Steelhead are biting on egg sacs, beads and egg imitating flies. For information on steelhead fishing please see the link in the Salmon River report above.

Skaneateles Lake

The docks have been pulled for the season.

Other Hotline Waters

Nothing to report for the other waters until we get some ice.

Lake Erie & Western New York

Lake Erie Tributaries & Harbors

Tributary anglers continue to report solid steelhead action, with all streams fishing well when levels are not too high. There are many big steelhead around in the 26-30-inch, 8-10-pound range. Following a rain storm all creeks came up and peaked on Wednesday. The Chautauqua County stream levels are falling back fast today and some may be a fishable option by Friday. The Erie County streams may take a few days without any additional rain to settle out. Cattaraugus Creek likely won’t be an option for some time. Keep an eye on the USGS Water Data for New York pages when planning your outing. In colder water, techniques such as swinging flies and casting lures become less effective as steelhead are more lethargic and not willing to move as much to take the “bait”. Drifting techniques with egg sacs, trout beads, egg flies, nymphs, stonefly patterns, buggers and jigs fished near the bottom is a dependable approach during the colder months.

Cattaraugus Creek Lake Trout

For anglers fishing Cattaraugus Creek, the DEC is interested to know if you catch a lake trout. Several experimental stockings of lake trout have occurred in recent years and biologists need to know if any of these fish are returning to the stream. Please take a photo of any caught lake trout and contact Jim Markham at the Lake Erie Fisheries Unit at 716-366-0228.

Niagara River

Windy and turbid conditions have made for tough fishing in the upper river lately. Fortunately, anglers now have through December 15th to target musky on the upper Niagara River and Lake Erie (season previously ended on November 30th). Target musky by casting large stickbaits or by drifting and jigging large tube jigs (8″-10″). Trolling around the outer Buffalo Harbor breakwall gaps can produce a musky catch as well.

Lower Niagara river water conditions and fishing quality were good to start the week. However, river waters were stained following Wednesday’s high winds. Lake trout season is now officially open as of December 1st. There are lots of lake trout and brown trout scattered throughout the river and on the Niagara Bar. Steelhead catch numbers are modest but steadily improving in the upper drifts. The most productive drifts, such as Artpark and Fort Niagara have been very crowded at times. But with the plentiful mix of trout in the river, any of the other drifts can be productive too. Boaters can target trout by controlled drifting with a three-way rig and egg sacs, trout beads, live shiners or Kwikfish-style lures. Good trout offerings for shore anglers include egg sacs, trout beads, egg flies, shiners or jigs fished under a float, and casted spoons and spinners. Muskellunge season extends to December 15th on the lower river. The NYPA fishing platform and other fishing facilities are closed as of November 15th for the winter season.

Lake Ontario, Tributaries, Harbors & Piers

Fishing on the Lake Ontario tributaries has been slower to decent lately. Catches have primarily been of brown trout with the occasional steelhead mixed in. Most activity has been on the creeks receiving supplemental flows from Erie Canal, including Eighteenmile, Oak Orchard, Johnson and Sandy Creeks. Those creeks’ levels came up overnight and were at higher flow levels at report time. Twelvemile Creek system now has a trickle base flow and may be worth a look following any good slug of rain.

NYS Canal Corporation Fall Fishing Program: For an enhanced angling experience and a longer season of sustained flows this fall, the New York State Canal Corporation will soon commence supplemental water releases from the Erie Canal into Lake Ontario tributaries in western New York. Eighteenmile, Oak Orchard and Sandy Creeks are scheduled to receive increased flow releases from September 15 through December 15, and Johnson Creek to receive increased flow releases from October 13 through December 15.

Chautauqua Lake

Muskellunge season is closed as of December 1st. During the transition period between open water and ice season, there is typically not much fishing activity. Walleye may be available near shorelines at night. Vertical jigging around the deeper holes in north basin for walleye is also worth a shot during the day.

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