Saturday, February 4th, 2023
Saturday, February 4th, 2023

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Orleans County (N.Y.) Fishing Report – November 30, 2022

The rain through the end of the past weekend was not enough to cause any great change in trib flows. Chance of maybe an ever so slight bump up and back down quick with a little more color to the water. A cooler, gloomy day today (Monday) with forecasted warmer days ahead mid week with chance of precipitation and windy conditions around Wed, Thurs. Any snow will be likely south of the area.

A few more guys out on the Oak today than the past weekend, but still not all that much fishing pressure. We took a look at flows and found the same medium-ish or slightly high that its been and some stain, but maybe not as dirty as reported a few days ago. Flows are plenty high enough to hide fish and encourage fresh fish migrations. Hook ups may come a little harder for guys used to lower flows. Looking out across the water and spotting fish def not as easy as it would be if flows were lower and clearer. Anglers report a few brown trout hook ups with steelhead hookups possibly coming on stronger, and still a coho here and there. That may be a result of the good flows bringing in those steelhead. Look for flows to stay similar since the Canal feed is scheduled to continue thru the first part of Dec. Any significant precipitation could cause flows to go higher.

Other area smaller tribs like Sandy also hanging in with flows about as they’ve been, chance for a little more color to the water thanks to the last rain. By most accounts if you’re moving around and trying different drifts and spots, guys are hooking up.

— Ron Bierstine, Oak Orchard Tackle & Lodge

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