Illinois Outdoor News Cuffs & Collars – November 4, 2022

Northwest Zone –
Captain Laura Petreikis

In JoDaviess County, CPO Hoftender checked a fisherman from Springfield fishing on the Apple River. The fisherman said he had caught 40 fish that day. When asked for his license, the fisherman said he thought he forgot it. After further conversation, the fisherman admitted he knew it was expired and didn’t have a current license. He was issued a citation for fishing without a license.

In DeKalb County, CPO Engledow responded with ISP Trooper Phillips to assist DeKalb PD with a subject threatening a female with a knife in an apartment complex. Upon arrival with Trooper Phillips, the male subject saw officers approaching and fled on foot behind the apartment and into a standing bean field. The subject was located laying just inside the edge of the bean field. DeKalb PD arrived and took the suspect into custody without further incident.

In LaSalle County, CPO Kaufman responded to a motorcycle accident at the south entrance of Starved Rock State Park. The motorcycle operator lost control as he tried to enter the park. The passenger was ejected from the motorcycle and suffered a severe head injury. She was flown to a Level 1 trauma center. The operator suffered a minor head injury and was transported to a local hospital.

In Winnebago County, CPO Roesch received a call of campers arguing at Rock Cut State Park. It was determined the individuals were intoxicated and bottles of liquor were located around the campsite. CPO Roesch seized the alcohol and issued a citation for possession of alcohol in a prohibited state park.

In Tazewell County, CPO Finn patrolled the Illinois River by boat. He was focusing on anglers near the dam where boaters were reported to be getting too close. CPO Finn issued several warnings for boating closer than 150 feet from the dam as well as several warnings for boat safety equipment violations.

In Tazewell County, CPO Finn checked dove hunters at Mackinaw Fish and Wildlife area. He found several hunters not to have the proper licenses and stamps to dove hunt. He also found hunters to be hunting with unplugged shotguns and to be in possession of lead shot, which is prohibited on state property. A total of 10 violations were addressed.

In Lee County, while on boat patrol, CPO Zigler stopped a boat at the Lowell park boat ramp. During the safety inspection, it was noticed that there was blood in several places, including the operator’s shirt. It was then found that the operator had a cut on his finger that was still bleeding. CPO Zigler bandaged the cut, then asked the operator if he needed further medical attention. The operator declined. Due to signs of impairment during the initial boat safety inspection, an investigation began. The operator was then cited for operating a watercraft while under the influence of alcohol and for expired fire extinguisher.

In Bureau County, while conducting dove hunting enforcement, CPO Stanbary checked a group of hunters who failed to maintain separate bag limits while hunting a private field. Additionally, one of the hunters was found to not be properly licensed. One citation and two warnings were issued.

In Bureau County, while checking dove hunters on private ground, CPO Scott Wagner found a hunter with no hunting license, habitat stamp, or HIP. The hunter was exempt from a hunting license due to being a landowner, however, a landowner hunter is still required to a have habitat stamp and register with HIP. The hunter was cited for dove hunting without a habitat stamp and issued a written warning for the HIP violation. A separate hunter was issued warnings for not having his hunting license or habitat stamp in possession.

Northeast Zone –
Capt. Eric Schreiber

In Lake County, CPO Semenik and CPO Reid responded to a domestic battery at the Illinois Beach State Park Campground. Officers discovered a female victim had been struck over the head with a piece of firewood following an argument. The victim was transported to the hospital for her injuries. Alcohol also played a role in the incident and the offender was issued a citation for unlawful possession of alcohol and was charged with two counts of domestic battery.

In Grundy County, while conducting recreational boat enforcement on a river in eastern Grundy County, CPO Prasun observed a watercraft pulling a young juvenile on a tube without a competent observer. Upon conducting a boat safety check on the vessel, it was learned the operator was not wearing his safety cut-off lanyard, there was not a good fire extinguisher on board and the battery terminals were unshielded. The operator was issued a written warning for the violations.

In Kankakee County, CPO Farber investigated illegal trapping activity. CPO Farber located nine dog-proof traps set in a fence row near a residence. During the inspection of the traps, CPO Farber located three deceased/decaying raccoons still stuck in three of the traps. The homeowner was located and the trapper was interviewed. Citations were issued for trapping out of season, unlawful take of a protected species, failure to tag traps, failure to check traps every calendar day, and trapping without a license.

In Will County, while conducting sport fishing enforcement on department property, CPO Prasun encountered three people fishing on a river in southern Will County. After a brief investigation, it was determined one of the fishermen was tossing his empty beer cans in the weeds along the bank. He was subsequently cited for littering on department property. It was also determined the three fishermen had left a trotline in the river which was not tagged with their identifying information or address and one of them did not have a fishing license. They were all issued a written warning for the tagging violation and the third one was issued an additional written warning for the fishing license violation.

In Will County, while conducting sport fishing enforcement, CPO Prasun observed four people fishing along the roadside with their fishing lines draped over a chain link fence that had barbed wire on the top. It was determined the fishermen did not have permission to fish at this private lake and were subsequently cited for fishing without permission. One of the fishermen also had transported fish to the lake from a different body of water and was using them as bait. He was issued a written warning for this additional violation.

Central Zone –
Capt. John Williamson

In Christian County, while conducting sport fishing compliance checks at Sangchris Lake State Park, CPO Gerdes and CPOT Post observed a fisherman using more than the allowed number of fishing poles. The two CPOs made contact with the subject who at first denied fishing with the additional devices but later admitted to the violation. 

In Morgan County, CPO Gerdes and CPOT Post investigated an illegal trapping issue after noticing a vehicle driving through Jacksonville with a live groundhog in a cage on the trailer of the vehicle. After interviewing the man driving the vehicle, it was determined he had trapped the animal in a live trap after it caused damage to his property, and was on his way to release it outside of town. The man did not have a trapping license and did not have the trap properly marked. Both violations were addressed.

In Cumberland County, CPO Hyatt received information of possible over limits of crappie at Lake Mattoon. Upon arrival, no violations were found on the subjects in question. CPO Hyatt checked several other fishermen by the marina and issued a written warning for a violation of using more than two poles in line.

In Vermilion County, while on patrol, CPO Sanford received a complaint of criminal trespass to private land in Vermilion County. CPO Sanford investigated the complaint and a suspect was eventually identified using witness statements and photographs from game cameras. CPO Sanford was able to make contact with the suspect and after a brief interview, the suspect admitted to the trespass violation. The individual was charged with one count of criminal trespass to private property and issued a notice to appear before the Court of Vermilion County.

South Zone – Capt. Mark Folden

In Clinton County, CPO Macias was patrolling Carlyle Lake and came across a subject and his child fishing. On a stringer were seven large catfish and a net holding many shad. When asked where he got the shad, the subject told the CPO from the lake. When asked for his license he said he bought one but left it at home. A quick check on the One Outdoor system revealed an expired fishing license. The subject received a citation and was allowed to keep the catfish.

In Randolph County, CPO Ralph Sievers was patrolling along the Mississippi River and observed a truck with an empty trailer parked along Rt. 3 at Mary’s River. CPO Sievers followed fresh ATV tracks out to the Mississippi River. CPO Sievers located a husband and wife with a small child sitting in a Polaris UTV. The bike was extremely stuck in the sand/mud. The husband stated that they were good and that he had a friend who was expected to help. As CPO Sievers got back to his squad, a male arrived with another UTV. The male stated that he was there to help his friend.

In Randolph County, CPO Ralph Sievers responded to a 911 call for a gunshot victim at the World Shooting and Recreational Complex. A participant in a two gun shoot competition at the shooting berm accidentally discharged his firearm while shooting the course. The participant shot his leg and what taken to the hospital.

In Randolph County, CPO Ralph Sievers, CPO Amanda Waigand, and CPOT Peyton Matthews located several commercial fishing nets in the Kaskaskia River which contained dead fish. The nets were seized and are under investigation.

In Fayette County, CPO Roper was on patrol at Vandalia Lake when He observed an individual throwing a throw net. CPO Roper conducted a fisherman compliance check on the individual. CPO Roper learned the individual had unlawfully kept sportfish (bluegill) with the cast net. CPO Roper issued the individual a citation for unlawful devices for sportfishing and a written warning for not having a fishing license in possession.

In Marion County, CPO Roper received information regarding an individual who had unlawfully hunted turkey on the property without permission. CPO Roper learned the individual only possessed a land owner-only permit at the time of the incident. CPO Roper located the individual at his residence to speak with him about the incident during spring turkey season. The individual admitted to CPO Roper he had been on property other than his own. CPO Roper issued the individual a citation for unlawfully hunting without permission and unlawfully hunting turkey with no valid permit.

In Pope County, CPO Wilkinson instructed at a hunter’s safety education class at the Pope County High School. Following the instruction, Wilkinson handled a neighboring landowner dispute/altercation, patrolled boat ramps, and common fishing locations. During this time, Wilkinson observed a vehicle parked near a boat ramp, an inquiry of the registration determined the registered owner of the vehicle was suspended and there was no insurance for the vehicle. At this time, the vehicle began to pull away. A traffic stop was performed and enforcement action was taken. A mandatory court appearance citation was issued to the operator.

In Williamson County, CPO Johnson assisted a district biologist with a deer reduction permit complaint. The landowner was angry and had news media at his residence. CPO Johnson met with the landowner and use verbal de-escalation techniques to de-escalate the situation. CPO Johnson gave him information on the IRAP program and also met with the media to answer basic questions about nuisance issues. It was determined that raccoons were causing crop damage. The landowner was issued a nuisance removal permit for raccoons. CPO Johnson delivered the landowner a live trap to use.

In Massac County, CPO Wolf assisted the Massac County Sheriff’s office and the Illinois State Police with a reported hostage situation at a bar in Brookport. The individual was reported as being armed. Once police were notified the individual fled by bicycle but was arrested moments later. The individual was in possession of a BB gun pistol that was indistinguishable from a real firearm.

In Jasper County, CPO Hyatt had a complaint from the day before on the dove opener about a hunter who unlawfully entered the dove field at Sam Parr SP prior to 11 am. The hunter was contacted the following day and issued a citation for the violation.

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