Hunting, fishing license increases are usually fair

7 4 License Hike

The Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission has recently proposed, and is seeking, increases to the licenses that are issued by the agency.

This includes the Resident Annual Fishing License, Trout License and Trout/Lake Erie Combination License. The fee increase would be $2.50 for each license. There is also a proposal for separate increases for additional license and permit categories for non-residents, seniors, tourists, boat titles and varied licenses and permits.

Added to these raised amounts are proposed administrative increases for items such as boat title certificates and licenses, cast net permits and unpaid violations due to un-cashable checks, etc.

If granted, these increases — which in the case of fishing licenses have not increased since 2005 — and administrative fees since the 1980’s, would boost money for the commission’s Fish Fund by more than $2.5 million, the Boat Fund by $1.5 million and the administrative fund by $30,000.

These increases are assuredly due.

I’m aware of the complaining by various license buyers that follows every increase in costs of their licenses. While there will be protests to these fishing license increases, hunting license increases always bring an even a higher volume of complaints, most likely because hunting license fees are overall more expensive.

Most complaints are formed by the simple expression of, “It’s all about money.” Well, of course it is. Just about everything in life revolves around what the cost of something to purchase is versus its value to the buyer.

Cost for the Fish and Boat Commission and the Game Commission operations rise every year, just as they do for the everyday person, even against the exceptional rate of inflation facing the world at this time.

Yet, I have always valued my hunting and fishing licenses as two of the best benefits for my money spent on any purchase. For the amount of time I spend hunting and fishing, there is little else that provides the degree of enjoyment I experience when undertaking these pursuits, versus the cost.

I also always consider that these two organizations are the experts in all of aspects of hunting and fishing, and absolute foremost protectors of the outdoor world, thus they need every cent of the money I send them to continue their missions to enhance and safeguard those creatures, fishes and their environments where I so often spend cherished time.

Many in America consider it their right to hunt or fish or simply visit our waters and land, and to a point that is true. But it is also an earned privilege, one that needs public support to make certain our outdoor places are guarded and conserved, and always available for our use. That is why I’ll never complain about a license increase to these commissions in any form, and gladly pay my fair share.

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