Illinois Outdoor News Cuffs & Collars – January 28, 2022

Northwest Zone –
Captain Laura Petreikis

In JoDaviess County, deputy Ransom contacted CPO Zigler to request assistance on an apparent fish case, noticed during a traffic stop. CPO Zigler arrested three individuals for catching sportfish by unlawful methods. Eight trout and nine smallmouth bass were seized.

In JoDaviess County, CPO Posateri patrolled Witkowsky State Fish and Wildlife Area during the youth firearm deer season. A Savanna, Illinois, man was issued a written warning for mushroom hunting in the area when it was closed to activities other than youth firearm deer hunters.

In Rock Island County, CPO Posateri worked commercial fisherman for the opening day of the roe harvest. An East Moline, Illinois, man was cited for unlawfully setting gear prior to opening and for unlawfully taking of a roe-bearing fish prior to season-opening.

In Stephenson County, CPO Roesch and CPO Alvarez assisted ISP and Stephenson County near Freeport with a disorderly subject shooting multiple rounds and threatening police. The individual was taken into custody by Stephenson County. CPO Roesch located two females who fled the house and were hiding in the woods after the individual began to get violent. The two females were uninjured. The individual is facing multiple charges including aggravated and reckless discharge of a firearm, resisting a peace officer, and domestic battery.

CPO Leannah cited two hunters for several wildlife violations after the individuals were found to have taken white-tailed deer with no valid permits on forest preserve property (along with several other violations). Several citations and warnings were issued.

CPO Swanson was at Rock Cut State Park when she noticed a boat on Pierce Lake without navigation lights after sunset. She completed a boat safety inspection and found additional violations of a child under 13 not wearing a PFD, no sounding device, and no fire extinguisher. A citation was issued for no PFD and warnings for the other three violations.

Northeast Zone –
Captain Eric Schreiber

In Will County, while conducting hunting enforcement at a federal property, CPO Prasun encountered two separate deer hunters who were hunting without a hunting license and habitat stamp. They both were issued written warnings for the violations.

In Will County, while conducting hunting enforcement at a federal property, CPO Prasun encountered a hunter who had a recently harvested turkey in his possession without any tags affixed to its leg as required by Illinois Administrative Rule. It was also noted the federal property does not allow fall turkey hunting on their premises. The hunter was cited for unlawfully transporting a wild turkey and written warnings for the unlawful take of a wild turkey, and failure to sign the turkey permit.

In Will County, CPO Prasun responded to a complaint in reference to a subject who had previously been hunting in northeastern Will County on a property he did not have permission to be hunting on. After an investigation, the identity of the subject was determined and evidence revealed he had harvested a deer off of the property he did not have permission to be on. The subject was ultimately cited for unlawful take of a white-tailed deer and hunting within 100 yards of a dwelling.

In McHenry County, CPO Iaffaldano received multiple complaints regarding unlawful trapping activity in McHenry County, this continues to be investigated.

In Kane County, CPO Iaffaldano responded to an injured crane call in Huntley, efforts are still being made with local wildlife rehabilitators to capture and rehab the crane.

Central  Zone –
Capt. John Williamson

In Adams County, CPO Wheatley responded to a complaint in Siloam Springs regarding a man taking a buck not big enough to satisfy the administrative rules governing deer hunting in the park. CPO Wheatley spoke with the man and asked, “Do you think if you would have paused for a moment, you would have realized this buck was too small?” The man answered with a resounding yes and apologized for his mistake. Since the man was forthcoming, and in an effort to not waste the meat, CPO Wheatley let the man retain the deer; however, he was issued a citation for the infraction.

In Hancock County, CPO Wheatley investigated a hunting accident in Dallas City. A hunter fell from his treestand while climbing into it, approximately 15 feet. Once on scene, the hunter was already in the helicopter awaiting a flight to Peoria for treatment for a complex hip injury. The hunter is recovering and hopes to be back in the stand soon.

In Macoupin County, CPO Gushleff was advised of an injured great horned owl. Treehouse Wildlife was contacted, and the animal was rescued. It will be rehabilitated and re-released into the wild when it heals. The animal suffered a broken wing.

In Cass County, while on patrol, CPO Wahlbrink observed an individual fishing along the Illinois River. When asked about her fishing experience, she stated she has been fishing her entire life. When CPO Wahlbrink asked to see her fishing license, she stated she did not buy one this year but had one last year. DNR records revealed she had never purchased a fishing license before. She was cited for fishing without a license.

In Menard County, CPO Thornley received a call regarding a complaint of hunters trespassing on the property from the adjoining public land. CPO Thornley traveled to the area and located the hunters. After speaking with the hunters, it was determined the hunters were not familiar with the area and thought they were on public land. CPO Thornley then contacted the landowner and advised the hunters would not hunt near the line in the future. The hunters were issued a written warning for hunting without permission.

In Morgan County, CPO Gerdes followed up on a case from the 2021 spring turkey season. After speaking with the hunter in question, it was discovered he had harvested a turkey without a hunting license or habitat stamp. The violations were both addressed.

In Shelby County, CPO Viverito was contacted by Shelbyville Police Department to assist in tracking a burglary suspect. CPO Viverito arrived on the scene at approximately 9:30 p.m. K9 Hank was deployed to track the suspect. K9 Hank tracked through a yard and approximately 200 yards down a hard surface, and another 100 yards through another yard before experiencing track loss. The track was approximately an hour old when CPO Viverito deployed Hank. Hank searched on the way back toward the vehicles and located a book bag containing gloves, a black stocking hat/face mask, and several burglary tools (Sawzall and pipe cutter). Hank was rewarded with his toy, praise, and play.

In McLean County, CPO Z. Williams received a complaint about a person running down deer with their truck outside of Chenoa. CPO Z. Williams investigated the complaint. It turned out that a deer was run over, but on the roadway. An investigation is still ongoing.

In Vermilion County, CPO Z. Williams received a complaint of a person in possession of five baby alligators in Hoopeston. This person was also allegedly selling them as well. The person selling the alligators allegedly brought them back from Florida. CPO Z. Williams interviewed multiple people involved. The investigation is ongoing.

South Zone – Capt. Eric Manker

In Madison County, CPO Wichern cited a deer hunter for failing to properly tag his deer prior to transporting it and for hunting on Madison County Levee District property without permission, adjacent to the north unit of the Cahokia Mounds Historical Site.

In Madison County, CPO Wichern cited a deer hunter for hunting on Madison County Levee District property without permission, adjacent to the north unit of the Cahokia Mounds Historical Site. Johnson County. The subject had killed a very small doe and had it buried under hunting equipment in the bed of his UTV.

In Perry County, CPO Lewis investigated a trespassing complaint. The complainant had issues with a person hunting close to their property line and trespassing to retrieve downed deer. They advised the hunter would request permission and after he had already entered their property. The landowner had warned him he had to call before he went. With this incident, the hunter called and advised that he had shot a huge buck and requested consent to track it. Again, he had already gone on the complainant’s property. While CPO Lewis was investigating the complaint, the hunter called to complain he had shot a big buck, and the landowner would not allow him to retrieve it. CPO Lewis told him he could not go on the property until he had permission from the owner. After CPO Lewis spoke with the hunter, the complainant advised that his cellular trail cameras had just sent photos of him on the property. During the investigation, CPO Lewis discovered the hunter had shot another buck the evening before and did not report the harvest. Additionally, in April, he shot a turkey in Perry County with a Massac County permit. The hunter still had what appeared to be an unused turkey permit in his possession. However, he had reported the harvest of a turkey using the permit number. CPO Lewis arrested the hunter for criminal trespass to property. He issued him citations for hunting without permission, failure to report a deer harvest, unlawful take of turkey without a valid permit, failure to tag a turkey, and falsifying an IDNR harvest record.

In Perry County, CPO K. Williams checked an archery deer hunter at Pyramid State Park. During the check, a “bait” pile of corn and seed mixture was located near the tripod stand the hunter was occupying. A trail camera was aimed in the direction of the “bait” pile, belonging to the hunter. The hunter was issued a citation for hunting over a “baited” area and for leaving the stand in the field for multiple days when it is required to be removed at the end of each day.

In Fayette County, CPO Roper assisted Fayette County Sheriff’s Office with a search warrant of a residence. CPO Roper seized an opossum that was being kept as a pet. Unlawful ginseng activity was also discovered during the warrant. CPO Roper issued one individual a citation for taking and retaining alive wildlife. 

In Lawrence County, CPO Taylor investigated a hunting accident that involved an adult and a youth deer hunting in a ladder buddy stand. Both hunters climbed into the stand and shortly after they sat down, they heard a pop. The adult hunter jokingly stated to the youth I hope that was not the strap. Shortly after he said that the stand fell away from the tree and the stand collapsed to the ground with the youth landing on the adult. They fell approximately 13 feet. The youth received scrapes and abrasions from the tree and did not require medical attention. The adult was transported by ambulance to the hospital with a broken shoulder and broken ribs. The treestand was put there approximately 5 years ago and the single ratchet strap holding the stand to the tree that broke was the original strap from when it was put up.

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