When thieves and robbers tell their secrets

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Guns sales are through the roof these past two years and many who are purchasing firearms are doing it for protection. This Ruger LCP is one of Lesmeister’s favorite guns to carry because it is compact enough to be able to slip right into your pocket.

The National Shooting Sports Foundation estimates there were over 18 million firearms sold in 2021. This is a distant second to the previous year, 2020, when 23 million firearms were purchased. There are many reasons someone might purchase a firearm, but for the past couple of years one of the main reasons stated by those making purchases is for personal protection.

The U.S. Concealed Carry Association (USCCA) was formed over 20 years ago to assist gun owners who wanted to carry a firearm for protection. This organization incorporates virtual training materials as well as in-person classes that teach all aspects of the proper handling of a weapon carried for protection.

One of the many benefits of the USCCA is their publication. The award-winning magazine Concealed Carry is dubbed, “The Ultimate Resource For Responsibly Armed Citizens.” A recent story in this popular compendium of carefully crafted articles caught my attention as it was not about what one should do if they are the victims of a robbery, but why they are targeted in the first place.

The article title, “On Target: The Predator Project,” is a three-part series that uses the result of actual questioning of inmates from around the country on why they decide to focus on a particular individual. Many of the answers really blew me away.

For example: We always believe thieves target those who seem the most vulnerable. In fact, the third most common answer to why a thief would not target someone is because, “The person is elderly/a woman/a child.” We’re talking robbery here, so I imagine the thief wants to get the biggest bang for his or her buck. This means not necessarily going after someone who is vulnerable, but who will yield the most return.

I found a few of the answers to certain questions quite alarming. Take Question No. 8: “Have you ever disarmed a victim who was trying to defend himself or herself with a gun?” Sixty percent of violent respondents said yes. Really?! That tells me a lot of people who are carrying for protection obviously have no idea what to do when they are actually mugged. That answer sent some shivers down my spine.

Another that caught me by surprise was: Question No. 10, which asked, “What is the one thing that makes someone most attractive for a mugging?” It provided a blank space for a write-in answer. A response that wasn’t covered in the write-in section for this question included: “The person is a “s**t-talker” or has a bad attitude.” It’s almost like they want to target this person because they just don’t like them. There were more than a few responses that left me wondering aloud, “I would have never guessed that.” But that is what makes the article so compelling.

The depth of this article is quite expansive. There are many facets to the reasons behind why an individual gets put into the crosshairs of a robbery. But the piece is also a guidebook for everyone to use to keep themselves from becoming the focus of a person determined to take what you own, and maybe even your life.

You do not have to be a member to subscribe to the magazine, but as a member it is part of the package. For more information, the USCCA website is www.usconcealedcarry.com.

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