Monday, February 6th, 2023
Monday, February 6th, 2023

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Indiana Fishing Report – August 10-13, 2021

Lake Michigan (boat)

Fishing for silver fish has been a little slower, with warm water present throughout the water column out to at least 60 or 70 feet.. Thunderstorms and waves have limited efforts and reports. The best action has been in 120+ feet of water, 10+ miles offshore. Perch fishing remains very slow as the thermocline is still gone and perch were scattered. As always, changing weather patterns may change the temperature profile and fish may move significant amounts from the time reports are received to when anglers read them and go fishing. The Michigan City Buoy is deployed and can be viewed at several websites, including and

Lake Michigan (shore)

Catfish are biting on cut bait and stink bait in the evenings, and freshwater drum are biting on live bait and a variety of lures. A few nice flatheads have been caught at Portage and in Deep River by those targeting them at night with live bait. Some very large carp have been caught in Michigan City. Water is too warm for trout and salmon right now nearshore

Lake Michigan Tributaries (Trail Creek, Little Calumet River, Salt Creek)

Effort has been low with the hot weather raising stream temps. Catfish and carp are biting in Deep River and Burns Ditch. Trail Creek skamania broodstock collection is complete and the lamprey barrier will be in free passage mode until ice up. Trail Creek flow here: Little Calumet River here

LaPorte Area Lakes

Summer patterns are fully here – bass in the slop and outside weed edges, bluegills on deep weed edges as the spawn wraps up, and crappies suspending or in the weeds. Trolling small jigs/grubs or beetle-spin type lures on the outside weed edge can be good for a mixed bag of panfish. Big crappies in particular are suckers for slow-trolled jig and twister tails

St. Joseph River (below Twin Branch Dam)

Catfish, walleye, and bass are biting, along with panfish in the slower sections. Water temps are in the mid 70s, and upcoming warm weather will make the river too warm for steelhead migration, although the bass action should pick up considerably as the water warms. Crankbaits, inline spinners, plastics, and topwater are all taking bass, and some very nice pike have been caught along with some decent walleye.

Valpo Area Lakes

Summer patterns are here. Find the weedlines and shallow cover, and fish early and late in the day. Bluegill and bass are roaming the weed edges. Construction on the new Loomis Lake ramp is wrapping up

Brookville Reservoir

Anglers are reporting good mixed bag action trolling small crankbaits. Catches have been primarily crappie and white bass with a few walleyes and catfish. White bass are schooling around the lake and providing fast action when feeding near the surface. Fishing early morning will help avoid pleasure boater traffic which usually picks up after 9AM. Look for muskies to bite in the first mornings after any late summer cold fronts.

Cagle’s Mill Lake (Cataract Lake)

Late summer is prime time for catfish. A spring survey at Cagle’s Mill found a great Channel Catfish population with fish up to 14 lbs. Fish cut baitfish on windswept shorelines adjacent to deep water or in and around cover. Cagle’s Mill also has a strong flathead catfish population. Fish the upper lake (south basin) near ledges with live baitfish for these fish. The lake also continues to produce numbers of crappie from 10-12 inches. Fish around structure 10 to 20 ft deep or look for suspended fish feeding on young-of-year shad in the main lake.

Cecil M. Harden Reservoir (Raccoon Lake)

Anglers are reporting good catches of crappie from 9 to 11 inches. Catfish and white bass are being caught throughout the lake with minnow and spinners. Fish can be found suspended near structure at the oxycline which is currently sitting around 12 to 15 feet deep. Look for striped bass in the area just north of the dam face feeding on suspended baitfish. Drifting live baitfish in the 12-15ft zone in this area is a good technique for stripers this time of year.

Eagle Creek Reservoir

Eagle Creek Reservoir has a great catfish fishery. Angler’s report catching mostly fish around 1 pound throughout the reservoir on cut shad or minnows. Crappie are being caught in 10-12 feet of water using minnows and grubs on chartreuse jigheads. White bass are schooling and targeting baitfish near the surface below the 56th Street causeway. Largemouth bass can be found around shoreline overhangs and submersed timber. Bass over 4 pounds are not uncommon.

Geist Reservoir

Geist is a great channel catfish fishery. A 2017 survey found that 75% of the catfish were over 24 inches long! Cut shad is a go to bait for these big catfish. Look for fish in bays and around weedlines on downwind shorelines.

Glenn Flint Lake

A saugeye stocking program at Glenn Flint began in 2017 is starting to show results. Minnow imitation crankbaits fished around shoreline structure will catch these fish. Saugeyes up to 20 inches from the initial stocking have been reported. Bass and crappie can also be found amongst the lily pads, docks, and stumps on the lake’s upper portions.

Lake Waveland

A resurgence in aquatic vegetation growth the last few years has improved the panfish fishery and fish habitat at Waveland. Look for bluegills up to 9 inches fishing the outside edge of weedlines. Start shallow and work deeper until you find the fish. The lake also holds big bass up to 6 lbs and some nice catfish. Look for catfish near the mid-lake creek channel.

Middlefork Reservoir

Middlefork continues to hold some truly large bass up to 7lbs. Look for fish to congregate near any schools of shad around the aerators by the dam. Large shad imitating lures are best options. This lake also holds some notably large common carp up to 20lbs. Fish near overhead cover and woody debris in the early morning and evening for these fish.

Morse Reservoir

Like most large Indiana reservoirs Morse has a great catfish fishery. Shorefishing locations are available at Morse Park and Beach on the southeast shoreline off of E 196th street and on the northwest end of the lake in Red Bridge Park off of E 236th street.

Prairie Creek Reservoir

Prairie Creek continues to hold one of central Indiana’s best walleye fisheries. Walleyes will be found in deep water during the day in mid-summer but move into shoreline areas after dark. Night fishing is a great way to beat the heat and find some summer walleye. Fish minnow plugs over and adjacent to weedbeds after dark. During the day target any structure in 10 to 15 feet of water. Prairie Creek also has a dense yellow bass fishery with fish up to 11 inches. Live bait and small minnow imitating lures are best bets.

West Fork White River

Water levels in the west fork are normal and the water is running clear. This is a good time to wade for smallmouth or take a float trip. Look for fish near any instream cover or deep holes. If wading move in an upstream direction to avoid spooking fish. Check out the where to fish map for access areas and locations of low head dams.

Westwood Run Lake

Westwood is a top central Indiana spot for bluegills and numbers of bass. Look for bluegills in 10-12 feet of water on points at the mouth of coves. Bass like to sit on the downwind side of humps and points in the south end of the lake. Bass will also congregate on the dam face feeding on crayfish in the early morning and overcast days.

Whitewater Lake

An invasion of the lake with gizzard shad has harmed bluegill size and bass numbers but has increased growth of catfish and crappie. Bass size has also increased. Drifting minnows along the creek channel and mouths of coves will locate suspended crappie. Catfish are stocked every 2 years and can be found throughout the lake.

Yellowwood Lake

Yellowwood is an electric trolling motor or paddle only lake and is a great scenic spot for kayak fishing. Anglers have been catching catfish and sunfish near sunken trees on the steeper shorelines.

Clear Creek

Rock Bass and Smallmouth Bass are biting in the smaller stream. The cooler water temps of this flowing water are producing a hot bite right now.

Dogwood Lake

Water temp is in the upper 80s. Fishing has been slow in this heatwave. Bluegill and bass are being caught in the shallows in the evening.

Monroe Lake

Water temp is in the mid 80s and the lake is 1 foot above pool. Hybrid striped bass bite is slow right now. Catfish anglers are fishing in the evening and night. Ten “Hoosier cube” fish habitat structures were installed around the Paynetown fishing dock this week.

West Boggs Lake

Water temp is in the mid- to upper-80s. Bass tournaments are still rolling through on the weekends. Catfishing has been reported to good to excellent this past month. People seem to targeting steep topography and points away from the banks for panfish. There has not been too much in the fish cleaning station. It should pick up very soon.

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