Statewide, same-day trout opener for Pennsylvania seems a sensible idea

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Today (July 26), the Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission will begin its quarterly business meeting in which they’ll address topics relating to all aspects of water, boating and angling across the state.

One of the issues on the agenda will be that of formally making permanent a same day opening of trout season for the entire state.

As in many years past, the opening day for trout season this year was a statewide event that occurred on the same day, April 3.

The most prominent reason for this one-time change from the “Regional Opening Day” policy that has been in place for the recent past, has been all the problems created from dealing with COVID-19.

It seems that enough positive reactions to this same day statewide trout season opening have arisen, enough so that the agency wants to make this a permanent regulation.

For anglers who took part in this statewide opener, they should be able to understand the benefits this regulation change provides.

One of the most visible benefits from this regulatory change is that angling the waters that fall outside those 18 counties where the early opener took place, gains an additional two weeks of open trout season. Because the opening couple days of trout season attract the most anglers, a statewide opener spreads out and reduces those big crowds created by anglers traveling to other opening waters on the same day.

Because this regulatory change also means an earlier statewide closing of stocked trout waters, trout stocking begins earlier in February, and allows for ample time for Fish & Boat Commission personnel — and the reintroduction of volunteers’ to help with the stocking — to get the fish into the water in plenty of time before the seasons start, plus timely in-season stocking.

As the trends of a warming planet bring an earlier time of warming waters that are harmful to trout, this statewide start of the season keeps trout fishing in springtime weather, and helps in the avoidance of angling for stressed trout in warm water later.

As an angler who enjoys traveling to different trout waters across the state, I find the additional two weeks of statewide fishing early on a great boost for adding time to my trout fishing schedule. In fact, considering all the positive payback this regulation change will bring, all trout anglers should strongly favor its passing.

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