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Wisconsin Fishing Report – July 19, 2021



Success on walleye was reported by boaters at the Metro Boat Launch. Anglers reported having success using artificial baits, flicker minnows, and crawler harnesses in waters that were 9-14 feet deep.


Sawyer Harbor:  Boat anglers have reported catching smallmouth bass, rock bass, yellow perch, bluegills, northern pike, and round gobies using a variety of live baits including worms, minnows, and leaches. Some of the northern pike and smallmouth bass were also caught on crankbaits and spinners.

Little Sturgeon Bay: Boat anglers have reported catching yellow perch, smallmouth bass, rock bass, sheepshead, and round gobies using worms and minnows. They also reported catching northern pike, smallmouth bass, and sheepshead on crankbaits. The water temperatures were reported to be around 75 degrees Fahrenheit.

Chaudoir’s Dock:  Boat anglers who launched from Chaudoir’s Dock reported having luck catching walleyes, catfish, and sheepshead. These fish were almost all caught on crawler harnesses, with a few being caught with crankbaits. Anglers reported water temperatures around 72 degrees Fahrenheit. This location seemed to provide a little more success than the others for catching walleyes this week.

Bayshore Park: Boat anglers from Bayshore park reported catching walleyes, white perch, and sheepshead. The anglers reported using minnows and crankbaits, with purple being a popular color for the crankbaits.


Water temperatures reported this week ranged between 68-78 degrees.

Boaters reported success on walleye at Geano Beach Boat Launch. Most anglers found success out of here in deeper waters around 24-25 feet using crawler harnesses. The average size walleye being reported was 18 inches. Boaters also reported success on yellow perch using night crawlers.

Over the weekend Suamico River Boat Launch was busy and had constant traffic. Boaters reported success on walleye jigging at depths of 6-8 feet and in depths of 25-28 feet using crawler harnesses. Some success on yellow perch was also reported using night crawlers.

Success on walleye was reported from Long Tail Point using crank baits and flicker minnows.

Over the weekend a lot of Kayakers were seen at Duck Creek. One boater at Duck Creek reported success on yellow perch averaging 8-9 inches and rock bass using night crawlers. One boater also reported success on northern pike.

Shore anglers at the Metro Boat Launch had success on white bass over the weekend using night crawlers. Success on walleye, channel catfish, white bass, and white perch was reported by boaters at Metro using crank baits and flicker minnows in water depths of 9-15 feet and crawler harnesses in 20-28 feet of water. Boaters also reported catching a lot of sheepshead.


Perch fishing was popular this week in multiple areas along the bay.  Peshtigo River had lots of activity still with anglers catching good numbers of perch.  Reports of 10 to 15 perch kept were common with several throwbacks reported also.  Weed beds off of Little River and outside the pocket of Red Arrow were starting to see some activity from perch anglers this week.  Perch were being caught in but in lesser amounts than the Peshtigo River.  A few boats had ventured out to try for brown trout and salmon out of Little River.  Anglers reported that the water was too warm with no cold water as deep as 70 feet.  West and south winds are needed to bring in some colder water for the trout and salmon.


Boat launches along the bay had high numbers of anglers this week with full parking lots over the weekend.  Walleye activity picked up this week with boats coming in with 4 to 6 fish.  A few undersized walleyes were reported but most were 15 to 17 inches with the occasional fish over 20 inches.  Most boats reported fishing in 20 to 25 feet of water trolling crawler harnesses.  Areas off Oconto Park II, Oconto Shoal, and Pensaukee Shoal were all producing fish.  Perch anglers were also out in high numbers this week.  Good catches were still happening in 4 to 5 feet and on the rock piles in 8 to 12 feet.  Both crawlers and minnows were catching fish.


Kenosha Piers and Shoreline:  The piers and shorelines in Kenosha experienced another busy week as plenty of anglers were seen fishing at several different points in the harbor trying to catch fish for Salmon-a-Rama.   The majority of the anglers that were seen were targeting salmon or trout.  A few anglers were seen trying for perch as well.  Anglers were seen throwing spoons or fishing with alewives either on bobbers or on the bottom.  Unfortunately, fishing success was very limited.  One or two perch were caught, and one large brown trout was caught on an alewife. Fishing success in the harbor will hopefully improve soon as the chinook salmon run will be quickly approaching.

Kenosha Ramp:   The ramp in Kenosha saw plenty of boating activity over the course of the week.  The majority of the trailers seen at the launch belonged to pleasure boaters and jet skiers instead of fishing boats.  The few fishing boats that did come in during the week didn’t come in with many fish.  Only one coho was brought in by boats during survey times.


Racine Piers and Shoreline:  The piers and shorelines in Racine had another busy week as many anglers were out trying to catch fish for Salmon-a-Rama.  The weather was calm for the most part, allowing anglers to fish on the piers without getting soaked.  Anglers that were seen on the south pier and adjacent shorelines were either targeting salmon and trout or perch.  Salmon and trout anglers were fishing with alewives on the bottom or casting spoons.  Those targeting perch were using plastics or fishing with a minnow on a slip bobber.  Even though more fishing activity was recorded, success was still very low.  The only significant catches were a small handful of perch caught between quite a few anglers.  The perch were caught on a combination of artificial and live baits.

Racine Ramp:  The ramp in Racine had a busy beginning and end to the week.  Boats were seen trying to get out onto the lake for Salmon-a-Rama.  Poor wind direction and choppy water cut down on the amount of time that boats had to fish.  The ramp also had quite a bit of pleasure boat and jet skiing activity as well.  Despite plenty of fishing boats going out over the course of the week, no catches were recorded during survey times.  The water temperature at the ramp by week’s end was 70 degrees.


Southern Milwaukee County:  Bender Park was moderately active this past week with fishing boats. Anglers reported catching trout and salmon at around 50-185 feet of water using spoons, flasher flies, and jig bugs. At Oak Creek Power Plant, anglers were catching drum on crankbait, jigs, and minnows, and perch on minnows and shrimp.

Northern Milwaukee County:  McKinley ramp was very active this past week during calmer conditions. Boat anglers reported catching coho, chinook, lake trout, and rainbow trout. Anglers were using spoons and flasher flies at anywhere between 120 to 300 feet.  Water temperature near shore was about 66 degrees Fahrenheit. Anglers on McKinley pier reported catching mostly coho, and a few rainbow trout and chinook, using alewives, or spoons usually in colors green or blue. Success was higher when winds were coming from the west. Anglers at the Summerfest lagoon reported catching rock bass and blue gill using nightcrawlers, and perch using minnows or redworms. Activity at the Riverfront ramp was mostly pleasure boaters this past week. Shoreline fishing under the Hoan and near South Shore was light, and no reported fish caught during survey times.


Port Washington:  This weekend was cool, mostly sunny, and had a steady, but light, east wind.  Boating anglers came in with low catches.  Catches consisted mostly of chinooks and cohos, with scattered rainbow and lake trout.  Salmon and trout were primarily caught deep and early in the morning.  Additionally, rock bass and sunfish were caught along the marina piers throughout the day.  The majority of the water column remains warm at around 60°F.


Sheboygan:  This weekend was cool, mostly sunny, and had a steady east wind.  Anglers brought in mixed bags consisting mostly of chinooks, a few cohos and rainbows, and some scattered lake trout.  Fish were primarily caught in 120-200 ft of water, to the north of the city, and before 8am.  The majority of the water column remains warm at around 60°F.


Two Rivers:  Two Rivers ramps had the most fishing pressure overall with several angling groups having success. Trout and salmon were caught this week including chinook salmon ranging from 1.3 lbs. to 2.6 lbs. and a rainbow trout weighing 7.5 lbs. Many anglers were using spoons and flasher flies of varying colors. The most common colors this week were blue, green, black, and orange with less common colors of white, chrome, silver, and glow. Additional lures that had success included fly dodgers and meat rigs. Fish were biting anywhere from 25 ft down to 110 ft in 90+ ft of water. Water conditions ranged from 1-ft waves to 8-ft waves. Temperatures ranged from 45 degrees to 70 degrees depending on location and depth. Some bait balls were noted by boat angler’s sonar ranging from 60 ft to 140 ft. A group of anglers also reported encountering many spiny water fleas in the 130-150 ft range. A handful of groups reported marking very few fish and bait balls while other groups reported seeing both. Boat anglers fishing in the East and West Twin rivers reported catching many bullheads as well a few catfish using worms and leeches. River anglers reported seeing shallow waters relative to last year. In Two Rivers harbor anglers reported catching many bullheads using redworms and nightcrawlers. Anglers reported seeing carp, trout, and alewives near the surface of the water. At the Two Rivers piers there were 6 bullheads reported being caught. Pier anglers reported seeing baitfish as well.

Manitowoc:  Manitowoc ramp had the most success this week with a few groups catching trout and salmon. Trout and salmon were caught using spoons as well as silver/green flasher flies.  Fish were biting anywhere from 45 to 55 ft in 90+ ft water. Water conditions ranged from calm to 5 ft waves. Temperatures ranged from 65 to 67 degrees depending on location and depth. Some bait balls were noted by boat angler’s sonar in 90 ft of water while a handful of anglers reported seeing no bait or fish on their sonar. One group reported seeing strong currents in the water this week. At the Manitowoc Harbor one angler reported catching a northern pike using a sucker minnow on a bobber. Additionally, one group reported seeing an angler nearby catch one largemouth bass this week. Water clarity in the harbor ranged from clear down 15 inches to milky brown in color with some green algae. Water rose by 1 to 2 inches this week. At the Manitowoc pier one group of anglers reported catching a smallmouth bass using a drop shot setup with a green pumpkin colored worm. Water near the piers was reported milky brown in color and dirty looking.


Algoma:  Surface water temperatures reported this week were 68°F to 70°F. The anglers that were interviewed were catching rainbow trout and chinook salmon in about 90 to 180ft of water. Anglers interviewed were catching the fish on green flasher flys and green spoons. The anglers fishing Olson Park were catching northern pike with nightcrawlers and rubber worms.

Kewaunee:  Water temperatures reported this week were 67°F to 68°F. Anglers reporting catching trout and salmon using green/blue flasher fly combos. Anglers were also using dodger flys, and green colored spoons. The fish were biting in 100ft to 230 feet of water. Anglers interviewed at the Kewaunee Ramp caught a few chinook salmon. One of those chinook salmon measured 39.3 inches and 26 lbs. This salmon was caught on a green/blue flasher fly. A lake trout that was caught weighed in at 15 pounds and measured at 24.5 inches and was caught with a green spoon.
With light winds and solid fishing reports, Lake Michigan anglers were out in force over the weekend. Chinook salmon and steelhead continued to dominate the coolers, with an occasional lake trout or coho salmon also hooked. Most of the action has been in 80 to 180 feet of water early and late in the day, from 40 to 80 feet down. A few fish are coming higher in the water column at dawn and dusk, especially, and the upcoming full moon period could bring more of the same for those using glow baits at night. When the sun is high and the lake calm, some anglers are finding success 60-120 down for chinooks, steelhead and lake trout.
Heavy traffic can be expected the first and last few hours of daylight, especially, for the Kewaunee/Door County Salmon Tournament July 23-31. One option to beat the crowds is to fish between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m. It’s typically a good producer during a full moon week. Successful anglers often have at least some lines within 10 to 20 feet of bottom in 100 to 150 feet of water during those times.  For mixed bags, some anglers are venturing off shore during the midday, from 200-400 feet of water, where they’re finding steelhead and salmon 30 to 90 feet down.


Weather this week was mostly sunny with a short rain midweek. Water temperatures have risen from last week, anglers recorded between 69 to 70 degrees Fahrenheit in Green Bay waters and between 65 to 66 degrees Fahrenheit in lake Michigan open water. Wave action was low to moderate with low to medium visibility. Northern locations experienced higher visibility than southern Door County. Fishing pressure was relatively low throughout the week with a peak on the weekend. Majority of fishing boats interviewed from Green Bay were targeting bass while majority of boats from Lake Michigan interviewed were targeting salmon and trout.


Anglers interviewed caught rainbow trout, chinook salmon, lake trout, and coho salmon in about 80-150ft of water. The anglers reported 67°F to 70°F for water temperatures. Green spoons and green flasher flys seemed to be the best presentation. Other anglers that were interviewed had success catching yellow perch and walleye in the bay and the Sturgeon Bay Canal. Those anglers used crankbaits and shiver minnows to catch the walleye and live bait (nightcrawlers and waxworms) and crankbaits to catch the perch. The perch and walleye were being caught in 10-15 feet of water. One of those walleyes measured at 23 inches and weighed 3 pounds with one of the perch measured at 14.3 inches and weighed in at 2 pounds. The biggest chinook salmon seen this week measured at 39 inches and weighed in at 25 pounds that salmon was caught with a chrome and orange colored spoon. Fisherman that were interviewed at Stone Quarry Park reported catching rock bass and smallmouth bass using nightcrawlers and crankbaits.


Lake Michigan Side: Boaters launching from Bailey’s harbor caught between 2 to 9 trout and salmon per trip. Most fish were caught in 90 to 110 depth of water. A variety of flashers and spoons were used. Silver/blue and silver/purple colored lures saw higher hit rates. Of the fish being harvested, 72% were chinook, 24% rainbow trout and 4% coho salmon. Chinook salmon ranged between 20 to 27 inches in length and weighing 3.3 to 7.1 pounds. Rainbow trout measured between 22 to 33 inches and 4.4 to 10.2 pounds. Coho were recorded at 27 inches and 6.0 pounds. A single boating party targeting salmon was interviewed from Gills Rock. They trolled with large flashers between 80 to 90 feet in water depth. They reported hooking a single fish but failed to land it.
No anglers targeting smallmouth bass were interviewed this week along Lake Michigan. A few shore and pier anglers were catching yellow perch from Rowley’s Bay pier. Live worms were the choice bait for perch.

Green Bay Side: Smallmouth bass were being caught in Sister Bay and around Washington Island using either small spinner baits or natural colored soft plastics. Shore anglers reported catching bass from Anderson’s docks in Ephraim and from Gills Rock shoreline. Neon colored soft plastics and live worms were used as bait. Northern locations saw more action than southern Door County. Bass being caught were between 9 to 11 inches in length. No panfish activity was reported this week. However, perch were sighted in weed beds around Egg Harbor marina.

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