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Thursday, February 2nd, 2023

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Wisconsin Fishing Report – July 6, 2021



Metro boat launch: Success on walleye was reported by boaters at the Metro Boat Lauch. Anglers reported success using flicker minnow #7, leeches, and nightcrawlers. Anglers reported that the average size of walleye caught was 15-16 inches and were caught at depths of 8-12 feet. Boaters also reported success on Channel catfish out of the Metro Boat Launch using leeches and nightcrawlers.


Sawyer Harbor: Boat anglers have reported catching a few smallmouth bass, rock bass, panfish, and yellow perch on nightcrawlers and leeches. Many of the boaters this weekend were there for pleasure boating.

Little Sturgeon Bay: Boat anglers have reported catching smallmouth bass, white perch, round gobies, and sheepshead using jigs and worms. The majority of the boaters were pleasure boating and enjoying the weather.

Chaudoir’s Dock: Boat anglers who launched from Chaudoir’s Dock reported having luck catching yellow perch, white perch, and sheepshead. These fish were all caught on a variety of nightcrawlers, minnows, and leeches.

Bayshore Park: Boat anglers from Bayshore park reported catching a variety of fish, including walleyes, yellow perch, catfish, round gobies, and sheepshead. The boat anglers were mainly using crawler harnesses, and leeches.


Sunny fourth of July weekend with temperatures in the 80’s and lower 90’s. Windy on the on the Bay with rough waves reported on Saturday. Water temperatures reported ranged from 67-71 degrees.

Success on walleye, northern pike, and yellow perch were reported by boaters from Geano Beach Boat Launch using shiver minnows, minnows, and night crawlers.

Boaters reported success on walleye and white perch from Suamico River Boat Launch. Angler reported having success from trolling using night crawlers. One boater reported catching four walleye but were all under 15 inches.

Many shore anglers had success on yellow perch at the Suamico River Boat Launch using minnows and night crawlers.

Shore anglers reported success on sheepshead, yellow perch, white bass, sunfish, and channel catfish out of the Fox River at the Metro Boat Launch, Perkofski Boat launch, and Voyager Park mostly using night crawlers.

One boater reported success on yellow perch averaging 8 inches at Duck Creek using minnows. Success on northern pike was reported as well using minnows.


Anglers in the Peshtigo River were catching a variety of fish this week.  The launch at the mouth and at County BB had steady usage.  Most anglers were after perch and doing well.  A few walleyes were also being caught in the deeper holes.  Nightcrawlers were working for both species.  Other species being caught were sunfish, sheepshead, northern pike, and bowfin.

Fishing activity on the Menominee River was rather low this week.  Anglers fishing bass upstream from the Hwy. 41 bridge had success using various plastics.  Anglers in the bay reported seeing some dead alewife out in deep water while trolling for brown trout and salmon.


Fishing for yellow perch was popular this week with good catches reported coming in between Oconto Park 2 and the Oconto Breakwater.  Weeds in depths of 5 to 12 feet were holding perch.  Both nightcrawlers and minnows were being used.  The occasional walleye and northern pike were also being caught.


A report from the Brown County area is unavailable this week.


Kenosha Piers and Shoreline:  The piers and shorelines in Kenosha experienced steady angling activity throughout the week.  Many anglers were seen fishing along the walls of the harbor either targeting perch or salmon and trout.  Perch anglers were seen using minnows or plastics while salmon anglers were mainly throwing spoons.  Those targeting salmon or trout struck out as no catches were recorded.  Perch anglers had a little bit better success.  A small amount of perch were caught on a combination of minnows and plastics, but anglers aren’t catching perch with any consistency.

Kenosha Ramp:  The ramp in Kenosha had very inconsistent boat activity for most of the week.  Wavy conditions kept most boats off the lake aside from a few during the middle of the week.  Boating activity picked up significantly by the weekend once the waves calmed down a bit.  Only a few fish were brought in between the limited number of boats that came in throughout the week.  A very small mix of steelhead, lake trout, and coho were caught between 90 and 120 feet on a combination of different flies.  Another fishing boat went out onto the lake and targeted perch at one point during the week.  The boat brought in a good number of nice sized perch that were caught using plastics as bait.  The water temperature at the launch by week’s end was 69 degrees.


Racine Piers and Shoreline:  The piers and shorelines in Racine saw quite a few anglers over the past week.  The majority of the anglers were seen fishing on the south pier and adjacent shorelines targeting perch.  Some were seen targeting salmon or trout as well.  Perch anglers were either fishing with live minnows or plastics.  Salmon and trout anglers were seen throwing spoons off of the pier.  Even with quite a few anglers being out, success was limited.  They were able to collectively catch a decent amount of perch by the end of the week.  Most of the perch were caught using a minnow with a slip bobber.  Hopefully, perch fishing will continue to improve as the season continues.

Racine Ramp:  The ramp in Racine was very slow middle of the week due to large waves on the lake that would have made it tough to fish.  The ramp parking lot was nearly full by the end of the week when more favorable wind direction allowed many boats to get out onto the water.  The fishing boats that came back in had mixed success.  Some boats only caught one or two fish while others caught close to double digit numbers.  A large mix of steelhead, lake trout, chinook, and coho were caught by anglers.  Anglers reported catching fish from 80 to 240 feet of water on a combination of flies and spoons.  The water temperature at the launch by the end of the week was about 68 degrees.


Southern Milwaukee County:  McKinley ramp was very active this past week with fishing boats. Boat anglers were catching multiple rainbow trout, lake trout, coho, and chinook at around 80-150 ft of water using spoons or flasher flys. Water temperature off the ramp was 60 degrees Fahrenheit. Many people also tried out McKinley Pier this week, where anglers were successful catching coho using alewives. A rainbow trout was reported caught, as well as a few perch using minnows. Many anglers tried the shoreline near Summerfest this week, however there was not much success during survey times. Under the Hoan bridge, a brown trout was reported caught this past week. Alewives could be caught off the McKinley pier and along the Summerfest shoreline.

Northern Milwaukee County:  At the Oak Creek Power Plant, a brown trout and a couple sheepshead were reported caught. South Shore ramp had light usage but mostly pleasure boaters. Bender Park ramp had light usage this past week, and no fish were caught during survey times. The fishing activity was very light this week for South Metro pier, Grant park, and Bender Park shoreline with no fish reported caught.


Port Washington:  Port Washington had more boat traffic than last week but the same amount of fish were caught with some big chinook and lake trout and smaller cohos. Water temperature is around 60 degrees and most fish are in shallow due to the colder water. Most fish were caught in the same depth as Sheboygan at around 70-160 feet of water. Dipsey divers, flasher flys, and spoons were the best baits as well. There were some people shore fishing for carp with some success with corn but nothing else was caught in the harbor.


Sheboygan:  The fishing in Sheboygan picked up more compared to last week. There were more people out but still the same amount of fish were caught as last week. Most fish have been pushing shallower due to the colder water so most fish were caught from 70-160 feet of water. Flasher flys and spoons were the best lures with downriggers set fifty feet down. Plenty of big Chinook salmon were caught as well as lake trout and rainbow trout. Shore fishing effort has still been slow as there is still construction on the south pier.


Two Rivers:  Two Rivers ramps had the most fishing pressure overall with many angling groups having success. Several salmonid species were caught this week including rainbow trout ranging from 1.8 lbs. to 9.3 lbs. and lake trout ranging from 2.6 lbs. to 9.3 lbs. There were also several chinook salmon ranging from 0.5 lbs. to 18 lbs. Additionally, one boat angling group reported catching a 24 lb. chinook salmon. Many anglers were using spoons and flasher flies of varying colors. The most common colors this week were blue, green, and orange. Additional lures used this week included spin and glow spoons, cowbells, as well as white spoons and pink spoons. Fish were biting anywhere from 20 ft to 70 ft down in 60+ ft of water. Water conditions ranged from calm to 8-foot waves. Temperatures ranged from 43.2 degrees to 59 degrees depending on location and depth. Some bait balls were noted by boat anglers’ radars throughout the week. Fog earlier in the week made conditions difficult for anglers heading out on Lake Michigan. In Two Rivers harbor many carp were caught this week using corn. At the Two Rivers piers anglers reported seeing a lot of bait and carp. Additionally, one large northern pike was seen swimming near the end of the north pier.

Manitowoc:  Manitowoc ramps had the most fishing pressure overall with many angling groups having success. Many trout and salmon were caught this week including chinook salmon ranging from 2.2 lbs. to 10.6 lbs. and rainbow trout ranging from 2.6 lbs. to 7.5 lbs. There were also a few lake trout caught ranging from 5.3 lbs. to 14.1 lbs. Additionally, one group fishing via boat in the Manitowoc River had success in catching one catfish. Anglers were successful in using spoons and fly dodgers of varying color. The most common colors this week were white, orange, and green while one group had success using a pink spoon. Fish were biting anywhere from near surface (10 feet or less) to 60 ft down in 40+ ft of water. Water conditions ranged from 1 ft waves to 4 ft waves. Temperatures ranged from 52 degrees to 62 degrees depending on location and depth. Some bait balls were noted by boat anglers’ radars throughout the week.  At the Manitowoc pier anglers reported dark and dirty water within the piers. Pier anglers also reported seeing many dead alewives on the south pier.


Very heavy fishing pressure over the holiday weekend made the bites a bit more difficult to come by in between the dawn and dusk flurries. Fish were caught throughout the day, but not in the big numbers they had been during the week. A lot of offshore wind had the water very cold near shore; it may be worth it for pier casters to try their luck between dusk and dawn with glow spoons or bait. Trollers were working closer, with some bites a mile out but most anglers fishing two to four miles off-shore in 60 to 120 feet of water. Things are ramping up for the two biggest tournaments of the summer, the July 10-18 Salmon-A-Rama and the July 23-31 Kewaunee/Door County Salmon Tournament.

Algoma:  Anglers that were interviewed reported surface water temperatures of 48°F- 63°F. The water temperatures increased due to temperatures in the 90s over the holiday weekend. Trout and salmon were being caught using blue/green flasher flies. Fishermen were also catching salmon and trout with green and orange colored spoons. The best water depths this week were 50-200ft with many anglers reporting success in 180 feet.

Kewaunee:  Surface temperature reported this week was 63°F. Anglers reported catching trout and salmon this week using green/blue flasher fly combos and orange colored spoons. The fish were biting in about 80 feet down in 200 feet of water.


On Lake Michigan anglers were getting 52°F- 63°F surface water temperature. Green/Blue flasher flies seemed to be the best representation while anglers were fishing in 200ft of water. Anglers that were interviewed caught a lot of chinook salmon, rainbow trout, and lake trout. One of those lake trout measured 34 inches and 17 pounds, while one of the chinook salmon measured 39 inches and 24 pounds. The lake trout was caught with a green and silver spoon and the chinook salmon was caught with a green/blue flasher fly. Flasher flies and spoons seemed to be the best presentation for fishermen catching trout and salmon this week.


Weather this week was mostly sunny with occasional short rain showers. A surface temperature reading of 64 degrees Fahrenheit was taken out of Ephraim. No temperature readings were collected on Lake Michigan Side. Wave action was low to moderate with 5 to 10 feet of visibility. Northern locations experienced higher visibility than southern Door County. Fishing pressure was relatively low throughout the week. A huge spike with extremely high fishing pressure on the holiday weekend occurred. Bailey’s harbor, Ephraim and Peninsula State Park saw the most pressure from both shore anglers and boaters.

Lake Michigan Side:  Smallmouth bass were caught from both the pier and boats in Rowley’s Bay. Anglers used a wide variety of gear including spinnerbaits and crankbaits as well as live baits such as night crawlers and leeches. Bass seemed to prefer the orange or yellow colored lures. Bass being caught ranged in size from an estimated 3 to 5 pounds with some being much smaller.

Northern pike were also caught in Rowley’s Bay from the pier and in the mouth of the Mink River. Pink and white spinnerbaits received the most action, but live leeches also received interest. Pike being caught averaged between 20 to 30 inches in length. A single perch was reported from Rowley’s Bay pier this week. The perch was caught on a live nightcrawler and bobber set to sink about 5 feet deep.

Green Bay Side:  Smallmouth bass were being caught from the shore and piers in all locations on the Green Bay side. This includes Murphy park, Egg Harbor, Fish Creek, Peninsula State Park, Ephraim, Sister Bay and Ellison Bay. Bass are hitting on a wide variety of baits and setups. Crankbaits in a variety of colors as well as whopper ploppers were successful in catching bass. Soft plastics set up as tube or neg jigs also received action from bass. Nightcrawlers and live leeches were a popular choice that saw plenty of fish action. Fish being caught were reported to be an estimated average of 3 pounds, with some pushing close to 5 pounds.

Panfish such as yellow perch, pumpkin seed and rock bass were caught in Egg Harbor and Sister Bay Marina. Anglers targeting perch used live bait, either minnows or nightcrawlers. Perch that were harvested range between 6.5 to 9.5 inches in length. Rock bass averaged between 8 to 9 inches in length. Other fish species that were caught this week included a freshwater drum from Anderson’s Pier in Ephraim using an plastic worm.

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