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Wisconsin Fishing Report – May 24, 2021



Sawyer Harbor: Boat anglers have reported catching yellow perch, crappies, pumpkinseeds, whitefish, smallmouth bass, rock bass, round gobies and northern pikes. They reported catching their fish on a mix of minnows, worms, jigs with plastics and crankbaits. The water temperatures ranged from 52 to 64 degrees Fahrenheit.

Little Sturgeon Bay: Boat anglers reported catching white perch and walleyes on crawler harnesses. Anglers reported having difficulties getting fish to bite. Shore anglers at Robert M. Carmody County Park had some success catching smallmouths with worms.

Chaudoir’s Dock: Boat anglers successfully caught walleyes on flicker minnows and crawler harnesses. White perch and white bass are also being caught on nightcrawlers. Green was a popular color among the anglers at this location.

Bay Shore Park: Boat anglers had success catching walleyes, white bass, catfish, sheepsheads, white perch and round gobies on flicker minnows and other crankbaits. The white perch and round gobies were also caught on worms. The water temperatures were in the upper 50s to lower 60s degrees Fahrenheit. Anglers reported marking fish in water depths of around 15 to 25 feet of water.


Suamico River: Shore anglers at Suamico Boat Launch reported success on catfish, bluegill and sunfish. One angler also caught a burbot.


Fishing activity was fairly low on the Menominee River this week.  Walleye anglers in the bay were traveling many miles in search of fish with only scattered success. Most were pre-fishing for an upcoming tournament. Peshtigo River saw an increase in activity this week with perch season opening. Perch were caught by most anglers along with the occasional walleye while fishing the main channel in the lower section of the river. Perch, sheepshead, rock bass and bullheads were being caught in the backwater areas of the lower river. Nightcrawlers were working for all species.


Walleye were being caught early in the week out of Oconto and Pensaukee boat launches. Catches of 2 to 4 walleyes were common with the occasional higher catch. Most fish were caught trolling crawler harnesses in water 5 to 12 feet. A couple of boats had success casting hair jigs in shallow waters of 3 to 5 feet also.  A few smallmouth bass were caught in the Oconto River in the city and upstream towards the U.S. Highway 41 bridge. Anglers reported seeing lots of carp in the river.


Kenosha Piers and Shoreline: The piers and shorelines in Kenosha experienced minimal angling activity last week. A few anglers were seen fishing along the walls of the harbor. Most anglers were hoping for coho while others were hoping to catch anything that would bite the hook. The throwing of spoons and slip bobber fishing with nightcrawlers or shrimp were the most common fishing practices. Unfortunately, fishing was uneventful as no catches were recorded during survey times.

Kenosha Ramp: The ramp in Kenosha went unused many times this week. Only a few boat trailers were seen in the parking lot throughout the week. The few fishing boats that did go out had little success. The boats that came back into the ramp only caught a small handful of coho, collectively. Fishing success was reported in 50 to 108 feet of water. With warmer weather on the horizon, hopefully, the ramp will get busier and fishing success will improve. The water temperature at the ramp was 62 degrees by the end of the week.


Racine Piers and Shoreline: The piers and shorelines of Racine experienced light angling activity over the past week. Poor wind direction and wavy lake conditions kept many anglers away from the piers. The few anglers that were seen on the piers were mainly targeting cohos or brown trout. Anglers were throwing spoons or floating a piece of shrimp under a slip bobber. Unfortunately, the fish weren’t cooperating. No catches were recorded throughout the week during survey periods.

Racine Ramp: The ramp in Racine didn’t see many boat trailers last week. The ramp is now starting to see a mix of fishing boats as well as pleasure boaters. The few fishing boats that went out had limited success. Only a very small handful of coho, steelhead and lake trout were caught. Fishing success was reported in 100 to 140 feet of water using spoons. Hopefully, fishing success will improve in the coming weeks. The water temperature at the ramp was about 65 degrees by the week’s end.


Port Washington: The fishing in Port Washington continues to be very good. People have been catching a little bit of everything the past week. Alewives are still being caught in the harbor right off the railing in Coal Dock Park. Big carp are also being caught around the power plant area using corn. People also have started to catch cohos off the shore in Coal Dock Park as well. The cohos caught onshore were caught with alewives with a 1-2 ounce weight and jigging spoons. Lots of people are limiting out in boats as well with the most fish being caught being cohos, lake trout, Chinook salmon and some smaller rainbow trout. Most chinooks were caught out deeper in 180 to 250 feet of water.


Sheboygan: This week in Sheboygan, most people have been fishing in boats and not many people have been fishing on the piers or shoreline. Chinook salmon and rainbow trout are being caught more and more every day along with cohos. Orange continues to be the best color as most cohos are being caught on orange dodgers or coho rigs. Most chinook and rainbows are being caught between 150 to 250 feet of water on downriggers.


Two Rivers: Most anglers were fishing via boat near the end of the week due to windy weather on Thursday. Boat anglers interviewed at the Manitowoc Ramp had success catching lake trout, rainbow trout, coho salmon and Chinook salmon. Anglers were successful using spoons, fly dodgers and flasher flies of varying colors. The most common color combinations were blue fly dodgers, orange spoons and green flasher flies. Lake trout caught ranged from 14.5 to 24 lbs. while rainbow trout ranged from 5 to 10.75 lbs. Additionally, coho salmon ranged from 4.5 to 5.5 lbs. and one Chinook salmon weighed in at 13 lbs. Water temperatures ranged from 39 degrees to 56 degrees and successful water depth ranged from 15 to 230 feet.

Manitowoc: At the Seagull Marina ramp one boat angler caught a 4.5 lb. coho salmon, a 6.5 lb. Chinook salmon, as well as two lake trout weighing 6 lb. and 4 lb. using a green/blue flasher fly. Water temperature was around 46 to 47 degrees and the best depth was 140 to 180 feet. Large amounts of baitfish were seen in the harbors.


In Kewaunee, most anglers were located on the piers. According to pier anglers, the water was relatively low this week compared to last year and there was a significant number of baitfish located near the piers. One brown trout was seen swimming near the pier. A boat angler who caught one 11 lbs. rainbow trout was using a blue flasher fly. The water temperatures for boat anglers were around 46 degrees with a 20 feet of water clarity.


In Sturgeon Bay, most anglers were recorded boat angling this week due to a bass tournament on May 16. The busiest locations for boat anglers were at the Sturgeon Bay ramp and Stone Quarry park. At the Sturgeon Bay ramp, anglers caught smallmouth bass using natural-colored swimbaits, Berkley power worms and stick baits. At Stone Quarry park several smallmouth bass were caught using chartreuse and pumpkin-colored twister tail plastics as well as swimbaits. At Sunset Park ramp an angler had success catching several smallmouth bass using a pumpkin-colored swimbait. According to anglers interviewed, the water temperatures ranged from 50 to 66 degrees with water levels significantly lower in certain areas. Smallmouth bass were caught in 3 to 12 feet of water. One boat angler noted seeing rock bass and smallmouth bass both located near spawning beds.

Water temperatures were recorded between 54 and 57 degrees along Green Bay and 47 and 56 degrees Fahrenheit along Lake Michigan. Water visibility was between 5 to 10 feet with better clarity further north. Strong winds Friday and Saturday blew some debris into the boat launch and marinas. Boaters should be cautious in these areas.

Shore anglers were successful in catching smallmouth bass from Ephraim Pier. Boaters are catching between 7 to 80 bass each trip. Boaters are reporting the most success around Peninsula State Park, Fish Creek and around Washington Island. Both crankbaits/jerk baits and soft plastic grub or crawfish imitation baits proved to be the best baits to target smallmouth bass. Bass being caught are ranging in size, between 2 to 5 pounds.

A few northern pike were caught around Gills Rock and in Rowley’s Bay with crankbaits. One angler reported catching a large-sized walleye in Rowley’s Bay.

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