When possible, begin opening DNR operations

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As more and more folks are vaccinated against COVID-19, it’s time to consider opening some DNR operations to the public.

The customer service centers, at least some of them, were closed well before lockdown, so it’s not just a matter of “getting back to normal,” but going farther into not “doing everything by phone, internet, text and other impersonal procedures.”

An increase in users during the last year means many parks, trails, lakes, fields, and forests are not completely familiar to novice recreationalists who decided to try the outdoors.

It’s time to think about some office hours for some positions, too, so walk-ins can get an answer from a real person, and can see a real person.

The work that normally was done in the field should return and start making up for lost time.

Some systems, registrations for example, moved to electronics a while ago, so without scrapping that system, consider giving an option back at some level.

The face-to-face buy and sell are missed. We often read in news releases the importance of traditions and this is a tradition worth working toward.  Take that step.

For the most part law enforcement worked through many aspects of the lock down without being completely locked down. Others can begin doing the same.

The lake sturgeon registration system already promised anglers and the public in-person registration returning next year. Some in that bureau thought it important enough to promise the public that the drive-through system was not the best option for all, or maybe not the best for most.

Let’s begin putting faces back on this agency. The excuses for not doing so are going away.

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