Illinois Outdoor News Cuffs & Collars – February 5, 2021

Northwest Zone
– Captain Laura Petreikis

In Henry County, CPO Posateri worked the First Firearm Deer Season in Henry County and responded to a complaint of deer hunters participating in a deer drive too close to a residential neighborhood. The witness watched 2 men fire their guns multiple times at a deer running across a field, but not a single shot hit the deer. Multiple hunters were issued written warnings at the request of the complainant. In a separate case, a Kewanee man was cited for Hunting Without a Valid FOID card which had expired in 2017 and he just never reapplied. The gun and ammunition were released to his father on scene.

In JoDaviess County, CPO Hoftender cited a Stockton man for illegal possession of deer. The subject removed the head without permission from a CPO during 1st firearm gun season and stopped the CPO on the road asking for a salvage tag a week later. A further investigation occurred, and the subject was issued a written warning for falsification of record.

In Ogle County, CPO Beltran made a repeat visit to a Polo Man for a tagging violation. Despite being warned for a similar violation in 2017 the 53-year-old man failed to follow the advice and use the proper tags. CPO Beltran issued 3 citations for deer violations and is hoping he does not have to return.

In Rock Island County, during the second firearm season, CPO K. Williams spoke with a hunter returning to his vehicle. CPO K. Williams observed dried blood in the bed and on the tailgate of the hunter’s truck. Upon further investigation, it was determined the hunter harvested a whitetail deer a few days prior without tagging or reporting the harvest. Citations and warnings were issued to the hunter.

In LaSalle County, CPO Workman and CPO Kaufman responded to a call for an eagle being shot in Oglesby.  When CPO Workman arrived to the residence, Oglesby PD was on scene and informed CPO Workman he was responding to a shot fired call and observed two males kicking a dead squirrel around. The two males were both known convicted felons. CPO Workman questioned the subjects on the dead squirrel and was unable to get either one to admit they had shot the squirrel. CPO Workman began investigating the dead squirrel. While on scene CPO Workman cut the squirrel open and was able to show the squirrel was freshly killed and had been shot by a load that contained small pellets. CPO Kaufman and Oglesby PD placed handcuffs on the subjects and they were transported to Oglesby police for further questioning. While at the station, CPO Workman showed other investigators the evidence displaying obvious signs the squirrel had been shot by a load containing small pellets. A search warrant was written up to search the house for the shotgun and ammunition. CPO Workman assisted in the execution of the search warrant and was able to locate one spent #6 shotgun shell in the kitchen sink. Another officer located a shotgun in the basement of the residence along with other shot gun rounds. Wildlife charges are pending as evidence is being sent to the lab to be dusted for fingerprints and DNA.

In Fulton County, CPO Finn and SGT Avery encountered two hunters who were unlawfully deer hunting in the refuge of Banner Marsh. The two were hunting before 1pm which is not allowed. They were not wearing orange as required, they had uncased bows in their boat, one did not have the proper license or permits. The father received four citations(some for him and some for his son). Unlawful attempt to take deer, no valid permit and a boat violation. They both also received several written warnings for hunting violations and boat violations.

Northeast Zone
– Captain Eric Schreiber

In Lake County, CPO Davis was driving in the Chain O’ Lakes State Park when he cleared a hill and observed a truck pulled off on the side of the roadway. Upon approach a uncased shotgun was seen through the window being held by the occupant. An individual was walking out in the field where pheasants are released for hunting.  Davis immediately ran up to the vehicle and the unloaded uncased shotgun had been moved to the back seat. The gun was unloaded and no shots had been fired from the vehicle. The occupants were waterfowl hunters and the shotgun owner had not cased his waterfowl gun and drove through the park. The individual in the cab stated he was trying to case the gun while the other occupant walked out in the field to see the pheasants. The owner of the shotgun had a case in the vehicle, but it was too short for the firearm and he failed to remove the barrel to use it. A citation was issued for uncased gun in a motor vehicle.

In Kane County, CPO Iaffaldano investigated unlawful Herpetoculture activity resulting in 4 tickets and 2 written warnings. Violations include unlawful purchase of native turtles for commercial use, unlawful sale of 3 native turtle species, over possession limit without a valid herpetoculture permit, and violation of federal law. 2 Common Snapping Turtles, 2 Eastern Musk Turtles, and 4 Mississippi Map Turtles were seized as evidence and released to the Wildlife Discovery Center for proper relocation.

In Will County, CPO Honiotes responded to a report of criminal damage to state property at Channahon State Park, were a group of juveniles had broken glass bottles and done extensive damage to a bathroom facility. Prior to the CPO’s arrival, Channahon police had made contact with the juveniles and their guardians. A civil agreement was came to, between parents and the site superintendent for repairs to be made to damaged facilities. No enforcement action was taken.

In Cook County, CPO Gates worked with Kane County CPO Iaffaldano on a herptile case she was investigating. CPO Gates contacted the seller as the interested buyer. The seller arrived at the agreed location in Cook County with various turtles in his possession. CPO Iaffaldano arrived in her marked squad and in full uniform. The seller was issued 4 citations and two warnings for various violations under the herptile code. He was given a mandatory court date in Kane County.

In Cook County, CPO Gates worked with Kane County CPO Iaffaldano on a herptile case she was investigating. CPO Gates contacted the seller as the interested buyer. The seller arrived at the agreed location in Cook County with various turtles in his possession. CPO Iaffaldano arrived in her marked squad and in full uniform. The seller was issued four citations and two warnings for various violations under the herptile code. He was given a mandatory court date in Kane County.

Central  Zone
– Captain John Williamson

In Greene County, CPOT Ben Pankey and CPO Michael Goetten observed a vehicle driving slowly down the roadway and using headlights to shine fields for deer. When surprised by the officers, a passenger in possession of the crossbow inadvertently discharged the crossbow into the floorboard nearly shooting himself. The three occupants were each arrested for hunting with the aid of a conveyance/shining, hunting deer between ½ hour after sunset and ½ hour before sunrise, transportation of loaded/uncased crossbow, and hunting from a public roadway.

In Adams County, CPO Blazinic closed an open case of unlawfully harvesting an 8 point whitetail deer. The subject paid a $120 fine and the 8 point deer rack was awarded to the DNR.

In Adams County, CPO Blazinic closed an open case of unlawfully firearm deer hunting over bait. 1 subject paid a $477.50 total fine. The charges were dismissed on the other subject.

In Calhoun County, CPO Olroyd conducted an investigation on a landowner who had harvested three bucks. The landowner was cited for the violation and the third buck the individual harvested (13 point) was seized.

In Calhoun County, CPO Lentz issued a citation to a duck hunter for transportation of a uncased gun on a boat.

In Edgar County, CPO Hyatt met with resident regarding a possible EPA dumping violation. CPO Hyatt walked the creek with the property owner where he has found some type of growth in the creek bed. CPO Hyatt took pictures and has reached out to a biologist to confirm what the deposits actually are.

In Moultrie County, CPO Moody cited a PA man who hunted in rural Moultrie County for archery hunting deer with no valid deer permit. The man harvested a doe with no permit and then went and purchased the Non Resident deer tags after. The man received multiple other written warnings as well.

In Dewitt County, CPO Ausmus was on patrol, checking hunter parking areas, and found a vehicle parked with no windshield card that had a gun case in the back seat. While checking the license database, CPO Ausmus heard 5 shots in a rapid succession from an area heavily used by waterfowl hunters. CPO Ausmus walked the timber and located a subject firing a high-powered rifle at soup cans placed on the ground. Contact with made with the shooter, who claimed to be target shooting and was adamant that he was not hunting. The Ohio man was explained the issue of discharging a rifle in wildlife management area. The subject was issued a citation for unlawful discharge of a rifle on state property.

In Livingston County, CPO G. Anderson completed an investigation of a suspicious permit and harvest record. A hunter in the firearm deer season decided to neglect an either sex tag in possession and purchase an additional antlerless only tag. The antlerless only tag was then used almost immediately to report harvest. .

In McLean County, CPO Graden and CPOT Thompson issued a citation to a Gibson City hunter for failure to tag a whitetail deer immediately upon harvest. The hunter killed a doe and was in the process of removing it from the field, without being tagged, when CPOs encountered him.

In McLean County, CPO Graden and CPOT Thompson completed an investigation into a complaint of hunting without permission. The investigation determined a Bloomington hunter unlawfully accessed property he did not have permission to be on for the purpose of pursuing wildlife. The subject was issued a citation for hunting without permission of the landowner.

South Zone – Capt. Eric Manker

In Montgomery County, CPO Liebl was working a State site when he observed a watercraft moving toward the boat launch. It was at least an hour after sunset and the watercraft had red/green (navigation) lights on but no white light displayed. The person in the watercraft had been archery deer hunting on the site. Violations addressed included failure to display proper navigation lights after sunset, unlawful transportation of uncased bow and failure to remove treestand from State site each day as required.

In Clinton County, CPO Macias was out during the first firearms deer season. He came across three hunters coming out of the woods without a deer. During the compliance check the first hunter was in full legal compliance. The second hunter did not have a plug in his shotgun, it held 5 shells in the magazine and one in the chamber. The third hunter did not have a firearm deer tag had only birdshot in his shotgun and told the CPO that he was not deer hunting he was squirrel hunting. The CPO asked where he was during his alleged squirrel hunt in relation to the other hunters. He said they were all together. The CPO asked if he was indeed squirrel hunting or was he deer hunting without a tag. The CPO added how easy it would be for the other hunters to hand him a slug in case he saw a deer. The hunter stuck to his story and told the CPO that he was squirrel hunting. The CPO issued the hunter a citation for hunting squirrel during a closed season and the first hunter for unplugged shotgun.

In Saline County, CPO Knop made contact with a hunter who was hunting a parcel of ground CPO Knop knew no one had permission to hunt. The hunter stated his father told him he could hunt the property and his father leased the farming rights to the ground. The hunter was issued a warning and the farmer was informed a farm lease does not grant hunting rights unless it is in the contract.

In White County, CPO Haggerty and CPOT Waigand investigated a complaint of hunting without permission. The complainant stated he observed the subject on his property during the firearm deer season not wearing blaze orange, but was in possession of a crossbow. During the investigation it was determined the subject falsified information to obtain a resident hunting license, archery deer permits, and a fishing license. The subject was issued citations for Falsification of information to Obtain Resident Archery Deer Permits, Unlawful Hunting without Landowners Permission, Failure to Wear Blaze Orange Hunting during Firearm Deer Season, and Unlawful Hunting without a Valid Non Resident Firearm Deer Permit.

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