Illinois Outdoor News Cuffs & Collars – January 22, 2021

Northwest Zone –
Captain Laura Petreikis

In Lee County, CPO Beltran arrested an Oakbrook Man for unlawful take of a white tail deer. The meat was spoiled and unable to be donated but the rack was seized and pending forfeiture to Springfield.

In Stephenson County, CPOT Kater and CPO Hoftender cited a Davis man for illegal possession of deer and hunting deer without a valid permit. The man was issued warnings for failure to tag immediately upon kill and failure to report harvest. A doe was seized and donated to a food pantry and a 9Pt buck head was also seized.

In Knox County, CPOT Vik and CPO Lazzell responded to a call of a bald eagle which had been struck by a vehicle in Knox County. The bald eagle was captured and relayed to Peoria County for medical treatment.

In Peoria County, CPOT Vik and CPO Lazzell initiated an investigation into the illegal sale of an Alligator Snapping Turtle to an out or State resident. Investigation ongoing.

In LaSalle County, CPO Wagner, while checking deer hunters at Mitchell’s Grove Nature Preserve individual was found to be hunting w/out hunting license. Check of POS found individual had already harvested two deer earlier in the archery season. Individual was cited for hunting w/out hunting license. Individual was issued warnings for the deer taken previously.

In Bureau County, CPO Wagner after short investigation found individual had failed to tag deer immediately upon kill. Individual had valid either sex permit at time of harvest but failed to use permit as prescribed by law.

Northeast Zone –
Captain Eric Schreiber

In Lake County, CPO Kelley received information from a Wisconsin warden about a ladder stand in the Spring Bluff Forest Preserve near Northpoint Marina. Surveillance of the stand is ongoing, as the area does not allow hunting and the person hunting it may be an out-of-state hunter.

In McHenry County, CPOs Winters and Davis arrested a subject hunting deer out of an elevated platform that was baited with corn. The subject bragged that this was the third time we caught him hunting over bait. He was issued citations for unlawfully hunting deer with the aid of bait and making food available for deer.

In McHenry County, CPO Davis conducted a digital investigation regarding harvested deer. It was ascertained the violator did not check in his deer shot at his residence. He was cited, and another deer harvested by a different hunter is also in question.

In Kankakee County, CPO Farber and CPOT Farrell received a tip about a truck spotlighting fields in eastern Kankakee County. CPO Farber and CPOT Farrell were in the nearby area and located the suspected vehicle. It was discovered that the 5 occupants possessed 4 uncased firearms in the vehicle, 2 of which were loaded. One suspect was laying in the bed of the truck with one loaded rifle and a spotlight. Proper enforcement action was taken on each suspect. The four firearms and one spotlight were seized as evidence.

In Will County, CPO Prasun went out with a Will County Forest Preserve officer to investigate at least ten deer deaths in close proximity to each other in a forest preserve in eastern Will County. Eight bucks were located and two does were also reported as being dead. Nine of the deer were located either in a creek or within approximately twenty-five yards of the same creek. The deer deaths were reported to wildlife biologists and the incident is under investigation.

In Cook County, CPO Kusta and CPOT Gilliam were conducting wildlife enforcement at a Cook County state park. CPO Kusta and CPOT Gilliam checked 2 waterfowl hunters on the east side of the park. CPOT Gilliam requested the hunter’s hunting license, state/federal stamps, and HIP; both hunters had all valid documentation. CPOT Gilliam checked the hunter’s shotgun for plugs and requested their FOID cards. Both shotguns were only capable of holding 3 shells. One hunter was able to present a valid FOID card but the other stated he left it at home. CPOT Gilliam requested the hunter’s identification to confirm he had a valid FOID. The hunter’s FOID status was checked and it returned “Revoked”. The hunter was placed in custody for Aggravated Unlawful Use of Weapon. Felony Review was contacted but the felony charges were denied by the Acting States Attorney. The hunter was charged with a Class-A misdemeanor possession of a firearm without a FOID. The hunter was cited, bonded and issued a mandatory court date. The shotgun was seized and will be held pending court proceedings.

In DuPage County, CPO Gates began an investigation of a baited tree stand in Wayne, IL. The property the stand was located on belongs to a Wayne resident. The property is currently under construction. CPO Gates spoke with the property owner who said he has not given anyone permission to hunt his land nor did he even know that there was a ladder stand set up in the back of his property. With the permission of the property owner, CPO seized the ladder stand and trail camera. CPO also collected parts of the mineral block that was used as bait. A seizure tag was left on the post where the trail camera was located. A search warrant to view the trail camera SD card and any other digital information stored is in the process of being applied for. The investigation is currently on going to who was hunting that location over bait and without the consent of the property owner..

Central  Zone –
Capt. John Williamson

In Calhoun County, CPO Jansen, CPO Goetten and CPOT Priest conducted an interview of three Alabama subjects in relation to hunting violations in the 2019 hunting season. Subject 1 admitted to harvesting a 14-point buck without permits. Subject 2 and his father admitted to the son shooting a 10-point buck without a hunting license, habitat stamp, or permits. The fathers permit was used to tag the deer. Both shoulder mounts were seized with enforcement action pending.

In Jersey County, CPOT Jansen and CPOT Priest interviewed a landowner in reference to suspected permit violations. The resident landowner admitted to purchasing an either sex archery permit for a Florida hunter to use on the second buck she shot. The Florida resident admitted to shooting the second buck. A 10-point skull plate was seized. Enforcement action is pending.

In Jersey County, CPO Michael Goetten stopped a truck in Jersey County. An illegal buck and three squirrels were in the back of the truck. The driver’s fish and wildlife privileges were revoked for failure to pay child support. The investigation led to three other offenders who were involved in the unlawful take of two whitetail bucks. CPO Aaron Jansen and CPOT Austin Priest assisted with tracking down the other offenders. All four subjects were issued citations in Jersey and Macoupin County.

In Cass County, CPO Wahlbrink investigated a complaint involving the theft of two shotguns from a hunter at Sanganois Conservation Area. CPO Wahlbrink identified and arrested the individual responsible for taking the shotguns. He was a non-resident who had a felony conviction for a weapons offense, therefore prohibiting him from possessing firearms altogether. The Brown County Sheriff’s Office and Illinois State Police arrived on scene to assist during the arrest. The shotguns were returned to the owner.

In Christian County, CPO Wright issued a citation to a Moweaqua man who allowed his son to use his firearm permit to kill a deer. The man explained that his son showed interest late in wanting to hunt and it was too late for him to get a permit. The man stated he knew it was wrong but wanted his son to get his first deer. The man was issued one citation and 3 warnings.

In Christian County, CPO Wright issued a Florida woman a citation for no valid deer permits. She was hunting with her husband son and son’s girlfriend. The woman bought resident tags instead of nonresident. Her husband was the first person CPO Wright checked and he lied and stated it was just him and his son and son’s girlfriend up here hunting. CPO Wright already knew by before the checking the hunters that there was four. The man continued to lie about who was hunting for approximately 20 minutes before he stated well, I guess you’re not going to leave until everyone comes out. The husband called his wife and said she could now come out. He admitted to telling her to stay in the woods while I was there.

In Clark County, CPO Hyatt met with Clark county resident regarding a deer that a property owner found shot dead on his property while running his trap line. CPO Hyatt walked property with the resident and issued a salvage tag.

In Douglas County, CPO Hyatt met with property owner who just purchased property and found 11 tree stands on the property. Owner and the bank stated they didn’t know who the stands belong too. CPO Hyatt gave the new landowner his information to contact him if any tries to come and retrieved the deer stands.

In Dewitt County, CPO Ausmus, CPO Reeves, and CPO Meinders located two anglers fishing inside a restricted area. The CPOS contacted the two men and noticed several cut-up white bass being used as bait. The anglers were educated that dressing or filleting fish on waters with a size or creel limit was illegal, they were also informed that the area they were fishing was closed to access. The anglers, from northeastern Illinois, were issued citations and several written warnings.

In Macon County, CPOT Stephen Meinders and CPO Trent Reeves conducted an investigation into the unlawful take of a whitetail deer using another person’s permit. The investigation determined that the subject had legally taken the deer in pike county. The subject did not want to use his last buck tag and purchased a license and permits in his wife’s name and returned to tag the deer. The Oreana man was cited for Unlawful take/possession of untagged deer, and unlawful use of another’s permit. The deer in this case was seized.

In Vermilion County, While on patrol in Vermilion County, CPO Sanford and CPOT Longley conducted a shining detail in a location known for potential late-night hunting. A few hours after dark, a vehicle drove down the road perpendicular to CPO location and stopped numerous times, angling the vehicle in such a way to shine deer in the adjacent fields with the headlights from the vehicle. The vehicle made its way to the road CPOs were located and turned around to make their way back from where they came. CPOs initiated a traffic stop on the vehicle and the driver and passenger were issued citations for unlawful use of a light from a motor vehicle to shine/harass whitetail deer..

South Zone – Capt. Eric Manker

In Clinton County, CPO Macias was patrolling Eldon Hazlet hunting areas. He was checking a disabled blind, inside was a hunter who was valid and legal. The hunter told the CPO he had six months to live and was very weak so he was happy that the state used specific areas of the park for disabled hunters only. As the CPO was walking away from the encounter, he noticed a climbing tree stand that was in an area where tree stands are not allowed, further there were several branches that had been cut. The officer went back to the disabled Hunter who told him it was his tree stand and he had been using it since there were more deer in that area. The CPO cited the hunter for use of a tree stand where not allowed and for damage to State Park property.

In Randolph County, While conducting night/road hunting details during the second firearm deer, CPO Gerdes and CPOT Binsbacher stopped a subject who had been seen shooting a doe from the vehicle just before dark. The violator was honest and the CPO’s were able to secure a full confession. The violator was issued multiple citations and the shotgun he had used was seized as evidence.

In Jefferson County, CPO Williams observed three subjects waterfowl hunting at Rend Lake State Fish and Wildlife Area, Whistling Wings Pit #2. The victim’s son unintentionally shot the father in the arm while swinging on bird. The Victim was transported by ambulance to Good Samaritan Hospital in Mt. Vernon, IL with a non-fatal gunshot wound to his right bicep. He is expected to be released after treatment. CPOT Pankey and CPO Williams met all subjects at the hospital to investigate the hunting incident. No enforcement action was taken. Conservation Police SGT Marc Folden and Site Superintendent Jason Newell also assisted with securing the hunters property at the scene.

In White County, CPO Jourdan worked with Florida Fish & Wildlife on a deer investigation. Florida officers discovered 2 large bucks at a taxidermist there. The hunter claimed the bucks were killed in Florida. Investigation revealed the bucks were killed in White County, IL. CPO Jourdan mailed 4 citations to Florida to be issued to the illegal hunter. 

In Effingham County, CPO Hyatt dealt with a hunting accident that occurred in Effingham County. A quail hunter was shot by another in his party when they lost sight of one another. The hunter was hit with 18 pellets in his left leg, 3 in his right and one in his left arm. He was fine but did go to the hospital for a tetanus shot.

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