Michigan Outdoor News Cuffs & Collars – December 18, 2020


CO Ethen Mapes assisted the Ontonagon County Sheriff’s Office in an off-road vehicle (ORV) pursuit that initiated when a deputy tried to arrest the driver on a felony warrant for flee and elude. A short chase ensued in the Bruce Crossing area until the suspect drove into a swampy area. CO Mapes tracked the rider and his passenger into the swamp and found them hiding in the woods. The operator was taken into custody on the felony warrant and charged again with flee and elude.

CO John Kamps checked two waterfowl hunters as they pulled their boat up to the boat launch. After a routine check of licenses and hunting equipment, one of the individuals was determined to be transporting a loaded firearm in a motorboat and the other was determined to have a shotgun capable of holding three or more shells. A citation was issued for hunting with an unplugged shotgun.


CO Cole VanOosten was on patrol when a call of a personal injury accident came out nearby. CO VanOosten was first on scene and provided first aid to three adults and two children until emergency medical services (EMS) arrived.

COs Robert Freeborn and Mikael Evink located an individual cutting pine boughs on commercial forest land. After talking with the subject, he stated he thought he had permission. The COs advised that the timber company that owns the private property more than likely do not want anyone cutting. The COs documented the scene and placed a phone call to a forester from the timber company. Investigation is ongoing.

COs Robert Freeborn and Steve Butzin responded to a one-car rollover on a remote forest service road. The COs arrived on scene along with the fire department. The driver was pinned under the steering wheel of the truck. Using the CO’s axe, the front windshield was cut out giving the driver more room to stretch his legs until EMS arrived. It was determined that the driver was stuck in his truck for several hours after rolling over before he was found by a passing motorist.

CO Michael Evink assisted MSP troopers with an operating while intoxicated (OWI) arrest in a remote portion of state land. A complaint occurred that detailed a group of loud passengers being pulled by a side-by-side. The complaint was due to the loud music and voices on the trail during prime hunting hours. An MSP trooper was able to locate the group and began dealing with the driver who appeared to be under the influence of alcohol. Once on scene, CO Evink was able to assist by dealing with the other seven members of the group and aiding the primary trooper. One individual was arrested for operating a motor vehicle under the influence of alcohol.


COs Nathan Beelman and Chad Baldwin received a call from Charlevoix Central Dispatch regarding a subject who was stuck and lost on a state forest two-track off from a seasonal county road. CO Beelman was able to find the subject within a few minutes after receiving the call. The subject was in an area with limited cell service and was stuck in a mud hole. After approximately 30 minutes of work, COs Beelman and Baldwin were able to assist the subject with getting out of the mud hole and were able to direct the subject back to US 131. The subject stated that she had come up north to look at the fall colors and decided to take a back road, she then became lost, and then stuck. She was very grateful that COs were able to locate her and help her back to a main road.

CO Nathan Beelman received a complaint regarding a subject placing bait and hunting over it in the Darnton Nature Preserve. CO Beelman patrolled to the area and arrived just before the end of hunting hours. CO Beelman was able to observe the subject exiting his treestand and stopped the subject to check his license. The subject admitted that he did not have his hunting license or identification with him. After further questioning, it was found that the subject had not purchased a hunting license yet this year. While talking with the subject, CO Beelman observed shelled corn spread throughout the knee-high grass along with a small pile of apples approximately 20 yards from the subject’s treestand. CO Beelman began walking with the subject back to the subject’s residence to retrieve his driver’s license. The subject retrieved his backpack from the field and CO Beelman observed an empty Coors Light can sticking out of his backpack and another laying in the field under the backpack. The subject participated in standardized field sobriety tests (SFSTs) at his home and blew a .064 on a preliminary breath test (PBT). The subject was ticketed for hunting without a license and hunting over bait and given a warning for hunting while intoxicated.

CO Duane Budreau caught up with a subject he had investigated earlier this summer for illegally killing geese out of season. CO Budreau had obtained a warrant for the individual’s arrest for taking geese out of season and using an illegal firearm to take waterfowl. The subject posted a $500 cash bond on the two-count warrant. The man was given warnings for using toxic shot, using a firearm capable of holding more than three shells, fail to retrieve waterfowl/wanton waste, taking an over-limit of geese, hunt waterfowl without a license, and hunt waterfowl without a federal duck stamp.


CO Josiah Killingbeck had been checking a deer blind that was baited with apples for several weeks with no success at contacting the responsible party. While doing an early morning patrol, CO Killingbeck observed a vehicle parked near the blind. CO Killingbeck contacted the hunter in the blind. The subject told CO Killingbeck that he did not know that it was illegal to bait until recently and that he had removed the bait. CO Killingbeck asked the subject why his blind did not have a name on it. The subject said he did not know that was a requirement, even though the subject said he is a very law-abiding citizen. The subject suddenly pulled up his coat and undershirt revealing a handgun tucked inside his pants. CO Killingbeck learned that the subject had been disqualified from obtaining a concealed pistol license (CPL). The subject told CO Killingbeck that he was open carrying. CO Killingbeck explained that a handgun tucked inside the waistline and covered by a coat is not open carry. The subject became very uncooperative and CO Killingbeck placed the subject under arrest for carrying a concealed pistol. The subject was lodged in the Lake County Jail.

CO Micah Hintze received a complaint late in the evening of spearing on a closed trout stream. The complainant watched a truck enter his property, drop a man off who retrieved a spear from the bed of the truck and entered the river. Shortly after arriving in the area, the vehicle which dropped the man off was observed entering the property and come towards CO Hintze. The driver saw the patrol truck, turned around and attempted to leave the property. CO Hintze stopped the truck as it entered the roadway and spoke with the driver who admitted to dropping his friend off to spear salmon. He stated he was coming to pick him up when he saw the patrol truck but had not contacted his friend yet. CO Hintze secured the driver’s phone and identification and followed the truck from a distance to the pick-up location. A man was seen exiting the river, spear in hand and dragging one salmon. The man got into the passenger seat and the vehicle proceeded towards the exit. CO Hintze stopped the vehicle, and while speaking with the suspect, he admitted to spearing a salmon and didn’t have a license. The violations consisted of fishing a closed trout stream, fishing without license, recreational trespass, and taking a fish by illegal method. The spear was seized for evidence and citations issued.


COs Josh Russell, Jeremy Cantrell, and Mike Haas worked an illegal ORV event in Clare County. The COs were able to locate the event and determine who organized it. It was being held at a local trailhead in the county and was taking up a huge portion of the parking lot. The organizers did not have the proper permit required to hold the event. A citation was issued for holding an event on state land without a permit.

CO Kyle Bader responded to a complaint of an overdue hunter in the Maltby Hills area of Ogemaw County. The complainant split up with his hunting partner with the agreement that they would meet back at the truck after they hunted a small clear-cut. The caller returned to his truck in less than an hour and waited for his partner for approximately three hours. He blared his horn until it malfunctioned and fired nearly a box of shotgun shells to get a response from his hunting partner. Finally, when it started getting dark, he made his way to an area with good cell phone signal and called 911. COs Casey Pullum and Brad Bellville responded to the last known location to assist. They worked on creating a plan with the Ogemaw County K-9 deputy while CO Bader checked the high probability locations, ORV and snowmobile trails. CO Bader located the lost hunter on a nearly impassible two-track less than a mile from where the two split up. He was embarrassed, but otherwise in good health and glad to see help arrive.


CO Kyle Bucholtz assisted the local sheriff’s office with an assault and arson case. The suspect burned his home down after assaulting a female. The suspect then jumped from the burning home and fled into a heavily wooded area. CO Bucholtz and a local deputy later located the suspect in the wooded area and took him into custody without incident. The local sheriff’s office is investigating the incident further.

CO Kyle Bucholtz responded to an in-progress baiting complaint in Sanilac County. A hunter was hunting state land when he observed an individual arrive in the area and spread an unknown substance on the ground. The subject then hunted over the substance. Upon receiving the complaint and arriving on scene, CO Bucholtz located the suspect deer hunting from a raised platform. Below the suspect was a large bottle of Buck Jam. The substance was also found spread on the surrounding areas. CO Bucholtz wrote the subject for hunting deer over bait.

CO Dan Robinson was patrolling state game area sections in Montcalm County when he located a vehicle that was possibly a suspect in a bait complaint that he had received from that same morning. CO Robinson went out on foot and located a hunter packing up his hunting gear. After asking the hunter about bait, which he denied, CO Robinson walked out into the field in the game area and located fresh corn dumped in line with the hunting blind. The hunter still denied knowing the bait was there. After helping the individual get his gear back to his truck, CO Robinson saw the bucket described in the previous complaint. The individual eventually admitted to putting the corn out and showed CO Robinson the partial bag left that was in the truck. A citation was written for hunting/placing bait where prohibited.


CO Tyler Cole came across a vehicle illegally parked while patrolling the Crane Pond State Game Area (SGA) in Cass County. While running the license plate, a subject came out of the woods and stated that it was his vehicle. The subject said he knew he should not have parked there but did not want to waste good hunting time by parking further down the road. He stated that he was hunting alone; however, CO Cole observed two empty bow cases in the back seat of the car. After talking with the subject more, the subject admitted that his 14-year-old niece was hunting with him. The 14-year-old was found to be hunting almost a quarter mile away from where the uncle was, without tags and not within the required visual or audible distance from the adult/guardian. Citations were issued for allowing a minor to hunt unsupervised and a warning was given for parking illegally.

CO Sam Schluckbier received a complaint that was called into the RAP Hotline of an archery hunter carrying bait to his blind. Upon arrival, he could see two hunters from a distance setting up a hunting blind. While watching the subjects set up, CO Schluckbier observed one subject dump a bag of minerals onto the ground in front of the blind. A subsequent check of the hunters revealed they were both hunting deer over bait and one subject failed to purchase his hunting license. Citations were issued for the violations.

While on patrol in Ionia County, CO Jeremy Beavers checked several hunters throughout the Portland SGA. CO Beavers first encountered a group of hunters getting ready to load a deer in the back of a small car. CO Beavers checked the deer and observed that a kill-tag was not attached. At that time, the subject produced his unused deer kill-tag. CO Beavers instructed the hunter to validate the kill-tag and attach it to the deer. The subject was cited for not tagging the deer.


CO Todd Thorn was on routine patrol when he spotted some fresh tire tracks going onto Consumers Energy property where he knew people were not supposed to be. CO Thorn followed the tracks and spotted a pickup truck parked behind some tall grass with the tailgate down. As CO Thorn approached further, he spotted a man in camouflage with a rifle slung over his shoulder and a dog walking nearby. CO Thorn continued to watch as the man walked the fields. After several minutes, the hunter started to walk in the direction of his vehicle but did not have the rifle any longer. CO Thorn approached to make contact and asked where the rifle was. After some discussion, the hunter said he threw the gun in some long grass when he saw another vehicle. The firearm was located, and the hunter was ticketed for trespassing, hunting without a license, and hunting small game without wearing orange.

CO John Byars received a RAP complaint about a small game hunter who had shot a hen turkey and was trespassing. CO Byars determined the hunter had been trespassing, committed larceny of a trail camera SD card, and was in possession of a turkey that he had not legally harvested. The investigation will be turned over to the Ingham County Prosecutor’s Office for review.

CO Katie Baker conducted a shining patrol and during the patrol CO Baker located a vehicle with a large light bar operating on the road. Two prior complaints had been received on the vehicle earlier in the week. The vehicle was found to have the incorrect license plate attached. A traffic stop was conducted and during the stop, CO Baker located a loaded/uncased AR with attached laser and a loaded/uncased crossbow. There were also multiple shining lights. The firearm and crossbow were seized. A citation was issued for transporting an uncased firearm and bow.


CO Christopher Knights worked two Stonegarden patrols in Macomb County. On one of the patrols, CO Knights checked an angler from shore. The angler could not provide a fishing license, CO Knights ran him through Law Enforcement Information Network, and it turned out he had two warrants for his arrest from Monroe and Macomb counties. CO Knights was advised Macomb County wanted the individual and he was turned over to them. CO Knights also issued him a citation for fishing without a license.

CO Ben Lasher was patrolling St. Johns Marsh Game Area when he stopped three boats coming back from waterfowl hunting all with navigation light violations. One ticket for failing to provide PFDs was issued and warnings for the light violations.

CO Bob Watson was patrolling the St. Clair River late one night for walleye fishing activity when a call came out through the city dispatch regarding two anglers fighting, one which had pulled a knife on the other. CO Watson was at the exact location of the incident which had happened moments before CO Watson arrived. A Port Huron Police officer arrived on location. The knife-wielding man was still on scene and interviewed. The man turned out to have an active sex offender registry warrant out for his arrest. The Port Huron Police Department lodged the man based on his warrant.

CO Breanna Reed found an 8-point buck at a taxidermist where the tag was purchased the same day that the deer was taken. CO Reed interviewed the female subject who immediately admitted to taking the deer and purchasing her license after the fact. Charges for illegal deer are being sought through Sanilac County Courthouse.

CO Jaime Salisbury worked a Stonegarden shift in Macomb County. A citation was issued to a waterfowl hunter who was observed throwing their spent shotgun hulls from their hunting boat.

COs Brad Silorey and Joe Deppen worked Stonegarden patrol on the waters of Lake St. Clair. Nearly a dozen vessels were checked while waterfowl hunting, and multiple citations were issued for various waterfowl hunting violations. Some of the violations included hunting from a motorized vessel while underpower, hunting without a Michigan waterfowl hunting license, and hunting without a federal duck stamp.

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