Michigan Outdoor News Cuffs & Collars – October 9, 2020


CO Ethen Mapes responded when dispatch reported a call of someone yelling for help at a residence near Bruce Crossing. Upon arrival CO Mapes found a house full of smoke and a man sitting on his couch with burns to his face. The man was on oxygen and stated that when he went to light his cigarette his face caught on fire. CO Mapes assisted in loading the individual into the ambulance.

CO Josh Boudreaux was checking waterfowl hunters on Forestville Basin in Marquette County when he came across of group of 17-year-olds excited to finally be out hunting on their own. As CO Boudreaux conducted his standard waterfowl checks, he began discovering violation after violation. There were unplugged guns, an unused box of lead shot, there were no personal flotation devices (PFDs) for anyone in the canoe, and one of the individuals did not have his proper licenses. CO Boudreaux instructed the group to pack up their stuff and meet him at his truck. CO Boudreaux carried the two unplugged shotguns back to his truck and returned with two PFDs so those in the canoe could safely paddle back to their vehicle with their gear. Back at the truck CO Boudreaux had a lengthy discussion with the hunters about waterfowl hunting regulations and the reasoning behind them along with the potential repercussions. CO Boudreaux then assisted two of the young hunters with making plugs for their guns to restrict the capacity to three shells total. Two citations were issued for no PFDs and waterfowl hunting digests were distributed to the group. Warnings were issued for the multiple hunting violations.


CO Cole VanOosten was working the early teal season when he observed an individual shoot at a group of ducks 33 minutes prior to legal shooting hours. CO VanOosten also witnessed the individual shoot at a mallard and, upon contact, it was discovered that the individual was also hunting with an unplugged shotgun. The violations were addressed by the CO.

COs Justin Vinson and Cole VanOosten patrolled the Blind Sucker Flooding for early season teal and goose hunters. The violations observed included: shooting before shooting hours, hunting with an unplugged shot gun, shooting while under power, and for failing to provide a PFD. Citations were issued for hunting with a shotgun capable of holding more than three shells and for the PFD violation.

CO Todd Sumbera was patrolling Mackinac County when he watched an individual catch and place a fish on the bank and then continue to fish. After observing the angler for a while, CO Sumbera contacted the individual, finding a 6.5-inch brook trout on shore next to him. The individual stated that he was getting ready to throw the fish back real soon, after he fixed his hook. A citation was issued for possessing an undersized trout.

CO Todd Sumbera was conducting a waterfowl patrol along the St Mary’s River in Chippewa County when he observed an individual shoot and kill a duck that flew by. The individual then stated, “Oh man, it’s a woody!” He proceeded to tell his other two partners hunting with him that they should get out of here. CO Sumbera contacted the individuals with the duck in their possession. CO Sumbera asked what they had shot, the shooter stated that he had misidentified the duck thinking it was a green-winged teal but was a gadwall. CO Sumbera obtained the bird and showed the hunters that it was a hen wigeon, by explaining key factors that help determine the species. This was not the first incident of misidentification with this individual and a citation was issued for taking a wigeon out of season.


COs Andrea Erratt and Andrea Albert were on marine patrol on the Intermediate River by Ellsworth Lake when they observed an angler fishing from a dock with a line tied to a stick while some kids fished nearby with rods. The COs watched the angler catch two small bluegills as they approached the dock. The angler said he was trying to show his niece and nephews how easy it was to catch fish. The angler said he usually gets a fishing license, but he had not purchased one this year. CO Erratt ticketed the angler for fishing without a license.

COs Andrea Albert and Andrea Erratt responded to an assault-in-progress complaint involving a gun at the Clam Lake access site. The COs backed up Antrim County deputies as they investigated the fight that started when a boater cut in line to pull his boat out. Apparently, a boater that had been waiting in line for over 20 minutes confronted the boater that cut in line and he pointed his handgun in their faces.

CO Jessie Curtis was patrolling Montmorency County when she received a complaint of cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) in progress. CO Curtis assisted the Montmorency County deputies with the medical call.

COs Jessica Curtis and Daniel Liestenfeltz, the Alpena County Sheriff’s Department, and MSP troopers responded to a search for an elderly lady with dementia who had walked out of her house and not been seen for many hours. COs Curtis and Liestenfeltz assisted in setting up the incident command center. The woman was found safe at a relative’s residence nearby.


CO Patrick McManus received a Text-to-RAP complaint about several individuals fishing in the closed section of the lower weir on the Platte River in Benzie County. When CO McManus arrived on scene, he observed two individuals fishing about 100 feet away from the weir, well within the mandated 300-foot rule outlined in the law. CO McManus contacted the anglers. After speaking with them for several minutes and asking for their fishing licenses, one of the anglers disclosed that they had a concealed pistol license (CPL) and was currently carrying a handgun. Michigan law requires anyone that is carrying a concealed weapon under the CPL law to immediately disclose of that weapon and permit to a peace officer before anything else. CO McManus issued both anglers a citation for fishing within 300 feet of the weir and a second citation was issued to the subject with the CPL permit for failing to immediately disclose the concealed pistol.

COs Richard Stowe and Bill Haskin worked a patrol in Benzie County in response to fall fish runs. Two subjects were contacted while walking on well posted private property and were issued citations for the violations.

CO Josiah Killingbeck was first on scene of an ORV crash in Lake County where a subject had been doing donuts and was ejected from the ORV when it rolled. CO Killingbeck provided first aid, and while waiting for an ambulance, was advised that the ambulance had become stuck and was unable to make it to the scene. The only other ambulance available was nearly 50 miles away. CO Killingbeck checked with the neighboring counties and there were no ambulances available either. Due to the severity of the rider’s injuries, CO Killingbeck loaded the rider into his patrol truck and transported the injured rider to medical care.

CO Angela Greenway responded to a complaint in the village of Barryton about a dead goose landing in the yard of a residence in town. CO Greenway arrived on scene and observed blood and feathers all over the house and door. A dead goose was also located a few feet away in the yard. The resident answered the door and said that he heard what he thought were fireworks and then the house shook a little and so he went out and looked and saw the dead goose. CO Greenway was unable to locate the hunters in the area and patrolled the same location again the next morning and was still unable to locate goose hunting activity.


CO Kyle Bader responded to an ORV personal injury accident on the in Ogemaw County. The rider lost control of his ORV while navigating a corner and crashed head-on into a tree. His riding partner checked to make sure he was breathing and then rode out to the nearest road for help. The responding ambulance became stuck in the trail before arriving at the patient’s location. CO Bader, an MSP trooper, and multiple volunteer firefighters were able to get the ambulance dislodged and out of the way. The victim was loaded into another ambulance and transported to the main road where he was airlifted to the hospital.

CO Josh Russell received a disposition from an illegal bear case in Gladwin County which took place last fall. The subject was convicted of taking a bear out of season and negligent discharge of a firearm. His firearm was condemned, and he paid $3,500 in reimbursement to the state of Michigan.

CO Matt Zultak responded to a complaint of ORV harassment in Roscommon County. The complainant stated that a subject was intentionally driving around him in a hazardous manner while he was target practicing on state land. CO Zultak responded to the area and located the subject who was operating his ORV in a closed area. Upon further investigation, it was determined that the operator had a suspended driver’s license and warrants for his arrest. He was issued a citation for operating his ORV in a closed area. He was advised of his warrants and released.


During a patrol along the Saginaw River in Bay County, COs Mike Haas and Dan Robinson encountered a group of anglers fishing from shore. The anglers then admitted that they had not yet purchased their fishing licenses for the 2020 season, but they were planning to. It was also discovered that there were multiple undersized bass in the group’s cooler for which one of the anglers took responsibility. A citation was issued for the fishing violations.

COs Dan Robinson and Mike Haas were working southern Montcalm County when they witnessed a couple of men fishing on a small creek. While checking the area, CO Haas located a stringer with two bass, and both appeared to be undersized. One of the individuals claimed that he caught the fish and that he was planning to eat them while they camped. The second subject at first refused to identify himself, but eventually produced an old fishing license. That individual did not have a valid fishing license, and he also had three warrants for his arrest, including a felony for aggravated assault. An appearance ticket was issued for possessing the short fish and the individual with the warrants was lodged.

While on patrol COs Adam Schiller and Dan Robinson witnessed an individual driving a four-wheeler down a county road with no helmet on. As CO Schiller approached the individual he noticed the individual trying to tuck a Bud Light beer bottle under his shirt. It was determined that the operator was not under the influence or impaired. A citation was issued for open intoxicants and not wearing a crash helmet.


CO James Nason responded to a domestic dispute in progress at a local park in Kalamazoo County. Upon arrival, CO Nason found that the male half had already left, leaving behind his ex-girlfriend. The female stated that they had an argument and that he tried to get her into his truck. When he could not get her to comply with his demands, he dumped a couch out of his truck and left her and the couch in the parking lot. CO Nason caught up with the man a few days later and issued him a citation for littering by leaving the couch in the beach parking lot of the park.

While on a marine patrol CO Travis Dragomer located a boat with two anglers fishing upon the St. Joseph River in Berrien County. After conducting a fish check, two undersized smallmouth bass were located in the live well. One bass measured 12 inches and the other bass measured 12.5 inches. The bass were released, and one citation was issued for possessing undersized bass.

CO Matt Page responded to a call from central dispatch of a breaking and entering in progress at a lake house. Within a mile of the residence at the time of the call, CO Page and an additional officer were able to intercept and secure the suspects until more units arrived. It was found that two individuals located a hidden key and broke into the lake house which was in a very remote location. The individuals had been staying at the house eating the food and using the home for an undisclosed amount of time. The homeowner had no knowledge of the individuals and both were arrested and lodged for breaking and entering by the Covert Police Department.

COs Jackie Miskovich and Anna Cullen were patrolling Twin Lake when they observed a man fishing from a jon boat. While checking the individual for a fishing license and his required safety equipment, it was found that he did not have any identification on him, or his fishing license, and he also did not have any PFD on board the boat. COs Cullen and Miskovich followed the man back to the shore for his own safety and a citation was issued for the marine safety violation.


CO Jeff Goss arrested a subject on Marble Lake for boating under the influence during a group patrol. Sobriety evaluations on the subject had to be stopped due to a concern for the subject falling and injuring himself.

CO Jason McCullough was involved in a foot pursuit of a subject with multiple felony warrants. As CO McCullough was talking with the subject, the subject stated he “had to go” before taking off running. The subject gave up when he realized CO McCullough would not stop chasing him. The subject was turned over to Albion police on the warrants and additional charges are pending.

CO Nick Wellman was assisted by COs Jeff Goss, Chris Reynolds, Ed Rice, Sgt. Rich Nickols, and Sgt. Jason Smith with a group marine patrol of the south chain of lakes in Branch County. During the patrol, one man was lodged for boating under the influence (BUI) after he was stopped for careless operation and wrong way operation of a vessel. The man was lodged in Branch County Jail and agreed to a Datamaster breath test which yielded a 0.16 result. In addition to the BUI, citations were issued for towing without an observer and bow riding.

CO Nick Wellman was contacted by several people about a bobcat that was found deceased on the side of the road on the Branch and St. Joseph county line. CO Wellman worked with DNR wildlife division employee Ken Kesson to secure the cat. The bobcat was a large female that had been struck by a vehicle. Wildlife division took possession of the cat.

CO Nick Wellman was patrolling home from a shift when a vehicle passed him on I-94 in Calhoun County at over 90 mph. CO Wellman caught up to the vehicle and paced him at 92 mph. CO Wellman initiated a traffic stop and the driver ended up having several warrants out of Oakland County for armed carjacking, resisting and obstructing, domestic violence, and driving while license suspended. The man was arrested for the warrants and was lodged in Calhoun County Jail on a hold for Oakland County. CO Wellman was assisted by two MSP troopers who lodged the man.


CO David Schaumburger observed three ORVs operating on the roadway in Monroe County. The CO stopped the trio because ORVs are not allowed to be operated on the roadway in Monroe County and because one of them did not have a helmet on. The CO issued one ticket for no helmet and sent the ORVs back to their residence. Before they departed, the operator receiving the ticket stated that he moved from Wayne County to Monroe County “to do things like this.”

COs David Schaumburger and Danny Walzak stopped a vessel on Belleville Lake for operating at a speed greater than slow/no wake within 100 feet of a dock. When the COs told her the reason for the stop, she stated that she thought she might have been too close because she was on her phone. A citation was issued for the 100-foot rule.

While checking waterfowl hunters at Pointe Mouillee, CO David Schaumburger found a full box of toxic lead shot. The hunter stated he did not know he could not possess it even though he was not using it. A citation was issued for possessing toxic shot.

While patrolling near The Strand, CO Ariel Young and Sgt. Shane Webster observed a female with her pants down and looking to be in distress. The COs stopped and asked if everything was OK and the individuals with the female stated no and that they were waiting for EMS to show up. The COs were then informed and saw that the female had been doubly hooked by a fishing lure that had two treble hooks on it, one treble hook in the back of her leg and the other connected to the ring finger on her hand. EMS showed up a couple of minutes later and the COs helped to get the female to a nearby table to lay her down and attempt to cut the hooks off the lure to help make her more comfortable. After disconnecting the hook in her hand from the lure, the COs assisted EMS in securing the hooks so that they would not further embed themselves and helped her get into her vehicle and on her way to a hospital.

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