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In the June 26 issue of New York Outdoor News, I wrote in my column about last summer’s consuming project of building an Adirondack lean-to in my yard. Adrienne and I have been enjoying it a great deal as of late, having weekend campfires and morning coffee in recent weeks now that things are cooling off a little.

The lean-to has been a conservation piece, no doubt, and those who are familiar with them have been adamant that you can’t have an Adirondack lean-to without an accompanying privy.

One of those privy-promoters is a hunting companion named Mike who is a connoisseur of Adirondack sporting history. Leave it to Mike to just happen to have a set of blueprints that the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation uses, or once used, to construct privies at campsites, especially those with lean-tos.

Mike dropped off the plans over the winter, giving me plenty of time to give it some thought. Having lots of lumber left over from last year’s logging operation, I figured I could take a crack at it after a few other summer projects, including a deck addition with the same lumber, were in the books.

That time came about a month ago during one real hot weekend. Like most guys, I presume, I had some construction materials laying around just waiting for an excuse to be used.

The privy itself was framed up, walled and floored using pine and hemlock sawn last year by a local mill. Things got real fancy when I dug out an old piece of bathroom tile board and used it on the floor and the seat. And some old pieces of tin worked out perfect on the roof. The seat is brand “spanking” new.

Last was the door. I resurrected an old rustic screen door that was taking up space and it turned out to be a perfect fit. The only problem is the screens, which I have to replace not only for the sake of privacy, but for keeping the elements out.

It did take some time to build this little shack; roughly about 12 hours. But I’m just a weekend carpenter. The last step was digging the hole – first with my John Deere tractor bucket and next with a shovel. But I had some help from a couple of younger guys in our hunting crew who assisted in placing the privy in its final resting place.

How much use it will get, who knows? I’m sure it will see some activity during deer season as my garage is a regular hub. And in these days of COVID, it might be better to have something outside.

And besides, Adrienne has been saying she wants a new bathroom. Well, now she’s got one!

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