Illinois Outdoor News Cuffs & Collars – August 7, 2020

The following activities were taken from reports filed in June 2020

Northwest Zone –
Captain Laura Petreikis

In Jo Daviess County, CPO Hoftender and CPO Posateri seized a Cuvier’s Dwarf Caiman from a Hanover man and helped place it with a licensed professional facility. The owner was issued a warning for possession without a special use permit.

In Rock Island County, CPO Francisko was conducting boat safety checks and checking fisherman in the afternoon along the Mississippi River. A man was observed fishing in a remote location with no boat or vehicle near him. The man did not have a fishing license. The CPO asked the man why he didn’t obtain a fishing license. The man stated “because I owe a bunch of back child support and I‘m barred from buying one”. The CPO asked the man how he got to the location where he was fishing. The man stated “My Mom dropped me off”. The subject was issued one citation for fishing without a fishing license. The subject has the option to pay the $195 fine via mail if he wishes to plead guilty.

In Bureau County, CPO Kiprono investigated a complaint regarding a day old fawn being harassed by neighborhood kids residing in a subdivision in Dalzell. Later, it was discovered the fawn was able to get to the woods behind the subdivision with its mother.

In LaSalle County, CPO Kiprono and CPO Kaufman issued once citation for unlawful take of wildlife to a man for failing to slow down to let a gaggle of geese cross the road to reach a pond. He stated he was frustrated and just did not care.

In LaSalle County, while checking fishermen at Starved Rock CPO Kaufman came upon two 18 year old individuals fishing. When he asked them for their fishing licenses the look on the faces told CPO Kaufman they had no idea what he was asking for. They said they were new to fishing and had no idea they needed a fishing license. CPO Kaufman had them get on their phones and buy a fishing license. After issuing them each a written warning, CPO Kaufman handed them 2 Fishing Digests. CPO Kaufman spent 10 minutes explaining the digest and the fishing regulations to them.

In Tazewell County, CPO Finn patrolled Spring Lake State Fish and Wildlife Area and found three subjects to be in possession of protected slot largemouth bass. All three were keeping bass in the 12’’-18’’ range which is prohibited. All three received citations for keeping in possession a protected largemouth bass.

Northeast Zone –
Captain Jed Whitchurch

In Grundy County, CPO Anderson and Sgt. Wollgast were called on multiple sittings of wild hogs in western Grundy County. The callers had photographs and other evidence of the hogs. With the help of the Grundy County Sheriff’s Department 5 hogs were removed from the area. It was determined all the hogs were domestic releases and there was no threat of a wild hog population moving into or establishing in the area. Everyone is reminded it is against State and County Laws to release hogs into the wild. The usable meat from several of the hogs is being donated to local food pantries and an investigation is ongoing.

In Kane County, CPO Iaffaldano responded to a complaint resulting in an arrest for unlawful destruction of a protected species habitat. CPO Iaffaldano is investigating a pollution of waterways case on the Fox River.

In Lake County, CPO Kelley received a call about a dead female raccoon and an orphaned, young raccoon in Highland Park. After several, unsuccessful attempts to capture the young raccoon, CPO Kelley suggested the resident use a live trap. Later in the day, the raccoon was caught and CPO Kelley transferred the raccoon to a permitted rehabber.

In McHenry County, CPO Doescher cited a subject fishing along the Fox River at the McHenry Dam for fishing with too many devices. The area is restricted to 2 pole and line and the subject was utilizing 6 devices.

In McHenry County, CPO Reid responded to a complaint of a red fox that was shot with an arrow in a residential area in Johnsburg. The fox survived and has been able to evade capture. The investigation is on-going and CPO Reid urges anyone with information to come forward.

In Kankakee County, CPO Elliot was called to a complaint where someone intentionally ran over a flock of geese, killing 3 and injuring several others. The investigation is pending.

In Cook County, CPO Williams took a complaint of a man intentionally running over two Canada geese at 95th and Kean. CPO Williams was able to locate the geese. One was deceased and the other was able to walk around freely with no apparent wing damage. The deceased goose was photographed and properly disposed of. CPO Williams talked to the witness, who was upset. The witness provided a written statement and photos of the offending vehicle and driver. CPO Williams went to the offender’s residence to get their statement. After talking with the older gentlemen [offender], CPO Williams concluded the offender did not intentionally run over the geese. The offender did not see what he hit with his vehicle. He tried to pull over and see, but the witness was angry and headed towards the offender. The offender left the area for fear of what the witness would do. No enforcement action was taken.

In Cook County, CPO Kusta was conducting sport fish enforcement at a northern Cook County Forest Preserve. CPO Kusta observed 3 young fishermen fishing off a dock. CPO Kusta requested all 3 fishermen’s Illinois fishing license, none of the young fishermen realized they needed a license to fish. CPO Kusta educated all 3 fishermen and advised them where to obtain a valid Illinois fishing license.

In Cook County, CPO Roesch patrolled Busse Woods Forest Preserve checking boats and kayaks. CPO Roesch issued a citation to an individual who was in possession of a short walleye. CPO Roesch received a complaint from a man who stated his car was stolen. CPO Roundcount discovered the car in a different parking lot nearby. CPO Roesch confirmed with the man that his car was not stolen and he was simply confused on where he had parked.

In Cook County, CPO Roesch responded to a complaint of a raccoon in a trap in Lyons, IL. It was discovered the trap was set by a nuisance animal control operator. Photographs were taken, investigation ongoing.

In Will County, CPO Honiotes responded to the report of a person in the Dupage River at the Hammel Woods Dam in Will County. Upon arrival, the subject had already been rescued from the dam boil by responding emergency personnel. Investigation revealed two subjects were kayaking downstream in two separate kayaks.  After assisting his partner in portaging around the dam, the victim re-entered the river in his kayak from above the dam and attempted to cross the dam. The subject was ejected from the boat and became stuck in the turbulent boil of the dam, until emergency workers were able to recover him through the use of a throw-line device. The victim, who was wearing his life jacket at the time of the incident, was uninjured.

In Will County, While checking a river in western Will County, CPO Prasun observed two fishermen discarding cans in the weeds on the riverbank. They were cited for pollution of waterways. CPO Prasun made contact with two other fishermen who did not have valid fishing licenses and it was determined one of them had thrown trash in the river. Enforcement action was taken and they were educated on Illinois’ fishing license and pollution of waterways laws.

Central  Zone –
Capts. Petreikis and Whitchurch

In Cass County, CPOs Wahlbrink and Wright were enforcing the provisions of the Boat Safety and Registration Act and Fish Code on the Illinois River. They observed a boat take off in the opposite direction leaving behind a beer can floating in the water. The CPOs picked up the Busch Light beer can and initiated a boat stop on the watercraft. After a brief interview, one individual admitted to throwing the beer can in the river. A boat safety inspection did not reveal any additional violations. The individual was cited for pollution of the waterway.

In Mason County, CPOs McClenning and Wahlbrink investigated a hunting without permission complaint. An interview led to the admission of the individual contributing to the unlawful take of a whitetail deer and hunting without permission. The individual was cited for the offenses.

In Champaign County, CPO Miller addressed multiple complaints of Champaign County citizens unlawfully trapping animals on their properties without obtaining nuisance animal removal permits.

In Champaign County, CPO Ausmus and CPO Miller investigated a complaint of a Nile monitor lizard that escaped from a residence. The lizard is thought to have been spotted in an area pond. The owners were contacted and the investigation is pending.

In Champaign County, Capt. Williamson and CPO Ausmus assisted USDA Wildlife and Urbana Park District in a goose depredation operation. The USDA successfully rounded up 175 geese to be taken to a commercial processor and then donated to area food banks.

In Dewitt County, CPO Viverito was working Clinton Lake when he was dispatched to campsite A18 and A20. CPO Viverito walked down to the lake behind the campsite and heard a man saying he could not breath. CPO Viverito identified himself as a police officer and called EMS for the victim. The victim stated he was attacked by two men and that the men attempted to drown him. CPO Viverito apprehended one of the suspects the other suspect swam across the lake and fled the scene. The one apprehended man was identified and charges will be brought against him at a later date. The arrested man was charged with aggravated battery, resisting arrest, disorderly conduct and threatening a public official.

In McLean County, CPO G. Anderson received a complaint of possible illegal trapping at a residence in Bloomington. CPO Anderson spoke to the residents about the trap being set out of season. The residents stated they had a reoccurring nuisance squirrel problem and were trying to get rid of them. CPO Anderson issued a written warning for trapping out of season and issued a Nuisance Removal Permit.

South Zone – Capt. Eric Manker

In Madison County, CPO Schachner was patrolling Horseshoe Lake State Park with CPO Liebl when they received a call after dark for assistance in a water rescue involving a fight in the water at a local lake. Upon arrival, the CPO’s learned the local police had several subjects already in custody. The CPO’s inspected a boat involved in the melee and foot-patrolled the shoreline to ensure no other subjects were in the water.  Prior to leaving the scene, CPO Schachner observed a subject in the dark fishing from the shore. A check revealed the subject did not have a fishing license and was wanted on an out-of-state felony warrant. The subject was arrested and taken to Madison County jail on the warrant. The violator was also cited for no valid fishing license.

In Franklin County, CPO Williams stopped a group of three juveniles in the act of “exploring” the closed Rend Lake Resort, a restricted area. One of the juveniles was attempting to force open a sliding door to a hotel room. Charges are pending through the Franklin County State’s Attorney’s Office.

In Franklin County, CPOs Folden, Williams, and State Well Inspector King investigated a report of an oil spill on a local pond reported by a kayaker. The report was unfounded.

In Franklin County, CPO Williams observed a personal watercraft leave the sailboat harbor and ride onto the main body of Rend Lake while the operator was not wearing a life jacket. Upon its return approximately 15 minutes later, a safety inspection found a PFD wasn’t even on board. The operator was cited for operation w/o wearing a PFD and issued written warnings for additional deficiencies found.

In Franklin County, CPOs Folden and Knop recently investigated and cited a subject for exposing himself in Wayne Fitzgerald State Park. As a result, the subject was cited for the violation and evicted from the park for a period of 90 days. While on patrol, CPO Williams observed the subject’s vehicle in the Harbor Oaks picnic area of the park and conducted a stop on the vehicle. The subject was cited for criminal trespass to state supported land for his return.

In Perry County, CPO Sievers received a complaint of hunting without permission on the Washington/Perry County Line. The two turkey hunters were issued citations for hunting without permission. In Perry County, CPO Lewis assisted the Perry County Sheriff’s Office with an investigation of an ATV crash which involved multiple injuries. The operator was operating his UTV on hilly terrain on the private property of which he did not have permission. Two passengers suffered severe injuries from the crash and were flown to area hospitals.

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