Bassmaster Magazine ranks Lake Erie No. 3

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Please forgive me for reminicing, here. As I write this, I am glancing across the room at a 23-inch, maybe 6-pound mounted smallmouth on my wall, caught in Lake Erie.

The day I caught it, about 17 years ago, my son outfished me three to one, but his old man caught the big one. Channeling Bill Dance, I recall saying to him … “SON, who’s your daddy!”

We were fishing soft plastic tube lures in sight of the Buffalo skyline, and the fish likely thought they were gobies. Over the years, I’ve been fortunate to catch more than a few big bass in Lake Erie — the smallmoth bass fishery is amazing!

So it was no surprise to me that Bassmaster magazine recently named Lake Erie number 3 in its rankings of the country’s Best Bass Fisheries of the Decade. Only California’s Clear Lake and Alabama’s Lake Guntersville were said to be better.

Lake Erie, according to Bassmaster, was named because its  “average smallmouth weighs in at 4 pounds and true giants live there, as well. Anglers can expect smallies in the 6-pound range, with the occasional 7-pounder reported.”

Funny what you remember. My son, who booked the trip while working a winter outdoor show booth to promote Pennsylvania Outdoor  News, boldly told me he was paying – it would be, he said, my “combination birthday-Father’s Day present.” By the time spring rolled around, of course, it had become his high school graduation gift and I wrote the check.

But it was worth every penny.

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