Sunday, February 5th, 2023
Sunday, February 5th, 2023

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Tip of the Week: equipment check

When co-host of the TV show Fishing University, Ray Brazier, was asked to provide a tip for weekend tournament bass fishermen, “concentrate more!” was his emphatic answer. 


However, he was not referring to an angler’s attention to line watching or anything to do with putting bass in the livewell.


“Concentrate more on your equipment,” said Brazier. “Everyone focuses on catching fish, but you have to do the same with your gear.” 


Motors, batteries, livewell pumps, safety gear, and electronics all need to be addressed before taking to the water, according to this professional angler.


Once that check has been made and all maintenance issues have been resolved, Brazier says that having your fishing gear ready to go is the next thing every tournament angler needs to do.


“Have everything from your rods and reels to your hooks ready to go,” he said. “I may not be as good an angler as Kevin VanDam, but I can be better prepared for the tournament.”


Keeping your equipment in tiptop condition means eliminating problems that detract from the concentration an angler needs to be successful regardless of their level of competition.


“Not only will keeping your equipment in good working condition enhance your fishing experience, it can help you win tournaments,” says Brazier, “and it can save your life.”


– Doug Clifford

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