Wisconsin fish and game spring hearing voting to take place online only

Dane County Conservation Congress
Large meetings such as this previous Dane County Conservation Congress spring hearing would not be allowed under current coronavirus restrictions. (Photo by Tim Eisele)

Voting for the Monday, April 13 spring fish and game hearings will be conducted via electronic options only after the Department of Natural Resources (DNR) and Conservation Congress decided to cancel the in-person portion of the 2020 annual conservation hearings.

The live hearings were cancelled due to concerns over the coronavirus pandemic, which is responsible for cancelling other meetings and business operations around the state.

Larry Bonde, chair of the Conservation Congress, said that although the “live” hearings are being cancelled, people will still be able to vote on the fish and wildlife questions by going online.

Voting on the questions will begin at 7 p.m. on Monday, April 13 and voting remains open for 72 hours.

Bonde also said that because of difficulties confirming a county where voters reside if online voting for county delegates were offered, he is extending the terms of all Congress delegates for one year. Delegate nominations and voting will take place next year.

Local resolutions will still be allowed. Local resolutions can be emailed to: SpringHearingInfo@Wisconsin.gov. Typed hardcopies may be mailed to: Kari Lee-Zimmermann, Conservation Congress Liaison, P.O. Box 7921 WCC/4, Madison WI 53707-7921.

All citizen resolutions must be received by close of business on April 6. Resolutions must also meet the requirements identified on the spring hearing webpage.

“I hope that next year we will return to in-person voting and we won’t lose interest in people attending the hearings,” Bonde said.

For questions, contact Lee-Zimmerman at Kari.LeeZimmermann@wisconsin.gov.

“This is an unprecedented time in history and I’m glad that we have the online option so that we can continue to gather input on these important natural resource questions,” said Dr. Fredrick Prehn, chair of the Natural Resources Board. “The NRB applauds the Conservation Congress’ decision to use the online option only this year and do its part to minimize the effects of this virus on our citizens. I hope that everyone who has an interest in the issues being discussed will utilize the online option to provide their input.”

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