Monday, February 6th, 2023
Monday, February 6th, 2023

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Arrival of COVID-19 encourages outdoor activities

(Photo by Jerry Davis)

People in all walks of life are now being encouraged to walk outside to lessen the spread of coronavirus, a virus particle that causes a highly infectious respiratory disease called COVID-19.

Being outdoors can lessen contact with others, infected or not.

There is no name for the organism that spreads the disease because there is no organism, just a virus particle.  There is no vector that carries the particle, just contact with an infected individual or inhaling or otherwise consuming the virus.

With cancellations of all kinds, including the “deer expo” in Madison, staying a safe distance from one another is strongly encouraged.  In order to be in less crowded situations and also to find something safe to do, the first obvious thing is enjoying the outdoors, gathering Wisconsin one might say.  Take it in anyway you’d like.

In the widest of experiences, gathering is taking in the outdoors by hunting, fishing, hiking, birding, viewing, photographing, sketching, relating, or just about any other way possible.

Individuals, conservation groups, DNR folks, and learn-to-hunt sessions have spent time, money, and energy.  Now we can almost stand back and watch it happen.  We may need to be there to help, however.  But this time the other person can take the lead; we can assist if necessary.

We should be ready to encourage, help, and assist in this effort to lower the disease curve, slow the spread of COVID-19. Getting to know the out of doors in any way is important, for now and for the future.

Encourage outings.  This should be easy because so many obstructions and conflicts have been taken away.

Many of these gatherings can be free, or almost so, too.

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