Wisconsin waterfowl hunters may offer thoughts on season framework changes via online survey

(Photo by Tim Eisele)

The Wisconsin Waterfowl Association (WWA) is surveying its 7,000 members for their attitudes on important future changes to hunting regulations.

Now, all duck and goose hunters may also weigh in, by going to the questionnaire at:

The survey includes valuable information on how many days per season people hunt, how many ducks they harvest, and what zone they hunt in, plus their preferences for some upcoming decision items.

The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service allows states to re-adjust their waterfowl hunting zones every five years, with the next change eligible to occur in 2021.

Wisconsin currently has North Zone, South Zone and Mississippi River Zone for duck hunting, plus a split duck season.
There is growing interest in open-water hunting on Lake Michigan.

The questionnaire asks hunters if they would prefer to have a north, south and Lake Michigan zones, along with a split duck season, or would they like to see an “open-water” zone that includes Green Bay with Lake Michigan?

Another question concerns the one hen mallard daily bag limit, which Wisconsin has traditionally had to provide more protection to hens that often return to their natal areas to nest the next year.

The state has been going with a bag limit that allows for six ducks per day, of which four may be mallards. Historically, Wisconsin has chosen to be conservative on the mallard allotment by going with one hen mallard per day, instead of going with a two-hen mallard limit in the years that the USFWS have offered that option. Is there really a need to ever consider allowing more than one hen mallard per day? There’s nothing wrong with shooting four drakes, or three drakes and one hen.

And, should the duck season opener be held before or after Oct. 1, and should there be a split?

The Department of Natural Resources (DNR) wants the thoughts of waterfowl hunters on regulations and now all waterfowl hunters can add their two cents.

Being a life-long duck hunter, I would like to see a new Lake Michigan Zone, continue with one hen mallard per day to be prudent – nothing wrong with four drake mallards! – and return to the traditional Oct. 1 or later opener in the south.

We’ve lost past traditions and need to return to “quality” hunting, not quantity.

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