Wisconsin Outdoor News Cuffs & Collars – Dec. 13, 2019


Green Bay/Marine Enforcement Unit

Warden Mike Neal, of Sister Bay, was asked by the Door County Sheriff’s Department in September to assist with a possible rescue near Sister Bay. The individual was located after it was first thought that the person had fallen off a bluff.

Warden Neal was called by the Door County Sheriff’s Department regarding an ATV crash on Chambers Island in September. He responded to the island where an individual had rolled a three-wheeled ATV and suffered a head and shoulder injury. The individual was transported to Sturgeon Bay for treatment and processing for OWI.

Wardens Jeff Lautenslager, of Peshtigo, and Gavin Brault responded to a complaint of an individual fishing during revocation – on a second offense. He was observed for fishing, and booked into the Marinette County Jail.

Wardens Jordan Resop, of Sturgeon Bay, and Dave Allen, of Kewaunee, partnered with other wardens and the UW-Steven Point Student Law Enforcement Association (SLEA) River Watch Program for multi-county salmon run enforcement in September. Several citations and warnings were issued for fail to release foul-hooked fish, possession of snag hook, fishing Lake Michigan tributary streams after dark, unregistered deer and obstruction.

Warden Josh Voelker, of Sturgeon Bay, responded to a call about three people fishing in the refuge, and observed the three anglers near the dam at the fish hatchery in the refuge. 

Wardens Brault and James Moore investigated an individual in September for deer registration issues from previous years. Multiple violations were noted and four buck mounts were seized dating back to 2017. 

Warden Brault responded to citizen calls of two individuals duck hunting on Green Bay during the split closed season in the southern zone. Enforcement actions were taken against the individuals who were hunting.

Warden Brault contacted two individuals in September who were muskie fishing near Kidney Island for fishing with too many lines.

Wautoma Team

Warden Jonathan Kaiser, of Waupaca, worked with the Waupaca County Sheriff’s Department in October on a contact in which an individual was found to be in possession of marijuana and paraphernalia on state land. In addition to enforcement action taken, the individual was also arrested on a probation hold.

Warden Kaiser worked with a generous landowner and deer processor during the annual Waupaca learn-to-hunt event, with a youth hunter harvesting a buck.

Wardens Kaitlin Kernosky, of New London, and Tom Sturdivant, of Appleton, investigated a complaint in October of an individual who shot two bucks at night and without a license. Kernosky and Sturdivant found the individuals had shined and shot a 7-point and 11-point buck in the town of Dale in Outagamie County and Winchester in Winnebago County. The individuals had used a crossbow and spotlight to shoot both deer from the vehicle. 

Warden Ben Mott received a call from Waushara County Sheriff’s Department in October about a dead deer in a ditch that appeared to have been shot with a bow. It was found that a small car had been seen frequently driving slow over the past month. Later that day a deputy stopped that vehicle and upon further investigation Mott found blood on the back of the car, a cocked and uncased crossbow with bolts in the back seat, and a number of bloody arrows and bolts. It was found that over a three- to four-week period two individuals had shot seven deer from the road along public property. Multiple violations were discovered, numerous equipment, deer, and deer meat was seized.

Warden Mark Schraufnagel, of Clintonville, worked with the Belle Plaine Sportsmen’s Club to conduct an LTH pheasant event for first-timers. The event was well received and everyone had a good time.

Warden Ben Nadolski, of Montello, cited one deer hunter on public land and one deer hunter on private land for illegally hunting over bait. Nadolski continues to address several other illegally baited locations.


Rock River Team

Dodge/Jefferson/Rock Counties

Warden Brad Burton, of Beaver Dam, investigated a complaint in October of goose hunting during the closed season. He contacted the hunter, who was actively hunting geese over decoys.

Warden Ryan Mannes, of Horicon, responded to a report of two stranded hunters in the Horicon Marsh at dusk. The hunters were lost due to poor visibility, flooding and moving cattail mats. Mannes was able to locate the hunters and tow them back to the boat launch.

Warden Mannes contacted a duck hunter in Theresa Marsh and found that the hunter did not have a state waterfowl stamp. Mannes educated the hunter on the necessary licenses/approvals and enforcement action taken.

Warden Alex Brooks, of Jefferson, investigated a complaint of illegal shooting from a roadway. Brooks investigated the complaint and located the suspect at home. It was found the suspect shot a pheasant while standing within 50 feet of the center of a road. 

Warden Kyle Johnson, of Janesville, received a safety complaint regarding two individuals who were small game hunting without wearing blaze orange/pink during the youth gun deer season. Enforcement action was taken.

Warden Johnson received a call in October of several hunters hunting geese during the closed season. Upon contacting the hunters, they admitted to hunting geese and said they did not read the hunting regulations to see when the season was closed. 

Warden Johnson received a call of an individual failing to retrieve a wounded goose on the Rock River. At the time, the goose season was closed. After searching for the suspect, Johnson observed an individual wearing blue jeans and a camouflage sweatshirt standing on the bank at a park downstream of where the incident occurred. The individual admitted to shooting and wounding a goose. Johnson saw that the individual’s pants were soaked and later learned that he had tried to swim after the wounded goose, but failed to retrieve it because of the fast-moving current. Enforcement action was taken for hunting during the closed season.

Warden Johnson was on evening patrol when he located two duck hunters. Approximately 18 minutes after shooting hours were closed, Johnson observed one individual shoot at a duck. Enforcement action was taken.

Warden Johnson conducted a deer hunting investigation in October. One of the individuals was found to have used another person’s approval to register the deer that he had shot. The individual also shot the deer over bait, which is illegal in Rock County. 

Warden Johnson contacted an individual who was suspected of harvesting two bucks during the bow season. The suspect was processed for that offense, and for related violations and for providing false information to the DNR. 

Warden Austin Schumacher, of Janesville, investigated several deer hunting violations in Rock County in October. The suspect had shot a buck and registered it under another person’s approval in order to keep hunting. This resulted in several violations, including using another’s approval, shooting game for another and providing false information.

Warden Schumacher responded to a call with a Milton police officer regarding an individual suspected of being on meth and displaying signs of confusion and suicidal tendencies. As a result of the contact, the individual was detained by the Milton Police Department and held for medical evaluation.

Warden Schumacher contacted two individuals fishing in Beloit, on the Rock River. It was found that one of the individuals did not have a valid license, even though they were knowledgeable on the rules and regulations and had purchased fishing licenses in the past.


Racine/Kenosha/Walworth Counties

Wardens Brandon Smith, of Twin Lakes, organized an LTH waterfowl event in Kenosha and Racine counties in October. Wardens Taylor Meinholz, Mike Hirschboeck and Blain Ziarek assisted with the mentoring. Students saw waterfowl and had an opportunity to harvest them. 

Warden Meinholz, of Union Grove, received a complaint stating an individual was operating his Jeep on the Richard Bong State Recreational Area horse trails and got stuck. Meinholz and Kenosha County Sheriff’s Department deputies located the suspect. Meinholz called for a tow truck and the vehicle was removed. 

Warden Brad Latza, of Racine, spent a considerable amount of time on the Root River in October doing fishing enforcement. More than 20 citations were written, mostly for illegal fishing methods. The water levels stayed high, making it difficult for fishermen to fish. Latza also contacted a local guide for netting a fish without it being legally caught. Enforcement action was taken for that individual. 

Waukesha/Walworth Team

Wardens Blaine Ziarek and Adam Strehlow investigated a complaint involving a gravity feeder in a residential area. The feeder was fenced off to only allow access from one direction and cameras and light were present. Based on the location, contact was made with the owner and enforcement action was taken for placing feed.

Warden Rick Reed was called out for two lost hikers in the Kettle Moraine State Forest. The hikers were located and returned. Warden Ziarek was called out on a separate lost hiker the following day in the same area. That hiker was also located.

Warden Ziarek was investigating a treestand left on state property when he encountered a truck that was buried up to the axles several hundred yards into a closed area. That individual was cited, and the largest expense came from towing the vehicle out.

Warden Steve Sanidas investigated a complaint of two individuals who were illegally keeping trout from a catch-and-release area in the Kettle Moraine State Forest. Sanidas located both suspects and found that one subject did not have a valid fishing license and the other did not have an inland trout stamp. Both individuals were also found to have been using illegal bait for the area.

Warden Sanidas responded in October to a complaint of a user conflict on DNR land where an archery hunter was concerned for his safety. The archery hunter was concerned about a small game hunter on the same property who was randomly target shooting while walking trails in the area. Sanidas located the small game hunter who acknowledged he had been target shooting and stated that he never saw the archery hunter. Target shooting is prohibited on DNR lands in Waukesha County. 

Wardens Sanidas and Ziarek investigated an crossbow hunting violation where an individual shot a small buck on public land, but decided that the antlers were too small for him register as his own harvest. The individual had a family member buy a license and registered the buck in that person’s name.

Warden Sanidas attended the second annual Mukwonago High School career event. Sanidas gave three presentations highlighting the warden career to approximately 65 high school students.

Warden Marcus Medina was patrolling the Menomonee River near Miller Park when he contacted a person attempting to illegally net salmon in a Lake Michigan tributary and fishing for salmon without a Great Lakes trout and salmon stamp. 

Warden Andrew Starch checked public county hunting land and contacted one of the archery deer hunters. Starch found that the individual started hunting without a license, and bought one while in his stand. The stand was also illegally placed. Enforcement action was taken.

Dodgeville Team

Warden Kirk Konichek, of Richland County, was contacted by an Illinois conservation officer and asked to investigate a complaint about an individual who posted on social media about shooting a very large deer on public land in Illinois. The person did not have the correct license to hunt the area indicated. The buck was actually harvested from a high fence game farm in Illinois and the person stated he felt pressured to shoot a large buck and made up the story about shooting it on public land.

Wardens David Youngquist, of Iowa County, and Jake Donar, of Dane County, settled a case in Lafayette County in October where an unlicensed archer shot an 8-point buck and left it to rot in October 2018. The person shot another buck with a bow in November. During the gun season, the person shot a large 10-point buck and never registered the buck, as required. The large non-typical shoulder mount was seized, along with venison. The person received $1,700 in fines and a three-year revocation for his violations.

Warden Youngquist responded to a call at the Mazomanie public hunting land of a hunter who had shots coming over his head. He had to hit the dirt to not get shot. The neighboring homeowner was target shooting at his house and did not realize that his handgun rounds were going onto DNR land.

Warden Youngquist followed up on a large buck observed in the back of a truck in early October. The hunter did not register the buck until four days later and lied about the date of kill. Enforcement action was taken.

Warden Youngquist contacted an Arena resident who purchased a gun-deer license on the second day of the gun season and registered a buck shortly after that. Upon contacting the hunter, it was discovered that the hunter had shot the large 10-point buck the day before and had no gun-deer license.

Warden Mike Burns, of Lafayette County, happened upon a young buck entangled in a piece of cable in the Yellowstone Wildlife Area. The buck had the frayed cable wrapped in its antlers and the other end wedged between two trees. The buck fought hard to free himself from the cable. Burns shot the cable, allowing the deer to run off.

Park Falls Team

Warden Aaron Koshatka, of Hayward, investigated a deer baiting complaint in Sawyer County in October. The suspect had placed, used and hunted over more than 2 gallons of bait while using multiple gravity feeders and had shot multiple illegal deer.

Warden Dylan Belisle contacted two individuals processing a deer at their vehicle. Upon contact, one stated they harvested the doe that morning with a crossbow. After an investigation it was found the deer was actually an 8-point buck and the hunter had already harvested and registered an antlered deer for the season.

Warden Dan Michels, of Park Falls, received a complaint of a deer carcass discarded along the road in southern Price County. Upon investigation, it was determined an individual took possession of two separate car-killed deer without first obtaining approval from the DNR and after butchering one of the deer disposed of the carcass in a town road right-of-way in violation of state law.

Warden Michels received a complaint of illegal baiting near Glidden. Michels discovered a homemade gravity feeder set up and filled with more than 100 pounds of corn in front an elevated deer stand. Gravity feeders are not legal to use in Wisconsin and 2 gallons is the legal limit for deer baiting in areas where baiting is still allowed.

Warden Joe Paul, of Phillips, received complaint of a deer carcass dumped in the city limits of Phillips. He discovered the deer had been killed several weeks earlier and but was only registered a day earlier. Enforcement action taken.

Warden Paul received information about a subject suspected of purposefully running over a deer. He contacted the subject and determined the subject had a deer in his possession. The subject purposefully ran over the deer with his truck, along with three to four more over the past few months.

Lower Chippewa Team

Warden Charles Ackerman, of Clark County, received a call of a deer found along a field edge with the head removed. Ackerman and warden Kevin Christorf, of Cornell, found that the deer had been hit by a vehicle and the head was cut off to keep the antlers. Enforcement action was taken.

Wardens Kevin Christorf and Charlie Ackerman, of Clark County, investigated an illegal deer hunting complaint near Owen. They found that two deer had been illegally harvested. 

Wardens Christorf and Jake Bolks, of Eau Claire County, followed up on a baiting complaint near Bloomer. The hunter had been hunting over illegal bait, as well as hunting deer without a license. Enforcement action was taken.

Wardens Christorf and Ackerman made contact with a group of hunters in the Clark County Forest. They found that one individual had shot six illegal deer during the past three years. The man was found to have been shooting multiple deer and was having other people tag and register the deer. Enforcement action was taken.

Warden Ken Thomson, of Fall Creek, worked with Eau Claire County Sheriff’s Department on a complaint of a truck bed dumped into the Eau Claire River in Big Falls County Park. The investigation identified two suspects and ensured removal of the truck bed was completed in the enforcement action. The suspects paid about $6,000 for the removal and each received a littering citation. This is the same area where a group of people who intentionally pushed a disabled car over a cliff and into the river last year, resulting in a removal bill of more than $10,000.

Warden Thomson received a complaint in October that 52 bags of asbestos waste was dumped on Union Pacific Railroad property. Thomson, with the help of Warden Ed McCann and Union Pacific Railroad police, initiated an investigation and found evidence which led them to the responsible party. Enforcement action was taken with restitution costs exceeding $9,000

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