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Wisconsin Outdoor News Cuffs & Collars – Nov. 15, 2019


Mississippi River Team

Warden Cody Adams assisted the Crawford County Sherriff’s Department in September with numerous flood related calls assisting stranded drivers and checking on residences as the county received 7 inches of rain in less than two hours.

Wardens Edward McCann, of La Crosse, and Mike Burns were on patrol when they observed an individual operating an ATV on the paved portion of a roadway. The operator had a small child in his lap. The wardens arrested the operator for operating an ATV while intoxicated.

Wardens Dale Hochhausen, of Onalaska, and Meghan Jensen assisted the Trempealeau County Sheriff’s Department with searching for a murder suspect who was reported to be coming back to a residence near Galesville to kill family members. The wardens assisted with setting up a perimeter. The suspect was later located and found deceased by other law enforcement.

Lower St. Croix Team

Warden J.J. Redemann contacted a group of duck hunters who were shooting well after legal hours near Menomonie on the opening day of duck season. The hunters said they thought they could shoot until dark, just like deer hunting. One hunter provided an incorrect spelling of his name and intentionally lied about buying duck hunting licenses. A second hunter also did not have required licenses. Enforcement action was taken for shooting late, obstructing law enforcement, and hunting without a license. Legal shooting hours end at sunset for waterfowl hunting and 20 minutes after sunset for deer hunting.

Warden Redemann stopped an ATV operator who was riding on Hwy. 85 in Dunn County. There was a 5-year-old passenger on the ATV wearing a loosely fitting bike helmet instead of an approved helmet. Also, operation on the state highway is prohibited. Enforcement action was taken.

Warden Kyle Kosin of Pierce County was performing ginseng enforcement when he observed a man fishing on the shore of the Mississippi River. Kosin recognized the man and knew all his DNR privileges, including fishing, were revoked. The man threw his pole when he saw Kosin. Enforcement action was taken for fishing without a license and fishing after revocation.

Warden Isaac Kruse, of St. Croix County, investigated two separate instances in September where garbage was dumped in a state wildlife area parking lots in St. Croix County. An investigation located a potential suspect. The suspect then offered to clean up the garbage even though he claimed not to have been responsible for it. Kruse was waiting at the parking lot upon the suspect’s arrival there. The suspect eventually claimed to have given the garbage to a co-worker of his for disposal. When asked for the co-worker’s name, the suspect became flustered and stated his last name was “Kruse”. Kruse is the investigating warden’s last name and appears on his uniform. Enforcement action was taken.

Warden Kruse investigated a complaint of a raccoon that had been in a live trap for multiple days in the city of Hudson. Kruse contacted the owner of the trap at his residence. It was determined the raccoon had been in the live trap for two days and appeared lethargic. The suspect said he didn’t remove the raccoon because he was busy with friends and working. Live traps, along with all other dry sets and water sets, must be checked once each day and all animals must be removed. Enforcement action was taken.


Madison Team

Warden Nick King, of Green County, contacted an individual on a bicycle in the Stewart Tunnel on the Badger State Trail. At the time of the contact, that area of the trail and tunnel were closed for safety reasons. The individual had to go around two barricades and a locked gate to get to where King made contact. Law enforcement action was taken.

Warden Paul Nadolski, of Portage, investigated a complaint of an archery hunter shooting two bucks on the same day and missing a third. The hunter registered one deer and then spoke with a family member who then purchased an archery license and registered the second buck after the fact. Enforcement action was taken on both subjects and the deer were seized.

Warden Nadolski found a duck hunting camp that had left two groups of decoys unattended on the Big Slough. He also found two drake wood ducks floating dead in the decoy spread. They had not been retrieved. Upon contact at the camp, a loaded and cocked crossbow was found in a pickup. Enforcement action taken and ducks seized.

Warden Pete McCormick, of Poynette, investigated a wildlife poisoning complaint and found several dead raccoons and evidence that poison had been used. McCormick contacted a suspect who was found to have created a chemical concoction with the intent to poison raccoons. Law enforcement action was taken.

Wardens Ryan Caputo, of Madison, and Isaac Hackett observed a person shoot after hours on opening day of waterfowl season. Upon contact, the person was arrested and taken to jail for felon in possession of a firearm, shooting after hours, and hunting waterfowl without any licenses.

Warden Caputo followed-up on a call of a dead deer in a neighborhood yard. Caputo found the deer had been shot by a small caliber rifle. Contact was made with a homeowner who was found to have shot the deer  because it was eating on his garden plants. Enforcement action was taken.

Wardens Caputo and McCormick contacted a hunter for shooting a large buck over bait. The hunter was found to have also shot a deer the previous season. The hunter registered that deer late and had another antlerless deer that he did not register at all. The buck and bow used were seized and enforcement action was taken.

Wardens Henry Bauman, of Madison, and Nicholas Hefter investigated illegal open-water waterfowl hunting on the north end of Lake Waubesa and observed and took enforcement action against two hunters for illegally shooting several mallard ducks committing open-water hunting violations and discharging firearms from a moving motorized boat.

Warden Bauman investigated illegal deer baiting near Verona and took enforcement action against an archery hunter for placing an approximate 10- to 15-gallon pile of illegal corn bait.

Rock River Team

Dodge/Jefferson/Rock counties

Warden Ryan Mannes, of Horicon, investigated a complaint of overbagging on catfish at the Beaver Dam River. During his investigation, he discovered several people fishing and a large bin full of catfish and some carp. Mannes seized 359 catfish from the group, which was over the daily bag limit for catfish. Enforcement action was taken

As part of his patrol during opening weekend of waterfowl hunting, Warden Brad Burton, of Beaver Dam, contacted several hunters on the Mud Lake State Wildlife Area. Two of the individuals hunting waterfowl did not have small game licenses. Enforcement action was taken.

Warden Alex Brooks, of Jefferson, was on patrol during the early teal and goose opener and made contact with two waterfowl hunters who did not have their state waterfowl stamps, as required. And he contacted another hunting group in a boat and determined the boat’s owner did not have enough PFDs aboard for all. Enforcement actions were taken.

Warden Brooks worked with other DNR staff on a manure runoff investigation. It was discovered that manure from a field ran off into a neighboring private pond and also into a nearby creek. Enforcement action was taken.

Warden Kyle Johnson, of Janesville, was notified by the Rock County Sheriff’s Department of a call regarding a hunter shooting too close to a house. Upon locating the hunters and through investigation, an individual was found to have shot at geese near the house. It was discovered that person also did not possess a federal duck stamp or goose hunting license. Enforcement action was taken.

Warden Johnson contacted three anglers at Kiwanis Pond for a fishing license check. It was discovered that none of the individuals had a valid fishing license and one individual had an arrest warrant. The Janesville Police Department assisted with the contact and enforcement action was taken.

Warden Johnson contacted a couple for a fishing license check at Traxler Park. One subject was found to have been fishing without a valid fishing license. The subject stated his fishing privileges had been revoked due to a past unpaid fishing citation. The subject also was found to have provided false information to a warden by displaying his brother’s fishing license as if it were his own. The subject had two active warrants for his arrest. The subject was detained and turned over to Janesville Police Department. The subject’s fishing equipment was seized and enforcement action was taken.

Warden Austin Schumacher, of Janesville, assisted the city of Beloit Police Department with a call regarding an individual shooting at squirrels on a neighbor’s property, within city limits. Enforcement action was taken.

Dodgeville Team

Wardens Kirk Konichek, of Richland County, and Cody Adam, of Crawford County, contacted a person in September who dug ginseng on state property and failed to keep the ginseng stalks as required. Enforcement actions were taken.

Warden David Youngquist, of Iowa County, while on patrol in the Lower Wisconsin State Riverway took enforcement action against individuals for driving a dirt bike on a sandbar, fishing with unattended lines, and a landowner and his contractor installing 380 feet of riprap without a permit.

Warden Youngquist charged a hunter in Lafayette County with numerous citations and a three-year revocation of all hunting and fishing privileges for violations in 2018. The person shot a buck last October with his crossbow without a license and the deer was left to rot in the woods. The person went back out in November and shot another large non-typical buck. The hunter also shot a large 8-point buck during the gun deer season and it was never registered.

Warden Pearl Worden, of Grant County, contacted a group of hunters at the Millville boat launch after a weekend of hunting and camping along the Lower Wisconsin State Riverway. The hunters had in their possession boned-out venison from a deer harvested over the weekend. The deer had not been registered and the carcass was left near the place where the group camped illegally. Enforcement actions were taken.

Wardens Mike Williams, of Sauk County, and Worden investigated a suspicious ginseng license purchase and sale. The individual was found to have sold ginseng for a boyfriend and acquaintance whose DNR privileges were revoked. The group was found to have harvested ginseng on private lands without permission, harvested without a license, left the plant in the woods and harvested on DNR lands. Several citations were issued for the violations and revocations were requested.


Waukesha/Milwaukee Team

While working migratory bird enforcement during the early teal season, Warden Steve Sanidas contacted two subjects who had been hunting doves and teal without hunting licenses. One individual had a federal waterfowl stamp but no state approvals and the second individual had no hunting approvals at all. Also, one of the individuals was also found to be in possession of lead shot shells and was hunting with an unplugged shotgun contrary to state and federal law. Enforcement action was taken.

While working sport fishing enforcement in the Ottawa area, Warden Steve Sanidas observed an individual discard an empty beer can into the lake as he was packing up to leave a shore fishing area. When contacted, the subject had no remorse for his littering antics and asked Sanidas what he was supposed to do with the can. Enforcement action was taken.

Warden Sanidas contacted two individuals in September while in the act of target shooting at the Lulu Lake State Natural Area contrary to state law. Enforcement was taken.

Wardens Blaine Ziarek and Mike Weber worked the early teal season in the Muskego area. Four citations were issued for shooting at closed season ducks, three citations were issued for possessing illegal game, two citations for waste of a natural resource, three citations for shooting early, three citations for unplugged guns and two citations for hunting without proper licenses. Enforcement at Vernon Marsh and Big Muskego included one citation for hunting closed-season wood ducks. Numerous verbal warnings were issued as well.

Warden Ziarek investigated a complaint in September involving an individual who shot a buck during the archery season and had another person register the deer. That investigation uncovered an additional seven unregistered turkeys and one unregistered deer. Enforcement action was taken.

Warden Ziarek contacted a hunting group in Waukesha. One individual had killed two raccoons during the closed season. A separate hunter had shot two wood ducks during the closed season and five fox squirrels without any approvals. A third hunter had shot a cottontail rabbit during the closed season. Enforcement action was taken on all three.

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