Montana making Wisconsin lad work extra hard this September

Old forest fire burns are one spot to begin looking for elk. Note how this pine toppled despite the heavy rock held tight by the charred roots. (Photo by Dean Bortz)

For as cooperative as Montana’s elk were in September 2018, things have been just the opposite this September.

It’s been a week of hunting so far with just one cow sighting the first evening and just one bugle a long ways off a few days later. Since then? A whole lotta not much, other than a lot of walking while scoping out new areas when previous spots proved empty of elk.

Today is Saturday, Sept. 21. It started raining yesterday afternoon up in the mountains. Usually Montana rains don’t last all that long. This one picked up overnight and continued into this morning, then turned to snow. That’s bad news for anyone trying to get around mountain roads in the slimy, sucking quagmire that Montana dirt turns into at the hint of rain.

I don’t mind fishing in the rain, but I’d rather not hunt in the rain, so I’m sitting in Great Falls (just to make matters worse, the weather in Great Falls is super) robbing wi-fi from the local library while tracking news of back home via internet. Go Brewers, eh?

I have had some luck harvesting mice – I’m up to seven at the rented cabin, with the sticky traps doing a super job over the traditional wood-based spring traps.

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