Wisconsin woodland owners have new opportunity to talk to professional forester

Jim and Katie Leonhard, Driftless Region landowners, valued advice they received from professionals with My Wisconsin Woods. (Photo by Tim Eisele)

The My Wisconsin Woods program, previously offered by the Aldo Leopold Foundation in southwest Wisconsin, is now available statewide.

This program is geared especially for landowners who have never had a forester out to their land before.

Landowners can go to the My Wisconsin Woods website (mywisconsinwoods.org) and click on “Request a free property visit” or “Find your forester” and then select their county.

They can send an e-mail and the forester will then call to schedule an appointment on the land. The forester will usually want to learn the landowner’s objectives for the land.

A forester can provide information on the forest cover and help provide an idea of what the forest is likely to look like in the future.

There is no obligation to be involved, and if it is a public forester who meets with the landowner on the land, there is no cost to the landowner.

Land ownership can sometimes be almost overwhelming, but talking to someone helps, according to Jim Leonhard, a Dane County landowner who has taken advantage of the new program.

Doing nothing allows natural succession to take over, which can lead to a woodland of honeysuckle, maple, and buckthorn but few oaks.

To see the land from a professional forester’s eyes, begin at https://mywisconsinwoods.org/foresters/.

For a story on the expansion of the My Wisconsin Woods program, click here, and for a related story on the program, click here.

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