Officer trying to rescue kitten finds a bobcat instead

Bobcats made the news in New Hampshire and Arizona recently. (U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service)

STRATHAM, N.H. — A New Hampshire police officer says the kitten he was trying to pick up in a parking lot turned out to be a bobcat, which then jumped onto the roof of a Burger King.

Stratham Officer Matt Callahan tells he was on patrol Saturday and saw the “kitten” run under a car. It eventually climbed a tree near the restaurant.

Once Callahan realized he was dealing with a young bobcat, he called state Fish and Game officers.

He also stood in the drive-thru line to alert customers in case the bobcat decided to come down, but it climbed onto the roof and took a catnap.

Callahan says he and the conservation officer climbed up and put the bobcat in a crate. The bobcat was released at a wildlife refuge.

Meanwhile, wildlife officials were searching for a bobcat after it bit five people, including a 4-year-old girl, at a southern Arizona campground.

The Arizona Game and Fish Department said on its Twitter account Monday that the bobcat remains at large in the Mount Graham area.

The attack happened Sunday evening at Shannon Campground.

Authorities say all five victims were treated at area hospitals and have been released.

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