Michigan Outdoor News Cuffs & Collars – July 19, 2019


While checking anglers at a rural lake, CO Anna Viau heard radio traffic of an individual brandishing and threatening people with a firearm in a nearby town. Viau assisted other local law enforcement in securing the scene and clearing the suspect’s residence. The situation was concluded without incident and the investigation is ongoing.

COs Josh Boudreaux and John Kamps assisted with the search for a missing male subject in Forsyth Township. The subject had not returned to camp and was without his necessary medical supplies. Multiple resources from across the area assisted with the search. The individual was discovered deceased several days later by a group of kayakers on the Escanaba River.


CO Cole VanOosten and Cpl. Kevin Postma responded to a complaint of an unmarked net in Lake Superior. The officers responded to the area where the net had been reported and found the unmarked net by locating a personal floatation device (PFD) that the complainants had tied to it. The officers were able to remove the net which contained over 300 dead and rotting fish.

CO Colton Gelinas and Cpl. Kevin Postma were on marine patrol on Lake Huron when they located an abandoned trap net. The COs documented the coordinates of the location of the net and turned the coordinates over to a contractor to assist in removing the large trap net.

CO Robert Freeborn served a warrant on a subject for a tagging violation on a turkey. The subject ended up pleading guilty and paid $610 in fines/costs and lost his hunting privileges for two years.


CO Ethen Mapes attended a kids fishing tournament at Young State Park in Boyne City. Toddlers, teens and adults enjoyed catching panfish, bass and a few catfish in the stocked pond throughout the morning. Mapes and park staff helped the young anglers in tying and baiting hooks as well as measuring and releasing fish.

CO Dan Liestenfeltz was patrolling Montmorency County when a call came over the radio about a female who was just involved in an ORV accident on private property in Albert Township. Liestenfeltz responded to the scene, along with Michigan State Police and Montmorency County Sheriff’s Department. It was determined that the victim was operating a quad with no helmet. As she came around a corner, she lost control making her front tire catch the bottom of a tree. The victim was sent over the handlebars, hitting her head on a parked vehicle nearby. The young female was pronounced dead on the scene.


CO William Haskin was called from Wexford County Central Dispatch about a deer that had possibly been shot. Haskin and Sgt. Howell from Wexford County Sheriff’s Office responded to the location and found deer hair and blood where the deer had bedded down. A witness said they saw the deer get up and limp off that appeared to be injured. After talking with several people in the neighborhood, many had heard the gun shot but didn’t see anything. Haskin was able to locate where the deer had been shot and interviewed the homeowner with a clear shot to that location. During the interview, the suspect confessed to shooting the deer because it was eating his bushes. Haskin submitted charges to the Wexford County Prosecutor’s Office requesting charges for taking a deer out of season.

CO Ben Shively assisted the Oceana County Sheriff’s Department with a domestic violence complaint where the victim had stated the suspect had snapping turtles in the trunk of his car. Shively was able to locate the subject and found two living snapping turtles and a dead snapping turtle in the trunk of a car. The subject was cited for possession of snapping turtles during the closed season. The two live turtles were released into a local lake and the dead turtle was buried. A warrant is being sought for domestic violence on the subject.


CO Kyle Bader checked a stretch of Houghton Creek that flows through private property in Ogemaw County. The landowner reported ongoing trespassing issues earlier in the year. Bader located two anglers that did not have permission to be fishing on the private property. The anglers showed Bader where they accessed the creek. There were three “no trespassing” signs within arm’s reach of where the anglers went around the cattle fence. Both were cited for recreational trespass. Although the anglers said they had not been previously told to stay off the property, a call to the landowner confirmed that they had been told multiple times they were not welcome.

CO Mark Papineau responded to an ORV accident with injuries on the ORV trail in Gladwin County. With assistance from Sgt. Jon Wood and CO Joe Myers, the COs located the victim, who had crashed into a tree while attempting to navigate a curve. The victim suffered from a broken leg as well as other cuts and abrasions. With assistance from fire and Emergency Medical Services (EMS) personnel, Papineau, Myers and Wood secured the victim in a rescue litter and extricated the subject from the woods by hand. The victim was transported by ambulance to a Midland hospital for further treatment.


While on patrol near the Pine River in Gratiot County, CO Adam Schiller observed two individuals fishing. Schiller approached the subjects and asked to see their fishing licenses. One subject stated he did not have a current fishing license. Schiller asked the anglers for their name and date of birth. One subject gave the CO a false name and date of birth. Schiller stated that it is in the subject’s best interest to give proper information to a police officer when asked. The subject stated that he may have warrants for his arrest. The CO informed them that their cooperation was paramount. The subject then gave the CO the correct information and it was determined that there were four misdemeanor warrants for his arrest. The CO placed the subject under arrest for the warrants and issued the other angler a citation for fishing with no license.

CO Quincy Gowenlock received a complaint regarding workers at a local golf club who were riding around in a golf cart and shooting Canada geese. Gowenlock responded to the scene and, with the assistance of the complainant, found an adult and juvenile Canada goose freshly killed and tossed in the tall grass. The CO went to the pro shop and requested to speak with the manager. When questioned, the manager had no idea that this had happened. He then began calling his workers and was able to track down the suspect. The suspect arrived and admitted shooting both geese with a pellet gun. Warrants are pending.


While on marine patrol, COs Travis Dragomer and Jeff Robinette located a vessel trolling upon Lake Michigan, Berrien County. The COs observed six total fishing lines in use behind the vessel. The COs contacted the angler on board who advised that he was fishing by himself. The angler was aware that he couldn’t use more than three lines at once but did so anyway. A citation was written for fishing with more than three lines.

CO Anna Cullen received a RAP complaint via phone call while she was out of service for the evening. The complaint was regarding an individual who was actively taking short bass in the Middle Branch of the Muskegon River. Cullen received the needed information and located the fishing area listed in the complaint. She was able to find the suspects as well as the short bass. A citation was issued regarding the short smallmouth bass.


CO Nick Wellman was on marine patrol when Branch Central Dispatch called him about a boat that was quickly taking on water on the north chain of lakes in Branch County. Wellman responded to the boat launch and was able to locate the boat and get the four occupants along with their vessel safely back to the launch. Wellman assisted them in getting the boat out of the lake and drained out.

CO Nathan Beelman transported a fawn from Clinton County animal control to a local wildlife rehabilitator. The fawn was found in the trunk of a motor vehicle during a traffic stop made by St. Johns Police Department. The driver and passenger of the vehicle had found the fawn and were going to transport the fawn back to their house in Indiana. The driver and passenger of the vehicle were arrested on drug possession charges and further charges are being sought for transporting and possessing the wild fawn.


CO Luke Robare was conducting a marine patrol on the Holloway Reservoir and checked two shore anglers. Neither angler had a valid fishing license. Robare ran both subjects through the Law Enforcement Information Network and one of the subjects had a felony warrant out of Flint. Robare contacted CO Justin Muehlhauser to assist in transporting the subject. The subject was lodged at the Flint city jail.

COs Justin Muehlhauser and Luke Robare patrolled Lake Fenton on a busy Saturday afternoon. The COs observed a vessel that was towing a wake surfer without an observer. Upon stopping the vessel, the COs discovered that there were no MC numbers displayed. The vessel was being operated by the surfer’s 16-year-old son who did not possess a boater safety certificate. The COs addressed the violations with the owner of the vessel. The owner was issued a citation for being towed without an observer and warned for the other violations.

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