Wisconsin Outdoor News Cuffs & Collars – July 12, 2019


Sauk County Team

Warden Michael Williams, of Sauk County, participated in several outdoor educational events throughout the county in May. Wardens Williams and Royce attended Outdoor Safety Days at the Sauk County fairgrounds where they presented ATV safety talks to students from area schools. In addition, wardens Williams and Rich Maki attended Youth Conservation Days at Devil’s Lake State Park.

Wardens Williams and Brad Chernak and supervisor Michael Green assisted event coordinators for the Big Ten Rowing Championship at Devil’s Lake State Park in May. The wardens provided security and helped ensure a safe environment by patrolling by boat and truck.

Warden Maki followed up with a call from the Sauk County Sheriff’s Department regarding possible trespass/damage to property issue at Pine Island Recreation Area. It was determined that the operator of a truck was mudding and got stuck. The driver enlisted help from friends, whom also got two farm tractors stuck. Significant ruts/damage were made. Enforcement action was taken and a wrecker was employed to remove the three machines.

Warden Keith Meverden contacted a fishermen at boat ramp at Devil’s Lake State Park and found the individual in possession of two trout with no trout stamp and no PFD in his boat.

Warden Meverden responded to a noise complaint at Devils Lake State Park and observed the driver of a suspect vehicle driving the wrong way on a one-way road. Upon contact, the driver arrested for operating under the influence of marijuana.

Warden Meverden took a complaint at Devils Lake State Park of friends telling a male that he was too intoxicated to drive, and he drove anyway. Upon locating the vehicle, the driver was found to be intoxicated and was arrested for OWI.

Madison Team

Warden Henry Bauman, of Dane County, took enforcement action in May against individuals who were fishing in the refuge on the Yahara River below the Wingra dam in Madison, and others who were fishing and bowfishing in the refuge on the Yahara River below Dunkirk dam.

Warden Bauman took enforcement action against a Beaver Dam drilling business for releasing drilling slurry, a deleterious substance, into a tributary of Six Mile Creek in Waunakee.

Warden Jake Donar, of Dane County, was following up on a past complaint of an individual who was suspected of shooting from a roadway. While approaching the individual’s residence, Donar observed a UTV being driven down the road. The driver turned into the driveway and stopped. The driver then pulled out a shotgun and attempted to shoot a blackbird from the seat of the UTV, approximately 10 yards in front of Donar. The driver then took off. Donar followed him to the residence. It turned out that this individual was the father of the original suspect who Donar was there to talk to. Enforcement action was taken.

Warden Ryan Caputo, of Dane County, was working on the day before the gamefish opener in May when he contacted two individuals fishing during the closed season. One of the fishermen was in possession of five largemouth bass and one walleye. Enforcement action was taken.

Warden Caputo and Madison Team supervisor Nathan Kroeplin were working boating enforcement on the Madison lakes during Memorial Day weekend when they contacted a boat being operated after sunset without navigation lights. It was found that the operator was intoxicated and had a BAC of .18. 

Warden Nick King, of Green County, while on patrol in Lafayette County, observed a UTV driving down a county road at 53 mph with three passengers. The speed limit for recreational vehicles is 30 mph in this location. Contact with the operator concluded that the UTV operator was operating while intoxicated. 

Warden King, while on patrol in Lafayette County, observed a UTV operating on the state trail with no registration or trail pass sticker on the machine. Contact concluded that the UTV was not registered in any state and the non-resident operator did not have a non-resident trail pass, as required. Enforcement action was taken.

Warden Pete McCormick, of Columbia County, assisted the Columbia County Sheriff’s Department with a complaint of someone shooting at geese within the city limits of Poynette. During the investigation, McCormick observed a tenant of the property turn into the driveway. As McCormick spoke to the tenant while he was still in the driver’s seat of the car, McCormick observed several signs of impairment. McCormick relayed his observations to the deputy on the scene and the driver was arrested for OWI.

Dodgeville Team

Warden David Youngquist, of Iowa County, received a complaint of a domestic turkey killed by a hunter on a neighboring property. The turkey came to the hunter’s calls and the bird’s coloration was just slightly more red than a wild turkey. The bird was of the red bourbon breed.

Warden Pearl Worden, of Grant County, investigated a report of a person burning TVs on their property outside of the village of Muscoda. The person was contacted and determined to have burned several restricted articles, including TVs, microwaves and computer towers. The person admitted to collecting old appliances and “junk” from people and salvaging the metals. The person did not have a safe transporters certification for moving refrigeration units and had illegally disposed of hazardous waste. Enforcement action was taken for the certification violation.

Rock River Team

Dodge/Jefferson/Rock counties

Wardens Alex Brooks and Karl Brooks, of Madison, made a traffic stop on a vehicle in May following reports of someone illegally camping at Lake Kegonsa State Park. They discovered numerous violations, including camping in an unauthorized area, making a fire in an unauthorized area, damage to state property (cutting saplings) and operating a vehicle in an unauthorized area.

Warden Ryan Mannes observed a UTV being operated on a road near Edgewater Park in Beaver Dam. The road was not an approved route for UTVs. Upon contact, Mannes discovered multiple violations, including lack of registration, no license place, no seatbelt usage, and no helmets for the two juveniles onboard. Enforcement action was taken.

Warden Brad Burton, of Beaver Dam, was patrolling in May when he noticed a vehicle parked near public hunting land. Burton determined the hunter was hunting turkeys in the wrong zone. Enforcement action was taken.


Lower Chippewa Team

Wardens Kevin Christorf, of Cornell, and Jake Bolks, of Eau Claire, completed an investigation in May regarding bowfishing near the Cadott dam. The investigation concluded that an individual was shooting bass and suckers within 200 feet of the dam and the fish were littered on private property. During the investigation the individual and multiple other members were found to have harvested five illegal bucks during the 2017 and 2018 hunting seasons. Enforcement action was taken.

Warden Christorf and Chippewa County rec deputy Clayton Peters contacted several boaters on the Memorial Day weekend on Lake Holcombe. Three of the boat operators were found to have been operating while intoxicated. Enforcement action was taken.

Wardens Jake Bolks and Ken Thomson, of Fall Creek, conducted an investigation into a potential loan/borrow deer authorization case. They interviewed a husband and wife in Fall Creek, and learned they hunted together early in the bow season. The husband shot a large buck and had his wife register it. The wife was hunting without a license and illegally registered the deer. Later in the bow season, the husband shot another buck with his bow. Enforcement action was taken on both hunters.

Wardens Bolks and Christorf assisted an Illinois conservation officer with an investigation where a hunter was claiming residency in Illinois and Wisconsin. Wisconsin wardens interviewed the individual and learned that he has been a Wisconsin resident for six years, and for all six years he has also claimed to be a Illinois resident when it came to buying hunting and fishing license in Illinois, defrauding the state of thousands of dollars. Wardens documented all the evidence and sent it to the Illinois. Enforcement action is pending.

Mississippi River Team

One early morning while working turkey enforcement, warden Cody Adams, of Crawford County, was contacted by the Crawford County Sheriff’s Department to assist with a domestic call. A husband and wife got into a physical altercation and one of the parties called the police at 5 a.m. Adams made contact and both were intoxicated, and had marks of physical altercation. The Crawford County Sheriff’s Department arrived at the location and both were arrested for domestic battery and other related charges.

Warden Trevor Tracey, of Stoddard, and Lt. Tyler Strelow made contact with four individuals who were trout fishing on the North Fork of the Bad Axe in Vernon County. During the wardens’ contact with the group, they noticed they were in possession of cooked turkey meat in a cooler. Through investigation it was found that the turkey was harvested by one of the group a couple days prior and the hunter failed to register the turkey, as required. Enforcement action was taken.

Wardens Meghan Jensen, of Trempealeau, and Charlie Ackerman assisted Trempealeau Police Department and Trempealeau County Sheriff’s Department with a single vehicle crash. After the crash, and prior to law enforcement arriving, the operator of the vehicle had gotten into another vehicle. The operator was not compliant with law enforcement once they arrived. The wardens assisted the other law enforcement officers with the operator until the operator was transported to the hospital.

Warden Nate Ackerman, of Durand, was a guest speaker for DARE graduation in Mondovi. Ackerman talked about how conservation ethics translates to making good life decisions and building character.

Warden Shawna Stringham, of Viroqua, responded to a call to assist county law enforcement and emergency responders on the scene of a rollover accident at Wildcat State Park. The car flipped over into a trout stream and leaked fluids.

Wardens Stringham and Trevor Tracey presented ATV safety at the Farm and Safety Day held in Viroqua. There were more than 300 students who were in attendance and wardens talked of the importance of ATV safety.

Warden Dale Hochhausen, of Onalaska, was working turkey hunting enforcement in May and located a recently abandoned vehicle on state property. The van was located in an area where vehicles weren’t supposed to travel. There weren’t any license plates on the vehicle and the interior of the vehicle had been heavily damaged (windows broken out). Warden Jared King, of Black River Falls, followed up and contacted the registered owner, who had recently sold the van. Hochhausen contacted the new owner, who had a revoked driver’s license. The new owner admitted to driving the van, getting it stuck, and leaving the vehicle at the location. Enforcement action was taken. The van was towed from the area.

Warden Hochhausen investigated litter cases on some La Crosse County public properties in May. The complaints included illegal burning, vehicles in unauthorized areas, illegal overnight camping, drug use and cutting of trees.  Based upon evidence, Hochhausen contacted several individuals who had to clean up large quantities of litter they had dumped on the public properties. Enforcement action was also taken.

Warden Bob Jumbeck responded to a complaint of illegal feeding activity. His investigation found that the responsible individual placed the corn out a couple weeks prior to his turkey season.

Black River Falls Team

Warden Molly Detjens, of Adams, responded to a call from the Adams County Sheriff’s Department about two hikers who were stranded on Quincy Bluff State Natural Area due to one of the hikers twisting her ankle. Detjens assisted Adams County deputies in locating the hikers and bringing them to their vehicle.

Warden Jared King, of Black River Falls, investigated two men who were living in a tent at the canal below the Hatfield hydro dam. The two men camped there for over a week and had left beer cans scattered around their campsite. King also observed them fishing in the canal, and discovered neither had a fishing license. Enforcement action was taken.

Warden Matt Modjeski, of Sparta, investigated a complaint regarding two shots from a vehicle on a road. After the shooting, the vehicle returned to the scene to retrieve a turkey and the license plate was documented. The complaint was initially investigated by Monroe County deputies, who made contact with the driver, the shooter and a passenger. The next day, Modjeski located two shotgun shells at the scene. Modjeski’s investigation revealed the shooter loaded two rounds into the shotgun while inside the vehicle. The shooter discharged the shotgun two times while standing near the center of the road. The shooter had no harvest authorization at the time, and the person killed a jake and a hen. Enforcement action was taken.

Warden Wade Romberg, of Friendship, investigated a complaint that no-trespassing signs had been posted on open MFL property. Enforcement action was taken.

Warden Romberg took enforcement action for a case where a person burned down an old building that still had shingles attached.

Warden Michael Weber, of Mauston, followed up on information he received from the Juneau County Parks and Forestry Department about several bags of garbage dumped at the Bass Hollow Recreation Area in Seven Mile Creek Township. Weber located the responsible party and enforcement action was taken. The individual will also be receiving a bill from Juneau County for clean-up efforts.

Wisconsin River Team 

Wardens Paul Leezer, of Wausau, and Bryan Lockman, of Stevens Point, responded and investigated a citizen complaint of burning illegal materials. Upon arrival, it was found a person was burning items removed from a house while it was being “cleaned out.”

Warden Leezer heard a loud voice yell, “Drop the pole! It’s the warden,” as he drove into Chuck’s Boat Landing in Mosinee. Leezer contacted a group of shore anglers in the area from which the loud voice had originated. Three in the group were found to be fishing without a license.

Wardens Tyler Flood, Kyle Ziembo and Lt. Korey Trowbridge assisted with the annual Wisconsin River clean-up project. The wardens were boat operators for the Mosinee High School students during the clean-up.

Warden Bryan Lockman responded to a call of a turkey being shot off a road from a vehicle. The individuals and turkey were located and enforcement action was taken.

Warden Lockman attended the town of Sharon’s monthly meeting where they were discussing ATV/UTV routes in the township. Lockman answered questions from the public and board members.

Warden Erika Taylor, of Marshfield, assisted the Wood County Sheriff’s Department with an interview of a suspect of a high-speed pursuit.

Wardens Kyle Ziembo, of Wisconsin Rapids, and Trowbridge participated in the annual Kiwanis youth outdoors day at Lake Wazeecha by mentoring the canoeing event.

Warden Ziembo received a call in May about two fawns stuck on one side of the woven wire fence along Hwy. 10. The fawns were located and moved to the other side of the fence where the doe was standing about 50 yards away waiting for them.

Warden Ziembo contacted a fisherman along the Wisconsin River who presented his Minnesota fishing license. The fisherman stated he fishes in Wisconsin every year and had never purchased a license in Wisconsin. Enforcement action was taken.

Wardens Ziembo and Trowbridge placed out two life jacket loaner stations at the local boat ramps (Lake Wazeecha and Lake Nepco) for the public to use for the summer.

Warden Ziembo participated and helped out with a mock boat crash exercise in May put on by the Grand Rapids Police Department on Lake Wazeecha.


Waukesha/Walworth Team

Warden Steve Sanidas responded to a call of an injured person on the Palmyra horse trails in the Kettle Moraine State Forest. Injuries were reported as minor, but the person could not remount the horse and had to be extricated from the area. Sanidas was able to access the area by truck and removed the person. The individual did not need medical attention, but was experiencing soreness after falling from the horse.

Warden Marcus Medina responded to a complaint of an individual over-bagging on panfish in May. The individual was contacted and found to be in possession of over twice his daily bag limit of panfish. Enforcement action was taken and the panfish were seized.

Wardens in Waukesha and Walworth counties dealt with numerous (more than 12) fawn situations in May. In most of the situations, individuals pick up a fawn they believe is abandoned. Citizens who mean well are reminded the fawn has a natural defense mechanism, and the doe most likely is nearby and out of sight.

While checking people fishing on lakes in the Mukwonago area in May, wardens Steve Sanidas and Blaine Ziarek contacted a person fishing from a motorboat who was found to be fishing with five rods baited with single hooks and live bait. Enforcement action was taken.

Wardens Sanidas and Ziarek contacted crayfish harvesters along the Mukwonago River and discovered that they did not possess valid licenses. A fishing or small game license is required to harvest crayfish in Wisconsin.

Warden Jason Swaney attempted to stop a vehicle and the passengers suspected of depositing demolition material on state property without permission. The vehicle fled the area at a high rate of speed, reaching 80 to 90 mph over about 5 miles. Swaney and the Walworth County Sheriff’s Department were able to get the vehicle stopped without incident. The driver was identified and found to have dumped a hot tub on state land after being paid by a private person to legally dispose of the hot tub. Enforcement action was taken.


Wautoma Team

Wardens John Schreiber, of Green Lake, and Michael Burns investigated information related to a man keeping more than his daily bag limit of largemouth bass on Big Green Lake. The investigation showed the individual and his fishing companion caught and kept their bag limit of bass, went home and cleaned the bass, stored them, and returned to catch an additional limit of bass. The individuals caught and kept 20 bass in one day, with the daily bag limit being five per person. Enforcement action was taken.

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