Illinois Outdoor News Cuffs & Collars – July 12, 2019

Northwest Zone – Captain Laura Petreikis

In Carroll County, CPO Teas and CPO Trainee (CPOT) Andrew Hyatt responded to a boat accident at Lake Carroll. An overloaded ski boat was pulling a subject on a tube, and the boat took a large wake over the bow. The occupants ran to the rear of the boat which caused the entire boat to sink. All passengers were recovered uninjured from the water by passing boaters. The boat was later recovered, and the operator was issued a citation for operation of watercraft over capacity.

In Henry County, While conducting fishing compliance checks, CPO Posateri issued a written warning to a Kewanee man for failure to immediately release a 12-inch bass. The fish was returned to the water, and the CPO provided the man and his son a fishing digest.

In Henry County, CPOT AJ Hyatt and CPO Posateri responded to a report that a subject, who was staying in a cabin at Johnson-Sauk Trail State Recreation Area, had carved his last name into a tree. The officers met with the subject; and after he confessed, a citation was issued for the violation.

In Rock Island County, CPO Francisko responded to a report of three kayakers in the Rock River that needed to be rescued. The River was in major flood stage, and the water temperature was in the low 70s. Multiple other agencies were involved in the search (Blackhawk Fire District, Milan Police Department, Rock Island City Police and Fire, Moline City Police and Fire, and Rock Island Arsenal Fire). He launched his boat and eventually heard cries for help coming from a flooded island. One of the subjects was found neck deep in the water, holding onto a tree branch. He lost his kayak and PFD when he was swept into a log jam. Another man was found in the water, not wearing a PFD, holding onto his kayak and a tree branch. The third man was in his kayak and wearing his PFD. CPO Francisko loaded the men and the two kayaks onto his boat and took them to safety.

In Rock Island County, CPOT AJ Hyatt and CPO Posateri responded to a trapping complaint. Two traps were located, and one live trap had a small groundhog in it. The complainant said the groundhog had been in the trap for nearly three days. The CPOs seized the trap containing the groundhog, and the animal was then released in a different location. The landowner called CPO Posateri several hours later, and she met with the caretaker who had set the traps. They discussed the regulations for trapping. He reassured the CPO that it was a family of groundhogs he had been trapping, and the traps were checked at least twice a day. He was issued a written warning for not having written consent from the landowner and failure to tag the traps.

In LaSalle County, While conducting fishing compliance checks on the Fox River, CPO Kaufman found an individual in possession of two smallmouth bass out of season. No smallmouth bass may be in possession from April 1 to June 15 on the Fox River. One of the bass was able to be released back into the River. One citation was issued.

In Greene County, CPO Snodgrass conducted a traffic stop on a timber truck. During the inspection, it was found that the driver did not possess the required haul log data. The driver was educated on the requirements, and he was issued a written warning for the violation.

In Christian County, CPO Macias responded to a call from the Sangchris Lake State Park site superintendent about a subject who drove a truck off-road. The investigation revealed that the subject, who was camping at the Park, decided to go off-road with his 4×4 truck; and his truck got stuck in the mud. During his self-extrication, he caused several ruts; and he cut down a tree to get traction. CPO Macias followed the tracks from the initial point of entry to the location where the driver self- extricated. The length covered was approximately 300 yards in an area closed to motor traffic. The man was eventually found, and appropriate enforcement action was taken.

In Ogle County, CPO Teas and CPOT Andrew Hyatt were checking fisherman when they discovered a subject to be in possession of two smallmouth bass during the closed season. The subject was cited for the violation, and the fish were released.

 In Ogle County, while checking for license compliance, CPO Beltran and CPOT AJ Hyatt discovered a man who, despite being warned multiple times, was fishing without permission. The man was issued a citation for fishing next to the no trespassing sign.

In Knox County, While conducting fish and recreational boating enforcement, CPO Elliott conducted a safety inspection of a boat with two occupants, an adult male and a child under 13 years of age. The child was not wearing a life jacket while the boat was underway as required. Additionally, the adult was operating the boat at increased speeds in a “no-wake” area. Also, the operator did not have a Type IV flotation device; and his fishing license was not in possession. Appropriate enforcement action was taken.

 In Menard County, CPO Macias responded to a radio call from the Menard County Sheriff’s Office regarding a subject in a homemade boat that was in distress on the Sangamon River because of the high water and swift current near the Lincoln’s New Salem Heritage Site. The boat was swept toward the shore and capsized when it got caught up in the brush. The supplies in the boat were swept away by the water, and the subject swam to the bank and pulled himself out of the water. He was able to walk to a road and flag down a car. The deputy and CPO Macias located the boat and towed it back to shore. They also assisted the subject in recovering his items. The subject had no life jacket in the boat, and he was issued a citation.

Northeast Zone – Capt. Jed Whitchurch

In Lake County, while on patrol at the Chain O’Lakes State Park, CPO Reid conducted a traffic stop on a vehicle towing a boat trailer. The driver of the vehicle had just removed his boat from the water after a day of recreational boating. After noticing immediate indicators of impairment, CPO Reid administered field sobriety testing on the driver. The driver was subsequently arrested for DUI alcohol and provided a BAC of .153. Citations were issued for: improper lane usage, DUI alcohol, and DUI alcohol (BAC  less than .08). In a separate incidence, CPO Reid cited a male subject at the Chain O’Lakes State Park campground for unlawfully entering the female shower building.

 In Lake County, CPO Kelley and Intern Gott assisted with getting a mallard hen and five ducklings out of the courtyard of a Lake County school. The ducks were ushered into a nearby appropriate habitat.

In Lake County, CPO Knop cited a subject at Nippersink Lake for failure to immediately release a 20-inch walleye which is in the protected 18-inch to 24-inch length limit.

In Lake County, CPO Knop cited two subjects at Diamond Lake for unlawfully keeping undersized largemouth bass. Bass in this body of water must be a minimum of 15 inches. One subject had a 9-inch largemouth bass, and the second subject had a 13.5- inch bass.

In Lake County, CPO Knop arrested a subject at Lake Michigan for unlawfully having 14 yellow perch in his possession during the closed perch season (May 1 – June 15).

In Kankakee County, CPOs Farber, Anderson, Honiotes, and Sandford, CPOTs Prasun, Wilkinson, and Kusta, along with Sgt. Mooi, responded to a boat accident on the Kankakee River near the Indiana State line. A jon boat with two men and a dog on board lost motor power and got swept into a log jam in the swift current. The boat capsized leaving the occupants in the River against the log jam. One man and his dog were sucked under the log jam and did not resurface. The search for the man is ongoing with the assistance of the Momence Fire Department, Illinois State Police, and Kankakee County Sheriff’s Office.

In Cook County, CPO Stanbary issued a citation to a fisherman at Montrose Harbor. During a compliance check, the CPO looked inside a minnow bucket and discovered a live goby inside the bucket. The round goby is an invasive species and cannot be retained alive. Appropriate enforcement action was taken. In a separate incidence, CPO Stanbary issued a warning to a fisherman at Montrose Harbor after his fishing gear was found unattended.

In Cook County, CPOs Stanbary and Klemme conducted a joint patrol focusing on sport fish enforcement. During the patrol, one citation was issued to a fisherman for no valid sport fishing license. A warning was issued to a 16-year-old for no sport fishing license. The young fisherman was educated that he was now of age to have to purchase a license. Warnings were issued to multiple fishermen for no license in possession. Another fisherman was issued a citation after the CPOs found that the man had thrown a beer can into the weeds

In Will County, While patrolling Des Plains State Fish and Wildlife Area, CPO Bergland observed two people fishing. Before he got out of his squad, he saw one of them try to hide a bottle of beer (alcohol is prohibited at this site). When he got out his squad, he could smell the odor of burnt cannabis. He approached the two subjects and discovered neither of them had fishing licenses. Citations and warnings were issued.

South Zone – Capt. Jim Mayes

In Coles County, CPO Mieure issued a Charleston man one written warning for fishing without his fishing license in possession. In a separate incidence, CPO Mieure issued a Toledo man one written warning for his watercraft batteries being unsecured and terminals not covered.

In Coles County, While conducting fishing compliance checks at Lake Paradise, CPO Mieure and CPOT Hyatt issued a Mattoon man one written warning for having more than the allowed number of fishing poles.

In Coles County, CPO Greuel cited a Neoga man at Lake Paradise for possession of drug paraphernalia and cannabis. He was also cited for fishing without a valid license.

In Madison County, CPO Sievers conducted fishing compliance checks. One fisherman had a snapping turtling in a bucket. The subject was informed that snapping turtle season did not open until June 15th. The subject released the turtle unharmed. A second fisherman, who was a nonresident, did not have a fishing license and was fishing with three fishing poles in a two-pole limit lake. A citation was issued for not possessing a valid nonresident fishing license, and a written warning was issued for fishing with three poles.

In Randolph County, CPO Sievers was notified that a homeless couple was sleeping in the shelters at the Randolph County State Recreational Area. He spoke to the couple and helped them with temporary lodging arrangements. At their request, he also arranged for their dog to be transferred to the county animal control because they were no longer able to care for it.

CPO Sievers stopped a timber truck that was transporting logs from Missouri to Indiana. The truck driver did not have any shipping documents, and a citation was issued. In a separate incidence, CPO Sievers stopped a timber truck that was transporting timber from Illinois to Missouri. The truck driver did not have proof of ownership and no daily haul log. Appropriate enforcement action was taken.

In St. Clair County, CPO Sievers checked two fishermen that were removing their boat from Eagle Lake at Peabody River King State Fish and Wildlife Area. The boat owner threw three crappies back into the Lake before he could be told to stop. At the boat ramp, the CPO observed a crappie floating in the water that appeared to be shorter than the nine-inch length requirement. A boat inspection was conducted, and the coolers were full of open and sealed alcohol beverage cans and bottles. The boat owner admitted to drinking. The other fisherman stated that he had not consumed any alcohol. The boat owner was issued a citation for unlawful possession of alcohol in a posted no alcohol area, and three written warnings were issued for boat equipment violations.

In Saline County, CPO Jourdan and CPOT Skelton received a call that a juvenile eagle fell from its nest and was unable to fly. The eagle was located, and they transported it to Free Again Wildlife Rehabilitation. The eagle appeared to be in good condition and will be returned to the wild soon.

In Saline County, CPO Williams cited a Saline County subject for littering on the roadway at the entrance to Sahara Woods State Fish and Wildlife Area. During the traffic stop, it was discovered that their FOID card was revoked; and it was recovered.

In White County, CPO Haggerty and CPOT Skelton seized two illegal hoop nets from the Wabash River. The owner of the hoop nets called the next day, and he stated that he found the seizure tag. Citations were issued for failure to tag a commercial fishing device with name and address and failure to display device tag on a commercial fishing net.

In Jasper County, While conducting a boat patrol on Newton Lake, CPO Roper observed a boat with an expired registration sticker. A boat safety check inspection was conducted; and the following violations were found: expired registration sticker, too few life jackets on board, and no required throwing device. The operator of the boat was issued one citation for failure to have the required number of life jackets, and written warnings were issued for the other two violations.

In Jasper County while patrolling Newton Lake, CPO Taylor and CPOT Wahlbrink observed two fishermen fishing from the east ramp dock; and a fishing compliance check was conducted. One subject stated he did not have his fishing license with him, and the other subject did not have a fishing license. They were asked if they had caught any fish; and they said that they had not; however, a stringer was found that had several catfish and a bass. The bass was short of the required length. Appropriate enforcement action was taken.

In Richland County, While conducting a boat patrol on East Fork Lake, CPO Taylor and CPOT Wahlbrink observed two subjects fishing from shore. A fishing compliance check was conducted, and one of the fishermen stated he did not have a fishing license.

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