Michigan Outdoor News Cuffs & Collars – July 5, 2019


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CO Steve Butzin was patrolling the Gladstone area when he observed a dirt bike traveling down a busy highway. A traffic stop was conducted on the dirt bike operator and further investigation found that the operator was recently released from the Delta County jail on bond for an operating while intoxicated (OWI) second offense charge. The operator’s driver’s license was suspended/revoked and had a bond condition of not operating any motor vehicle. The operator was arrested and lodged in the Delta County jail for operating an ORV while suspended/revoked and for violating bond conditions.


CO Andrea Albert received a complaint of someone possibly living on state land near a local lake. The complainant advised there were four tents and a large amount of trash. Albert contacted one male subject at the remote camping location. The subject had a warrant for his arrest. The subject was in possession of a small dog and insisted the dog would be fine as someone else would come back to take care of it. Albert lodged the male subject in jail for his warrant and returned to the camp location to check on the dog. Upon her return, another male subject was at the campsite. This subject had two warrants for his arrest. Albert lodged the subject on the warrants and made sure another person responsible for the camp was coming to pick up Moo Moo the dog and to clean up the campsite.

CO Duane Budreau was patrolling a closed ORV area in Charlevoix County near Chandler Hills area. Budreau was parked about an eighth of a mile behind a “No ORV” sign on a closed trail when three side-by-sides came ripping toward him. When Budreau contacted the operators, they advised they didn’t know what it meant when it said “No ORVs” because they were on-side-by-sides. All three operators were issued tickets for operating in a closed area and Budreau explained the rules related to ORV operation.

CO Duane Budreau was patrolling a back road in southern Emmett County when he stopped an ORV illegally operating with two people on it. Neither the driver or the passenger where wearing helmets and the ORV was not licensed. Budreau asked where they were headed, and the man responded that they were just out for a Mother’s Day ride. Budreau issued the driver a ticket for no ORV license and gave them warnings for the other two violations. The driver commented to Budreau he was planning on taking a nice Mother’s Day ride, but now he must pay “this mother” as he held up the ticket he was just issued.

COs Matt Theunick and Ariel Corr received a complaint from central dispatch in reference to a dumping complaint on Alpena State Road in Cheboygan County. The caller stated that he had witnessed the truck drive by his house pulling a trailer full of mattresses and unknown rubbish headed toward Alpena State Road. He decided to follow the truck and eventually met the truck coming in the opposite direction without the load it was carrying previously. The caller then followed the truck and was able to get a picture of the license plate. The COs traveled various two tracks on state land near Alpena State Road, eventually finding the garbage. The investigation continues.

Sgt. Mark DePew was first on the scene of a property damage accident on M-68 in Cheboygan County. The ensuing investigation determined the operator was intoxicated and a revoked driver. She was subsequently arrested for OWI and operating while revoked. In addition to the arrested charge for OWI, the driver had three prior OWI convictions, making this charge a felony. The Cheboygan County prosecutor is reviewing the case.

CO Jon Sklba was patrolling Presque Isle County when he noticed dark smoke coming from behind a local tire business. Sklba responded to the scene and contacted the responsible party. The subject had decided to burn items in order to get rid of them. The items included multiple oil filters, a waffle maker, a television set and various other items. The responsible party was ordered to extinguish the fire and a ticket was issued for the violation.


Sgt. Dan Bigger and CO Rich Stowe responded to assist the United States Coast Guard in the search of an airplane that went missing approximately five miles west of Frankfort at approximately. The COs traveled out of the Leland Port on the Great Lakes Patrol Vessel “Averill” and traveled through the Manitou Passage to meet with Coast Guard units west of the Frankfort Light. Bigger and Stowe conducted numerous grid searches over miles of Lake Michigan in the attempt to locate the plane. The COs returned to port the following morning after searching nearly 100 miles of water.

COs William Haskin and Larn Strawn were patrolling Belle Isle when they responded to an assault complaint. Ultimately, a male suspect was taken into custody for assault and battery – domestic violence. He attempted to lie about his identification but was later properly identified. It was found that he had warrants and personal restraining orders from the female he assaulted. The male suspect was arrested on scene.

COs Haskin and Strawn were patrolling Belle Isle and assisted Michigan State Police with a traffic stop. There were two children ages two and four in the vehicle who were riding with no car seat or seatbelt on and the car was being driven in a careless manner. The driver of the car was unable to provide identification and the name he provided was coming back no record. After further investigation and questioning, the male subject informed Haskin that he did not have legal documentation allowing him to be in the United States. Haskin contacted Border Patrol and the subject was taken into custody and turned over.

CO Haskin received a call from Wexford County Central Dispatch late in the night to report that a vehicle was stuck somewhere on state land and lost. The vehicle contained an elderly woman and two other adults who were walking for help. Haskin responded to the area and was able to locate the vehicle and people. Haskin cleared a path to get the tow truck in and was able to get the vehicle back to main roads.

CO Brian Brosky was patrolling in Lake County when he received a “Be on the Lookout” for a suspect vehicle that had visited several local stores in the area and was allegedly passing bad checks. The suspect had apparently returned to one of the stores to pay the store employees back, then left the store. As Brosky was receiving the suspect’s vehicle description, it passed by him. Brosky noticed that the license plate was obstructed with a plate protector that appeared to be spray painted black. Brosky was able to stop the vehicle and contact the driver who was subsequently unable to produce a driver’s license or insurance. Further investigation determined that the suspect had put an improper plate on the vehicle he was driving. The suspect was arrested for the traffic violations and transported to jail. An inventory search of the vehicle produced several incriminating items, which included forged checks, copied checks and a printer that was attached to a power inverter that the suspect was apparently printing and using at several businesses in multiple counties. Deputies in Lake County are also seeking charges for the complaints being investigated and two additional counties are also involved with similar complaints on the suspect.

CO Josiah Killingbeck, while on patrol, stopped a vehicle for a motor vehicle code violation and found out that the vehicle had no insurance. While speaking with the driver, Killingbeck could smell intoxicants coming from the driver. The driver admitted to drinking and driving and turned over a mixed drink to Killingbeck. Killingbeck performed sobrieties on the driver and found that the driver was operating while intoxicated. Killingbeck arrested the subject and lodged her at the Lake County jail for OWI, open intoxicants and no insurance.

While on patrol, CO Killingbeck observed a vehicle go by him with a motor vehicle code violation. Killingbeck turned around and attempted to catch up to the vehicle. Upon catching up to the vehicle, the vehicle pulled onto a side road, at which time Killingbeck turned on his emergency lights and the vehicle suddenly pulled into a yard. Killingbeck contacted the driver and was immediately greeted by the odor of intoxicants. The driver begged Killingbeck to let him go, saying that he had just been arrested for OWI several months ago. The subject failed sobrieties and was found to be twice over the legal limit. The subject was arrested and lodged in the Lake County jail for OWI.

COs Andrea Dani and Jeff Ginn responded to an ORV personal injury accident on a local trail system in Newaygo County. Dani and Ginn provided medical attention until EMS arrived. They relayed the condition of the patient to EMS explaining the severity of his injuries. Because of the remote location, the patient was transported in the back of Dani’s patrol vehicle with EMS treating his injuries, to the awaiting ambulance on the main road. The patient was suspected to have double femur fractures and a broken pelvis with internal bleeding. He was later transported to Grand Rapids, via AREOMED helicopter.

CO Mike Wells received a complaint of subjects that were observed shooting an illegal turkey. Wells arrived at the location and the complainant informed him that two subjects had trespassed and shot a turkey on his property. The subject who had harvested the turkey admitted that the bird was running and that he shot at the bird four times. The first shot was on public land and this shot wounded the turkey. The bird ran back onto the private property and the hunter pursued it, past “No Trespassing” signs, firing three more shots at the bird before it went down. The suspect had traveled approximately 40 yards into the complainant’s property, shooting at least two times while on the private land. The hunter said that the turkey was from state land and admitted that he did not know that he could not cross a private property line to retrieve a wounded animal. The turkey was seized pending review from the prosecutor’s office.


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COs Josh Wright and Adam Schiller were patrolling the back roads when they noticed cows wandering around in the front yard of a residence. The COs stopped and managed to corral the three cows back into their enclosure. Once the cows were contained, the COs contacted the residents in the area and were able to contact the owner, who safely returned them to the pasture.

During patrol in a state game area, CO Josh Jackson noticed several turns in the gravel road where a vehicle spun tires and kicked up gravel. The CO followed the tire tracks and spotted two pickup trucks in the distance. The CO walked through a heavily wooded area to observe the three individuals. One driver began spinning his tires erratically. The CO emerged from the woods and made contact. The driver advised that he had no tread on his tires. The CO issued a citation for the driving offense and warned the driver about the lack of tread on his tires.

CO Kyle Bucholtz responded to an unlawful disposal of solid waste complaint. The suspect was reportedly burning building material. On scene, Bucholtz met with the suspect and located a fire containing drywall and other home construction materials. A report was written and will be soon forwarded to a prosecutor.

CO Seth Rhodea stopped two ORVs after observing several violations. One passenger was found to have a felony warrant and was lodged in the Sanilac County jail while the two operators were issued citations. Three hours later Rhodea located the same two ORVs being operated illegally. Again, citations were issued.

CO Mark Siemen while on patrol saw a vehicle enter a state road from a secondary county road spinning its tires and then slide sideways on the asphalt. As the vehicle passed, Siemen could see that the vehicle did not have a plate on it. The vehicle was stopped, and contact was made with the driver. After the investigation was complete, the driver was issued a citation for not having insurance on the vehicle and failing to register the vehicle. The driver was also given warnings for careless driving and for not wearing a safety belt.


While patrolling Kalamazoo County, CO Chris Holmes overheard a local dispatch of a “grab and run” at a local grocery store. Holmes remembered the description and license plate of a suspect vehicle that had fled from police officers two days prior after attempting to pass counterfeit money at a restaurant in Portage. The vehicle description matched both occurrences. Approximately an hour after the “grab and run” crime, Holmes saw the vehicle driving on a city street and pulled behind it. Holmes stopped and detained the three subjects after the driver attempted to elude him by turning into a private residential drive. Once local officers and detectives were on scene, it was determined that the driver of the vehicle had fled from officers two days prior. Two of the occupants had felony warrants for credit card fraud and possession of dangerous drugs. Holmes also found stolen checks on the ground after the traffic stop and returned them to the owner who had put them in the mail to pay bills. Two of the subjects were lodged in the Kalamazoo County jail for their warrants.

CO Justin Ulberg assisted the Kent County Sheriff’s Department with an investigation of a Canada goose being illegally killed in a residential area. Ulberg responded to the area and interviewed the suspect. While the suspect denied the accusation at first, a confession was soon received. The subject stated that the geese keep him up because they are so loud. The subject admitted to shooting the goose with a pellet gun and stated that he was surprised he even hit it because he has shot at the geese in the past and always missed. A report will be submitted to the county prosecutor’s office for charges.


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Station 20 contacted CO Christopher Knights at his residence just after he checked out of service. They received a complaint that someone was irritating some geese on a lake in Lapeer County, then took a gosling from the area. Someone was able to get a license plate number and from that Knights was able to locate the subject and checked back into service to interview him. Knights pulled into the driveway a couple of minutes after the individual did and observed that the garage door was open, and a child was holding a gosling. The subject met Knights at the door and willingly spoke to him. The individual stated he never harassed any geese but saw the gosling swimming by itself and thought it would die without his assistance. Knights advised him there were witnesses that stated otherwise and advised him of the laws for taking or rehabilitating wildlife. Knights issued a citation to the individual and took the gosling to a local licensed wildlife rehabilitator.

CO Nicholas Ingersoll was checking anglers fishing at the DTE Energy fishing piers when he contacted three individuals having decent success. After talking with the anglers, it was determined that only one out of the three had a fishing license. One of the anglers who did not have a fishing license also had a warrant out of Wayne County for failure to pay his child support. Ingersoll issued both anglers citations for fishing without a license and lodged the angler with the warrant in the Monroe County jail.

COs Brad Silorey and Kris Kiel received a RAP complaint from DNR dispatch regarding a subject shooting out the back of his residence. The caller stated that she observed her neighbor walk out into his backyard and shoot two mallards out of season and throw the carcasses into the creek that runs through the property. Silorey and Kiel responded to the subject’s address shortly after receiving the complaint. They identified themselves and asked the subject if he was doing any hunting that day. The subject stated that he was shooting his gun into the creek; however, there was a strong language barrier. Silorey asked the subject to show them where he was shooting and what he was shooting at. Silorey and Kiel realized that he was shooting rats, referring to muskrats. Kiel secured the subject’s weapon, which was a .22 caliber rifle. The man was discharging his rifle within 30 yards of other homes and shooting into water. The subject stated that he shot two muskrats and fired approximately four rounds. The subject also stated that he did not know there was an issue with shooting his rifle so close to other residences and into water. Silorey and Kiel told the subject that a report was going to be generated and charges sought for discharging a firearm within a safety zone, taking muskrat out of season, and unlawful method.

COs Joseph Deppen and David Schaumburger conducted a surveillance operation on a charter operation. It was found the charter took twice the daily limit. Charges are being sought.

CO Robert Watson was patrolling a local launch and contacted a group of men returning from fishing. The three men claimed to have caught their limit of walleyes. Watson counted their fish and discovered they were over their limit by one fish. The men were also unable to produce a throw-able flotation device. The owner of the boat was issued a citation for failing to provide a throw-able PFD, and the anglers for exceeding their daily limit.

CO Ben Lasher and Sgt. Todd Szyska checked multiple out-of-state bass boats in Muscamoot Bay targeting smallmouth bass. One vessel had an Illinois resident aboard fishing. When asked to check his fishing license, he replied he did not have it on him but was willing to give Lasher his information. Upon running the subject, it was determined the Illinois resident had not purchased a fishing license this year in Michigan. When asked why, the angler commented that he was just lazy and did not get around to it. A citation was issued for fishing without a license and, upon receipt of his citation, the subject held up his smartphone showing that he had purchased the proper license while his citation was being written out.

CO Raymond Gardner received a complaint from the park rangers at the Metamora Hadley Recreation Area about a subject removing trees from state land. The park rangers located the subject then followed the subject back to his residence and contacted Gardner for assistance. Gardner met with the park rangers and they showed him the area in the Ortonville Recreation Area where the trees were being taken from. Gardner returned to the subject’s address. During the interview, the subject admitted to removing trees from state land, but denied cutting the trees down. The subject told Gardner that the road commission was out cutting down the trees a few days prior. Gardner told the subject that he needed to return the trees to state land and that he would be submitting a report to the Lapeer prosecutor’s office.

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